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    All the talk in the world won't change the fact that this works best.
  2. Tnx for the lead. I also ordered three cans. I've found nothing that works better and is non-contaminating.
  3. It's been on and off in the Fresno area the past few weeks and unusually cold wind. A gust came up and tore the awning off my new trailer. Allergies are at max. Now to get ready for the hot days.
  4. My place, T&B, is about the same as Toranado's. $81 including delivery for 105 epoxy coated.
  5. You don't age them. One of the biggest reasons that a number of Whiskey companies also make and market Vodka is that it is an instant cash flow product. It doesn't sit in a warehouse aging while taxes are being paid on it. Anyone marketing Aged vodka is just playing on the ignorance of the Yuppies buying it.
  6. IMO it's not going to change until this recession turns into a depression. People don't want that $15/hr job. I stopped eating at one restaurant because they required me to use a machine at the booth to order and check out. I looked at the receipt and there was a charge for playing some stupid game on the machine, which I didn't do. Old fashioned service is getting harder to find.
  7. In the movies all 6 guns fire up to 35 times and only run out of ammo just before the gun is thrown. Misses don't count, and p's are only awarded after the hanging. Other than that, it's virtually the same.
  8. A 2019 survey conducted by the Department of Justice (DOJ) found that some 43 percent of criminals had bought their firearms on the black market, 6 percent acquired them via theft, and 10 percent made a retail purchase – 0.8 percent purchased a weapon from a gun show. In 11 percent of cases, the criminal had someone else buy a gun for them – known as a straw purchase – while an additional 15 percent got guns from a friend or relative. Some 12 percent of weapons found on a crime scene had been brought there by someone else. The survey says that 6% were acquired via theft. It doesn't really indicate how many of the 43% that were bought on the Black Market had been stolen. I happen to believe in reasonable gun laws with strict enforcement. That doesn't mean I don't support the right for every upstanding citizen to own, carry and use guns for sport AND protection. It just means that if you have a gun you SHOULD be responsible for maintaining it. Any gun you own should either be under lock and key, or DIRECTLY under your control. If you keep a gun in your sock drawer and it is stolen while you are away, I think that you are in the wrong. If you own guns, you should own a safe, and use it. I realize that may not be a popular opinion here on the wire, but it is my opinion. Snakebite
  9. Primers are going to cost a dime each. Pick up trucks are going to start out at $50,000 and go up from there. Gasoline is going to drop to $3.79 per gallon and stop there. Good Head Cheese is going to go off the charts due to availability after all the illegals that crossed the border are hording it. Toilet paper is going to stabilize, but we will go to a odd/even day system as to when you can take a dump. Life in the US is going to change.
  10. I have seen the same thing out here in California too. Last year there was no ammo at all on the shelves, but now I see a fair amount of "Heavy" hunting ammo. As my old body wears down it's getting too hard for me to do much serious hunting anymore, and it seems that every year the Forest Fires end up either cancelling or destroying the hunting seasons out here. With the cost of hunting and fishing license, and non-lead ammo, it's getting pretty pricy for most folks to hunt anyway.
  11. Yep as we all know, the cost goes down the more we use the brass. I was of course basing my "Broad" rule of thumb on starting out with nothing and buy all new. Bottom line is that once you get set up, shooting local matches really is still affordable entertainment.
  12. I was ask by a fellow yesterday how much does it cost for ammo to play this game using 38 special. A difficult question, with lots of variables that will effect the final cost. After some wiggling, I decided to tell him that once he was set up with loading equipment, and purchased new brass, powder and bullets, the first 500 rounds would cost him $.40 each. After that, reloading his brass would drop the cost to $.20 each. After that it would vary depending upon what kind of deals he might find on Powder, bullets and primers. If he bought new ammo expect the cost to be at least double. No doubt that many are able to load for less, but just going out and purchasing what is needed, without relying on Old Stock that you have is pricy. I didn't want to give him a false impression. He as been shooting a lot of 9mm, and paying a premium price for ammo, so I don't think this sounded too bad to him. What do you think.. are my numbers close of way off?
  13. I've done that. So far no replacements have come in.
  14. We like the MGM. They last a long time and are versatile with the removable springs.
  15. Hi Griff, yes our powered ore cart is a hoot. We are having our Fort Miller match this week. It is most certainly a fun lovers match. I think my favorite is the Chinese laundry/Cafe stage. Where you can use chop sticks to pick cock roaches out of a bowl of rice before runing through a full stage of hanging laundry shooting the targets as you can see then. HA! What a hoot! Kings River Regulators News Coverage of Fort Miller 2016 Annual - YouTube
  16. If you have ordered from Ballistic Products using a Credit Card, Keep an eye out on what has been charged to your credit card.
  17. That is good to hear. Thanks for the feedback.
  18. No doubt that I like the action, and for most of life I've moved pretty well... but the fact is, I woke up a couple days ago and found out that I was OLD. I still like movement, but I'm no longer a Long Distance runner!
  19. Given only the choices offered, I would choose the Big, Close and Easy match. I believe that the vast majority of those playing this game would. If that belief is indeed a correct fact, then it just proves what I have contended for a very long time...... THIS IS A GAME. Those folks that actually have persuaded themselves into believing that this is a real shooting competition are just not seeing reality. That statement is not intended to say that some of or all of the top shooters in this game could not compete in a real shooting competition... but this Game is NOT the place where that type of competition normally takes place. So you might ask what difference it makes.... NONE.. most people come to our Game because they have fun. They are not highly experience competition shooters, they will likely never be, and most of them don't want to be. So.................. Big, Close, Easy scenarios are what they need and what they want. I personally prefer a mix of easy and middling stages. Don't care much for the hard ones. Snakebite
  20. Already said, but that is absolutely amazing!
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