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  1. No, not then…well, maybe. You mean 1860’s right? Just messing with you.
  2. Question: Who cleaned up the horse poop in the streets way back when?
  3. My Mom taught me so many things it would be impossible to list them. One thing she taught me that made very little impression but had a big impact was that Hot Wheels track pieces make very effective what we called “Switch Paddles” when we were kids. Those things sting like crazy when used for corporal punishment. Unfortunately all of our Hot Wheels track works disappeared one night in a storm…
  4. Thank you. I liked the first Star Wars movie. I also read the book for that movie. I saw the second movie, but none of the others. I guess I am a Trekkie. Honestly, I thought the complaints about later Star Wars movies would have been about PC or political reasons. Star Trek Discovery, while a good series is a bit too PC in regards to LGBTQ issues. I call it “The Coming Out’ Star Trek series”. Star Trek “Strange New Worlds” left the PC issues out of the series. I like this one just a little bit more than “Discovery”. If someone asked me what my favorite Star Trek series is I couldn’t define just one. I love them all and all for different reasons. I keep saying that I am going to watch all the Star Wars movies, but I haven’t gotten around to it yet.
  5. I hate to ask and I think I can guess, but what did Disney do to Star Wars?
  6. I think this is a coming trend. Have you seen those gold or brass looking rifle scopes? They’re odd looking, but I think they might look good on a gun with gold or brass decorations and bling. I am kidding
  7. More information needed.
  8. I wonder if someone actually used this at night. That carbide lamp at any speed wouldn’t work worth a darn.
  9. I recall learning about these in middle school. We had a history teacher that was a Civil War buff. Thanks for posting this, Marshal. Good stuff.
  10. 4 for $9.49. $2.37 each. https://a.co/d/fjf2Hhp
  11. I decided to let my membership lapse. The game just isn’t fun any longer for me. It was a very hard decision, believe me.
  12. I got this in an email. if anyone is interested click the link. Henry has made a SASS Commemerative that any SASS member can buy and have their SASS badge number engraved on the gun. HERE’s the LINK: https://www.henryusa.com/sass/ If I were still a SASS member I would definitely buy one. After buying and shooting my X model it thoroughly pizzes me off that I listened to a bunch of…never mind.
  13. I would make sure assistance was needed but more than that, unless the officer is injured or unconscious I would do as @Rip Snortersaid. EDIT: Duh, I didn’t answer the question posed by Alpo. Yes! Absolutely I would help a police officer if requested.
  14. Unless myself and or my wife are threatened I wouldn’t bother drawing my gun. Why? 1. What they’re stealing isn’t mine. I have zero stake in what’s being taken. 2. Stores have insurance. 3. I do not want the death of a dumbassed kid or kids on my conscience. 4. If the d’bags are adults I still wouldn’t shoot one of them. They might have kids at home. It ain’t the kid’s fault his or her parents are scum. 5. The store should have had better security or plans for situations like this. It’s not my job to do their job for them.
  15. I bought a CZ 457 American Stainless Synthetic. I ordered it Monday and it came in today. I wanted a Varmint but none were available at the distributors my LGS. My second choice was actually the American Blued Synthetic because it has the 20” barrel. The blued and wood models have 24” barrels. The clerk says “How do you feel about Stainless?” He showed me a picture and I said “I’ll take it.” Now I just need my scope rail and rings and I will start breaking it in. I can’t wait!
  16. I thought the same…well, not exactly the same, but similar.
  17. They still do. It’s called “out in public”.
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