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  1. If you want to be competitive in this game you have little choice other than to have your fingers stretched. ALL of the good shooters have undergone finger stretching. You can hold more shells, you can work the lever on your rifle faster and go for your handgun while still shooting the rifle. It's just a fact, you must have this done or settle for a mediocre spot.
  2. I got a response from Daisy. They said that the Red Ryder model switched to a Plastic stock in 1950 and has bounced back and forth since. After a good deal of research, I find that the gun I was given by my Grandfather in 1952 was NOT a current model. It was a model 40 Red Ryder, which was the First Red Ryder produced in 1940. From old photos it appears mine might have been a carbine. The barrel screwed into the the housing, and had a external shroud that cradled the barrel housing and a tab that covered the end of the magazine tube when turned. Later models had a barrel that did not protrude
  3. Snakebite


    Phil, you ask if people were shooting more. YES! Our parent club has been in service since 1934. The past 12 months have been BY FAR the biggest that the club has ever seen. We have a large club that accomodates very large numbers of public shooters, and most stations are full most of the time, with people waiting on weekends. The CCW instructors are going full speed because the Sheriff in our county is pro CCW and issues more that any other place in California. The IPSC group has grow to a very large club, dwarfing all others. Our church had a shooting practice last month. Over 200 people tur
  4. Snakebite


    Must be a pretty stout load if they are shooting them across the pond. That's a long way.
  5. Snakebite


    I wouldn't say anything about Charlie... he has family ties.
  6. Snakebite


    Good point. Someone as pure and gentle as me wouldn't really know.
  7. Snakebite


    Are these shortages also happening in Canada? If not, why haven't some of you Al Capone types been bootlegging them down here?
  8. Snakebite


    You may be right. Is ammo and such also hard to get overseas? I know that ours is fed by the huge increase in gun purchases here in the US... are they also up elsewhere... I just don't know, will look around the internet and see what I can find.
  9. Snakebite


    With the primer shortage, why haven't we seen the various import primers become available. S&B, Cheddite, Fiocchi, etc. I would guess that Wolf, Tula and all the Russian made primers are not here due to embargo... but that doesn't explain all the rest. Snakebite
  10. Don't overlook a Remington 700. I've had three of them, still have one. They are a very good gun too.
  11. My Grandpa bought me a Daisy Red Ryder in 1952. I was 5 yrs old. It has long since disappeared, but I remember it as having a wood stock, not plastic. I've tried to find out when they switched to a plastic stock on the Red Ryder model with no luck. I did find that the model 25 pump was changed to plastic in 1953. I have sent a inquiry to the Daisy museum to see if I can find out. Something this important just must be checked out.
  12. I tend to agree with many of the comments, it's most likely not the primers. Seating, light springs or hammer drag is the most likely cause. In the many years that I have been a loader/re-loader, I've had a few bad primers, but not many. My worst case came from a brick of Magtech Small Pistol primers. There were so many that just would not pop that I believe something contaminated them.
  13. Under the situation given, the shooter may only leave the ULT (which we all know is part of the firing line), if he/she is escorted by a Match Official. Doing otherwise is a Match DQ.
  14. Thinking back to 1993 when I started playing this game brings back mostly wonderful memories of good times and great people. This game has been my life since then, and a good one too. In all that time there has only been two situations that have prompted me to stop shooting a match. Once many years ago was because of outright CHEATING by a couple guys that were working the system. The other was more recently at a match that had stage after stage of STUPID sweeps that just became so irritating and frustrating that I decided to stop wasting ammo on something that I was not enjoying so I quit sh
  15. I prefer to shoot when ready. I usually like to shoot first for a couple of reasons. At one of the two main clubs I shoot at, one other guy also likes to shoot first and we ALWAYS end up on the same posse. I don't let it bother me at all.....................the @$$#0l$.
  16. OOH-OOH-OOH If I had a mill, I'd mill in the morning, I'd mill in the evening, all over my shop. I'd mill out receivers, I'd mill out gun stocks, I'd mill out the loading bars for my Dillion 650, all over this land. OOH-OOH-OOH! Good Job Larsen!
  17. If you want to dry fire your 73 rifle, just put a small piece of rubber in the back of the receiver just under the firing pin extension. You can dry fire all you want and the hammer will not hit the extension and not slam the firing pin. You can only do this for 10 to the 12th power times before you will need a new piece of rubber. The rubber is held in place by a friction fit (make it tight), and don't forget to remove it when you are done. This is not my idea, but I saw it done, and know a good idea when I see one. Snakebite
  18. I've bought the cheap Hard Shell rifle cases from Walmart for $20 and used them for shipping. Of course I wrap them with plenty of tape, but they hold the gun very well and have done a good job. I've never yet found any buyer that was reluctant to pay for the case.
  19. It is a completely phoney show. ALL the deals are made in advance by staff, things are choreographed and then Mike and Frank and the cameras come in at a pre determined date.
  20. If all positions are staffed as they should be, that takes 7, add the shooter is 8, 3 shooters in line make 11, 5 standing around yelling and interfering brings it to 16, 2 sitting on their carts at the back makes 18. Yep.... 18, I like 18 on a posse. It's a fact that the T.O breaths in a lot of airborne lead, believe me, I know for a FACT. I firmly believe that nobody should time for more than 6 shooters in a row without relief. Passing off the timer requires that there be someone that is qualified to relieve, and the chances of find relief increases with 18 shooters. Any experienced MD kn
  21. What would be nice would be an easy powder drain for the Dillion powder dispenser. Edit #1: Dang... I just looked and found one! https://uniquetek.com/product/T1347 Edit #2: I watched the video.... I think it is just a easy to loosen the two screws and lift it off the machine then pour it back into the bottle. I've just become lazy in my old age. It's pretty dry around here so I haven't had any problem. Edit #3: Sorry to take the OP's post side ways. My answer it him is to use an old empty powder bottle/jug. It is made just for the purpose of holding powde
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