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  1. The Wewahootee Vigilance Committee is based at the Central Florida Rifle and Pistol Club in Orlando. www.cfrpc.com We have a practice session every Tuesday starting about 8-9 until around noon that is open to non club members as well.
  2. redmansrifling.com Website lists reclining a 32-20 for $375. As others have said, I’ve heard good things about their work.
  3. Just to clear up a misconception, Old Model Ruger Vaquero grip frames fit the 32 mag Rutgers perfectly with no modifications. The 32 mag “Blackhawk” version had the same grip frame as the full size Blackhawk. The upper frame is smaller but the grip frame has been shortened on the 32 “Vaqueritos”. Standard grips will fit fine if you add a wood filler to the space below the frame. Or you could do as I did and order Vaquero grip frames from Brownells.
  4. Tighter crimp, more powder, and heavier bullet. Try various combinations of those.
  5. The American Derringer is a little beefier copy of the original Remington. Here are three American Derringers (.22lr, 32-20 & .357/.38 spl) next to an original Remington in .41rf.
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