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  1. The HVAR (High Velocity Aircraft Rocket) started seeing use in 1944, by what I have read.
  2. Clearly a goof, albeit one he should have caught in editing the video. Undoubtedly he meant 1944. It is pretty clear Carpenter existed and did the things described occurred and can be verified elsewhere.
  3. aka The Mad Major, Major Charles Carpenter
  4. This weather outbreak was severe. 19 confirmed tornados, 2 dead, and somewhere around one billion in property damage. He was right.
  5. My heart sank when I read the news. You have my deepest condolences, and you and your family remain in my thoughts and meditations.
  6. No need to ask. My heart goes out to you both. You and your wife will be in my thoughts and meditations.
  7. My 2008 Tundrea has 228000 + miles on it and is still running well with just routine maintenance.
  8. The fool will tell you he is a wise man. A wise man won't.
  9. It looked impressive and wasn't putting anyone in real danger. If they had flown at the heights jets normally fly at during fly overs, it would have been underwhelming. Much of what makes the jet flyovers impressive is the speed and the sound. It only takes one person complaining to ruin the fun for everyone.
  10. That’s called a mental health day
  11. Are you saying you’re not the sharpest light in the bowling alley?
  12. Well... Let me see... The only nickname I really have is "Doc." I earned it as a result of being a medic in a combat arms unit. Yes, I feel I earned it by earning the trust of the soldiers I served with to call me that, even most of the First Sergeants and Senior NCOs at the firing batteries. I belong to a group that used to do a lot of Mil-Sim paintball, and it became my callsign because we were all prior military. When I started SASS, I chose it because I knew I would answer to it. My brother used to call me "Leroy," and I in turn called him "Ray-Bob" but the reasons are lost to time, and he only occasionally calls me that anymore. Growing up, there was the ever popular "Roger Dodger." We had a judge that I used to appear in front of almost exclusively who started calling me that (off the record, of course) but quickly shortened it to "The Dodger." All said, I think I'll stick with Doc.
  13. I didn't need either to tell me that. I just married one instead.
  14. This is a difficult thread to respond to. I have some very nice firearms, a number of which I inherited. However, I've long said that if I were flat broke and living in my car, and my car broke down, I would still have my Winchester 9422M, an 18th birthday gift from my brother, and my Browning BT99, my first trap gun-and my father-in-law's first trap gun before me. I would trade all of my father-in-law's guns for the chance to spend more time with him. Sadly, I fear I will be adding a third to that list. My father's Marlin Model 60 that I learned to shoot with, and grew up shooting on nearly every camping trip I took into early adulthood. I know it is going to be mine when he passes. He is 89, now suffering from dementia, and has home hospice coming in to aid my brother in caring for him. Like the others, I would trade it in a heartbeat for another camping trip with my dad.
  15. You, your wife and family will be in my thoughts and meditations.
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