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  1. Might be a long shot but does anybody have a shell plate like this #16 they can part with? They seem to be out of stock everywhere! Thanks
  2. These right here are what a lot of folks use/like. This picture is from the Cowboy Gunworks site, I think other suppliers carry these also. HRD
  3. I would like 1,000 of the 9mm raw. Sent you a PM
  4. Howdy Windy City, From the bottom of the heel to the top of the boot is ~11 3/4", the heel is ~1 1/4", it has a good padded insole so it's ~9 3/4" from the insole to the top of the boot. I'm gonna go Sat., you want me to bring-em along.
  5. Justin Ropers, size 11 EE, they're a little tight for me, excellent condition. Rubber soles have just enough pattern/texture to give good traction. $65.00 plus shipping HRD
  6. I've bought and sold several things on here and never had a bit of trouble, great bunch of folks to deal with.
  7. *****Sold*****Conversion cylinder for sale, Kirst 45 ACP Kirst converter for Ruger Old Army, blued, caliber is 45 ACP, condition is lightly used. It comes with box (rather poor condition) and instructions. $295.00 $275.00 shipped.
  8. Good shooter quality ROA, has some holster wear on the left side of the barrel, some pitting on the left side , bore and chambers are excellent. All screws and nipples turn/remove easily. Very smooth action with 19# hammer spring, Eagle gunfighter grips. Aspen Filly engraved the face of the cylinder to highlight the chamber normally left unloaded, $625.00 $600.00 shipped
  9. Thinning the herd. First is this ROA, appears to not have been fired much, has no visible turn ring, like new with the exception being a scruff on the left side of the front site. I'd got this to potentially use as a back-up but never had the need. It is factory stock. The nipples and all the screws remove easily. No box or nipple wrench. $825.00 shipped to your door. The first "I'll take it" posted here gets it.
  10. Wow, I'm all envious and everthang, It's been rough here in Tucson area the past few days too, only got up to 75 deg. yesterday.
  11. Yul, it's well over 1/2 mile, close to 3/4 mile. There's always plenty of folks in the RV area with vehicles in case you need transport to the range. One piece of good news is that the road going to the range is now paved, cuts down a bit on the dust! HRD who already signed up.
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