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  1. Holy Cow! There were a lot more bicycling troopers than I could have imagined. Thanks Joe.
  2. I knew you would come through, Joe. Thank you
  3. I can see a Lt telling a bunch of American GIs to ride bicycles into the battle zone in WW2. I am not too sure that would go over well. Now Joe’s going to find a photo of the Army Bicycle Corp no one ever knew about.
  4. I think Russians are prone to running into things in the water. We were nearly rear ended by a Soviet trawler in the Mediterranean Ocean in broad daylight just east of the Rock of Gibraltar. In the Med we were constantly followed by Russian trawlers. One sunny day me and my guys were topside doing a PM on our aft missile launcher when someone noticed the trawler that was a mile or so behind us was gaining speed. He yelled up to the aft watch to notify the bridge. Pretty soon the trawler was 100 yards away and still coming. The bridge hit the horns and the throttle then steered hard to starboard. The trawler came within 30 yards of us. Captain Ailes then decided to chase these knuckleheads back out into the Atlantic. They ran until they ran out of fuel. Then we just turned around and went back to what we were doing in the Med.
  5. I don’t remember those. I wonder what the hat weighed? My guess is it was too heavy to be comfortable. It also looks to be all plastic. Plastic hat on a hot day. Yuck!
  6. I like the first number. I have heard the second will cause over pressure.
  7. The longest trip I haven taken by plane was a trip that started in Pittsburgh and ended in the Philippines at Clark AFB. Over 24 hours of flying. Boy, was I tired. I cannot sleep on a plane. Pittsburgh to San Francisco San Francisco to Hawaii - refuel Hawaii to Guam - inspection and refuel Guam to the Philippines - end of the line. From San Francisco it was a Continental Airlines plane charted by the military. The plane was civilian and the crew were civilian, but the passengers were all military. Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines plus some family members of some of the Service people. I flew there to meet my ship, the USS Virginia CGN-38. Then it was off to the IO (Indian Ocean) for 5 months of fun and games while Carter decided on what to do about the Iran Hostages. Good Times!
  8. I really don’t know. I am not really into planes, especially people carriers.
  9. I can’t wait until it’s reported that the ship’s cooling system needs to be upgraded. Not due to global warming but because the color black absorbs light and becomes much hotter. Hey, we could all send him emails that his ship is hot inside due to the Earth getting back at him.
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