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  1. What you need is Butt Crack Putty
  2. I shoot a BSS. I like the mechanical trigger because I very often do not shoulder the Shotgun when I shoot it. When shooting an inertia operated trigger set gun it is important to have the stock against something solid. If it is allowed to jump back it may not set to the other barrel. There is also the fact that the additional weight on the BSS helps a bit on the recoil. Just a couple of things... not too important to most shooters. I choose the BSS.... however.......... I will get one of the new Sharp-tail CZ Coach guns when they get them back in stock.... just because they look neat and I want to tear one down and tune it up. They are quite light in weight so there might be a little learning curve if I decide to use it in the game. Snakebite
  3. RO I Under Penalties, Stage DQ. • Failure to adhere to loading/unloading procedure I'm sorry if I have ruffled any feathers on this very controversial issue. It's nothing new and comes up every once in a while. It has been my number one issue for a long time, as any member of the ROC could tell you. After reading this thread it should be obvious that it is not handled the same at every club, and some clubs even totally disregard it. The only way it will occur consistently is if Match Officials make it clear that they want you to either have a LTO or check each other at the Loading Table. If we just turn a blind eye to every thing we don't like, where will it end? We should all be willing to play by and support the rules, and to also be willing to ask for and support rule changes where needed. In the case of someone checking your guns, the issue has been discussed and found to be a solid and sound practice. One other point: IMO, a good place to start when you have rules questions would be to ASK YOUR TG! Snakebite
  4. Or it sounds like a Spotter. The Spotters will impose their will on you, and have no further responsibility for it. Go ahead, file a protest about their call on the number of misses and see how far it goes. The person acting as the LTO is there to help and double check you. So what that some of them did/do a poor job, they should be removed. I know every Chair that the RO committee has ever had. Find ONE of them that will say that you should not be checked at the loading table. YOU WON'T. Most will agree that you can be checked by another shooter if a LTO is not present. WR didn't use assigned LTO, but they told EVERY SHOOTER in the shooter's Safety meeting to check each other at the loading table. If you don't do it, then you don't do it, but just deciding that it is not necessary doesn't change things. If holding up your handguns so that someone else can confirm that you are not down on a live round is too much to ask, then there is nothing I can do about it at your range or anyone's range without support from the MD. As for calling someone a Nazi ... I've heard ignorant people use that phrase against me before just because I know and try to enforce and play by the rules. I have never taken them lightly, even when I don't agree with them. I really don't care what you do, but it you won't do it at my match or at the Western Regional match... we play by the rules and require all shooters to be checked.
  5. This is from the ROI course before it was summarily re-written. The rules have NEVER been changed. Only two things can change them. A vote of the TGs or someone using their Power to do it. To date, neither has occurred. To say that the Loading Table officer has no duty or responsibility is just admitting that you don't know the rules! One of the Posse Marshals duties is to see to it that all positions are filled. THEY MUST ENSURE..... This has been debated for ever. It has been opposed by many folks that just don't do it, and come from clubs that don't require it. But that does NOT change things. Lots of clubs and shooters don't follow or enforce the rules that they don't like, but they have NEVER had the votes to change this rule, so they just ignore it. From the Original ROI course: Posse Marshals cannot perform all of the Range Officer functions themselves, but must ensure Range Officer assignments are made and the rules and regulations are being followed 9. Loading/Unloading Table Officers A) Loading Table Officers are responsible to visually check to ensure all firearms are loaded with only the correct number of rounds required in a course of fire. They count, along with the shooter, rounds being loaded into rifles and revolvers. They check to make sure no round is ever under the firing pin of any firearm and that all loaded firearm hammers are fully down on empty chambers. While at the Loading Table, shooters must be allowed to make corrections as necessary to be sure no round is under the firing pin and hammers are fully down on empty chambers without the assessment of a penalty. Discharging a round at the loading table is a Match Disqualification. Leaving the Loading Table with a hammer not fully down on an empty chamber or with a round under the firing pin of any firearm is a Stage Disqualification. C) The Loading Table is also a good place for the Loading Officer to observe the shooter’s equipment, especially his firearms, inspecting for illegal modifications. A comment from the Loading Officer may save the shooter an embarrassing disqualification at the shooting line. Any illegal external modifications encountered at the loading table should be brought to the shooter’s attention and corrected prior to shooting, if at all possible. D) It is good practice for the Loading Officer to ask the shooter if he understands the stage. Explanations at the Loading Table avoid these questions being addressed at the line by the Timer Operator and prevent unnecessary delays. E) These officers ensure safe muzzle direction is strictly observed and enforced when a competitor is at a Loading or Unloading Table, as well as during movement to and from the Loading or Unloading Table. F) At the Unloading Table, competitors shall unload each of their firearms, and the Unloading Officer must visually inspect all chambers to make sure they are empty. Rifles and shotguns are cycled to verify their magazines are empty. All revolvers COWBOY ACTION SHOOTING™ SASS Range Operations Basic Safety Course ~12~ Copyright © Single Action Shooting Society, Inc 2010 Version “K” Instructors Version taken to the firing line must be checked, whether or not they were used, and only two main match revolvers may be taken to the line. G) Never allow a competitor to leave the loading table with a loaded firearm unless they are proceeding directly to the stage or expeditor position. Remember: The primary responsibility always rests with the competitor. Shooters should always know the condition of their firearms and should never depend upon the Loading and Unloading Officers to ensure their firearms are correctly loaded and unloaded. The Loading and Unloading Officers are simply an added measure of safety. A competitor may never blame the Loading Officer for an incorrectly loaded firearm, and at no time will this claim be considered grounds for dismissal of penalties.
  6. The High Plains Drifters use to require a LTO at the Western States Championship when Quick Cal was running things.
  7. PAGE 89 in the ROI pretty much makes it clear that there is a Loading Table Officer and what his/her duties are. It has been "Clarified" to allow if a Loading table officer is not present that one of the shooters in line can act as the LTO... but needs to actually watching and not be loading while they are Acting. In the old RO material it was made more clear. It got watered down a bit in the new material but has NOT been eliminated. Only a vote of the TGs can remove it. The TRUMP card is this.... the MD of every match has the final say about what goes on at the match.... that goes for you local monthly match, or for the World Championship match. Only an ignorant MD would remove a position of safety. Having someone check their guns is something that some shooters don't like. Whether it is done by a fixed LTO or by another shooter, having your guns confirmed as being safe to move to the stage is a good and smart thing to do. Snakebite
  8. Everyone that knows the answer to these questions, please raise your hands.
  9. To begin with, I shoot a BSS that has had the springs greatly reduced, and had a good deal of issue with most American Shotshell primers. I couldn't make 50% of any Federal primer go off.... whether reload or new ammo. I generally load Remington hulls. Of all the US primers, the Remington worked the best for me... however I still experienced a lot of FTF. The issue was MY GUN, I am fully aware of that, but I liked it and didn't want to change it. So, I started loading Euro primers which are a little larger in diameter. They don't load quite as deep, leaving the primer just a tad higher and allowing them to receive a better hit from the firing pin. I have NEVER had a FTF since changing to them several years ago. I have a pretty good stock of them, but always keep my eye's open for a few more when they come up for sale. When I purchased my last supply, they were $23/1000 so I got a few.
  10. Snakebite


    I read a while back that primers would become available for a short time and then dry up again. Seems like that has come to pass. For while I saw a number of reputable dealers selling primers for $75/1000 + fees, with a limit of one box. I haven't seen that lately. As far as I can see, the ban on importing Russian primers hasn't brought them to their knees yet. Snakebite
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