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  1. We have a Tim Horton’s in Morgantown, West Virginia. I do like their Honey Crullers. My favorite is their Boston Cream. I buy one of each every time I go there. Best donuts in my area.
  2. If I somehow got kicked out of this country the only other country I would want to live in would be Italy. Love the people and the food. It’s my favorite place out of all the countries I have been to outside the USA. I love Italian food. Love it! Love it! Love it!
  3. The Pakistanis sure know we have one.
  4. I darned one sock when I was in the Navy. After standing a 4 hour quarterdeck watch with that little knot of sock and thread pressing against the tip of mug big toe. My toe hurt for a week after that. Some beer money went for new socks afterwards.
  5. Oughta be no recoil. I guess they figured everyone is now making 9mm conversions, why not add .380?
  6. I have Damned some socks for not be warm as advertised. That’s a step up from Darning them. Do I win?
  7. I have this cage. At least that’s what I call it. It’s for grilling veggies. I use it to smoke cube steaks or stew meat. I take 2-3 pounds of it and I lay it out on a big cutting board and I season it. Traeger’s Saskatchewan Blackened rub works great. Then I lay it a piece at a time in the gave until I have the cage full 1 layer deep, then I put the top on to hold it all together and smoke it for about an hour to an hour and fifteen minutes or when the internal temps of some of the outer cubes reach 150-155. Then I pull it off the grill, remove the top and “Wallah!” Smoky Steak Bites. It’s Gooooo-ood! ready for the grill On the grill about to be seared Result
  8. Aha! I saved them in Notes on my iPhone and I copy and paste.
  9. I somehow figured out how to use other emojis and now I can’t remember how I did it.
  10. My nephew, a Marine, said the Marines were pushing people out a few years ago. People that wanted to stay and were fully trained. Congressional Intelligence and Military Intelligence combined is a formidable force of stupidity. EDIT: Not the classifications of Military Intelligence…the intelligence of the rule makers and political manipulators.
  11. Not today. Here is what I see:
  12. @Alpo like @Sedalia Davesaid weather can vary in just a few miles. Sometimes 1 or 2 miles. The closest weather station to me is the WVU Stadium 2 miles away. The weather on Weather Bug using that station can be a few degrees and up to 10 degrees different at my house. One day WB showed rain all day, but not a drop landed anywhere around my house.
  13. I guess that one is not set up for iPhone use. I tried to look it up. This one is my favorite. I used the name the app icon shows on my screen as National Wx, but that’s not its true name. The thing I like about this one you can view the actual maps the NOAA makes public. It’s a pretty basic app and it’s not loaded with pretty screens and colors, but I have used it to predict when rains would actually start which comes in real handy for shooting, motorcycling and other outdoor events. This one can be a PITA to figure out at first, but once you do it really is a cool tool for weather prediction where I live now. Many apps don’t take into account areas outside their focus areas. This app’s developer is in Colorado, but this app works wonderfully in my area. It’s because it draws directly from NOAA and NWS data without embellishment for appearances or cute little screen icons.
  14. Is it a NOAA app? There are two apps that call themselves some derivative of NOAA, but they are not “NOAA”. They use NOAA maps and data for their weather predictions. The best NOAA app, that was actually developed by NOAA, became “Clime”. Loved that app. I used it for about 4 years then this group of two-faced tech morons called Bending Spoons bought it. It’s ruined and expensive now. National Wx uses actual NOAA mapping from the Nat’l Weather Service. You can see what the forecasters use to make predictions hours and days in advance. You also get actual NWS bulletins and warnings. https://forecast.weather.gov/showsigwx.php?warnzone=WVZ031&warncounty=WVC033&firewxzone=WVZ031&local_place1=Clarksburg+WV&product1=Hazardous+Weather+Outlook
  15. Have you tried smoking a cheap steak? I buy bottom round roasts and cut them into steaks about and inch thick. Sometimes I put salt and pepper in them and sometimes various rubs I have. I set the smoker at 210° and let it settle in for 30 minutes. I put the steaks on the grill and leave them alone for 40 minutes then I check the internal temps of the meat. If it’s around 130° I open up the heat plate covering the fire box. I bump the grill temp to 460° and put the steaks on that side of the grill to sear both sides a bit over the fire. My wife and I like Medium Well steaks so I leave them over the flames when searing and pull them off at an internal temp of 145-150°. They are tender and tasty. I am a Ribeye lover, but these bottom round steaks are great and low fat. One bottom round roast can give me 8-10 steaks.
  16. I haven’t followed this, but their first launch was with passengers?
  17. I have lived on this street. In a few different towns too.
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