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  1. No, I have to get a new debit card. Mine is delaminating. It works sometimes and sometimes it doesn’t.
  2. Dang! I wanted to go to the bank today. Thanks for posting Rye. You saved me a trip.
  3. It is, isn’t it? I recall being in the Indian Ocean. Our ship dead in the water (not sure why - maybe the Captain wanted to see the ocean without disturbing the water) The water was still. Like a giant sheet of blue-green glass. It was about 125° F. outside the skin of the ship. It was uncomfortably beautiful. My boondocker soles were getting gooey on the deck if I stood still. I thought to myself “Now this is hot! REALLY HOT! But it’s so eerily beautiful.” A week later it was either 133 or 135° F. The ship was cruising at 15 or so knots. The breeze was stinging. I thought “Man, this is damn hot. The hottest I will ever be.” Two years later (not the same cruise ) we pulled into Puerto Rico for a resupply. I went out on deck the 2nd day in port just after noon. It was 98° F. and 98% humidity. THAT was the hottest weather I have ever been in. Nowadays when people say “It’s really hot outside!” when the temps are in the 80’s or 90’s I just smile and agree and move on.
  4. Do you think if I printed that one then mailed that coupon for the cookbook in to Kraft they would send me a Cookbook? “Hamburger Steaks”: I haven’t seen or heard that in years. I recall my Mom saying “Calling them hamburger steaks is something hoity-toity people call hamburgers.”
  5. All I see is a little blue box with a question mark in it.
  6. Today was a beautiful sunny breezy day here. It was 25 degree, but it was gorgeous. I smoked chicken wings, pork tenderloin chops and burgers on my porch. Man that breeze was a bit nippy. I must say I made the best smoked wings I have ever made today.
  7. Check these out https://finnishheritage.info/finnish-recipes/tender-and-flavorful-poronkaristys-sauteed-reindeer-recipe/ https://travelfoodatlas.com/norwegian-finnbiff-recipe-reindeer-stew Jees, what a PITA! These were the only two I didn’t have trouble with. Nearly all the sites I looked at with reindeer meat recipes either locked up or went haywire while I viewed them. Good luck Forty Rod. Tell us how you like it when you try it.
  8. That meme that I posted might have been made before the Chinese Balloon shoot down.
  9. West Virginia. The best gun show (that I have found) within an 80 mile radius is the ones held at Washington County Fairgrounds in Washington PA. The ones in Pittsburgh and Morgantown WV and Fairmont WV are okay. King of small but lots of older used revolvers and long guns. There are some tactical vendors as well. The one in Washington reminds me of the Gun Shows in Orange County, CA years ago. Lots of variety and big enough to find almost anything you might want or need. EDIT The gun shows around here (80 mile radius) are put on by a company called Showmasters.
  10. Well, I doubt that anyone posting in here thinks that all officers are represented by these memes. I know I don’t. One thing I learned very quickly in the military. If people do not like you they don’t tease you, rib you or bust your chops. This is all in good fun. Nothing serious is meant by it.
  11. Ah, now we have number 3. I’m curious, why would you open a thread if you’re tired of the same old crap? Or are you just hoping to entertain yourself by starting an argument?
  12. This is just one more thing keeping the aliens from revealing themselves and showing us all the technology they could provide to make life so easy. They see this kind of thing and say “Well, they’re still flippin’ stupid. Let’s go to Mars and see if we can figure out where all those robots came from.”
  13. So now you’re the second guy to get miffed over these memes. Here, this may help.
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