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  1. Sand Creek's "Professionals" regs are the quintessential "old school" rules (Pre-WBAS) http://www.sandcreekraiders.com/Professionals%20Rules.htm IMO
  2. There are a number of reasons that revolving carbines are not allowed...see post #3. Carrying a charged & CAPPED percussion cylinder for a reload is also an illegal practice. What do the other Frontiersman shooters at the club (if any) think about allowing this?
  3. I certainly appreciate the offer! In my experience, that is a more common attitude & practice than allowing "run what ya brung" for monthly club matches. ...and a much better recruiting method.
  4. What if the only firearms I have are a DA .44, an Auto 5 12ga, and a Winchester pump .22? Can y'all create a special "class" so I can play, too?
  5. Google "sob holster saa"https://goo.gl/images/E7Yvvu
  6. This video demonstrates just one method of Cav/twist draw from a half-flap military holster (1880).
  7. REF: SHB p.10 "SHOTGUN GAUGES ...must be centerfire..." That precludes the use of a muzzle-loading shotgun.
  8. None for sale at the moment, but the average price in the PNW for used 3rd Gen Colt SAAs for the past 20 years or so has been running around $1000- $1500. I also have a pair of dual-cylinder .44spl/.44-40 Cimarron "New Thunderers" that are quality arms at 1/2 to 3/4 the cost. PWB
  9. These are the excerpts from the 2005/2006 Summit minutes that were referenced in the verification that the Uberti Percussion Cattleman revolver WAS APPROVED as a Main Match pistol.: 12. Should the Uberti 1873 Percussion Pistol be allowed as a Main match Pistol? This pistol was approved as a Main Match pistol but not as a legal cap and ball pistol by the Territorial Governors four years ago, is it time now to allow it in the Frontiersman Category? Rowdy Yates offered that this gun offers absolutely no advantage. He also informed the group that this gun is currently allowed in foreign countries that cannot use cartridge firearms. 2005 TG SUMMIT Action Shooter Items 1. Should we allow the Uberti 1873 percussion revolver be allowed as a Frontiersman Category revolver? This was miss-worded last year and is being voted on again. It was voted on in previous years as a legal main match revolver but not as a Frontiersman Category legal revolver. All discussion from the floor was opposed to allowing the use of this gun in the Frontiersman Category. Arizona Tom offered a view on the current use of this firearm. It seems there is little use in existence and therefore is not an issue. 2006 TG SUMMIT
  10. 1) The model revolver in question is LEGAL in all SASS MAIN MATCH CATEGORIES EXCEPT FRONTIERSMAN--- by TG VOTE @ 2006 Summit. ..SHB exception codified in 2007 rulebook edits. 2) As such, it is NOT LEGAL FOR THE PLAINSMAN SIDEMATCH : "THE PLAINSMAN This event requires two .36 caliber or larger Frontiersman Category style percussion revolvers, shot Duelist style." I concede the point regarding "Main Match" legality to the honorable gentlemen from the Texas Republic. ⛦⛦⛦⛦⛦
  11. TG SUMMIT minutes from 2005 & 2006 have been located (Thanks to San Quinton) Verifying with the ROC re the OP.
  12. As my compadre, Snakebite, mentioned, I have the meeting notes of the ROC discussion/decision rat-holed in a (temporarily inaccessible) archive. ASAP once I regain access, this will be settled for certain.
  13. IIRC, I ordered a few sets of that style of "boot grips" for various DA revolvers from grips4guns.com.
  14. Thanks! This 629 went from the S&W Custom Shop to Magna-Port...about the same time Lew Horton was marketing them.
  15. One of my EDC firearms: 686 CS 1 (U.S. Customs) 3" bbl (Magna-Ported) Photo taken 15 min ago...chairside table
  16. Hey, Pat!Once I am a little bit more mobile, we could meet up at a Canby monthly match (or elsewhere in the Valley) ... I have a representative mix of various types of shoulder/Huckleberry rigs you are welcome to try out. PWB
  17. Thanks, all...good to be back (even if on a somewhat limited basis) Posting takes about 3-4X longer with this notebook...even with the auto fill function.
  18. I handle the bulk of our outgoing UPS shipments @ w**k. Have shipped out a fair number of firearms (including The Judge & Kate's when they were flying cross country from the NW Regional to the NE Regional) Most have been warranty returns for our regular customers. UPS regs require notifying the driver that the package contains a firearm. Most of the local drivers just say, "Thought so." and carry on. No damage claims filed in 40+ years.
  19. This discussion is indicative of one the problems associated with an "anything goes @ the monthly match level" policy. We see firearms, equipment, and accoutrements being used on a regular basis and eventually everyone assumes those items are legal, regardless of whether they actually are or not. I don't currently have immediate access to my meeting notes at which we discussed the percussion SAA for main match use in any category other than the BP cats. Two past members of the ROC have the same recollection regarding that model revolver as I do... That it was NOT APPROVED as a main match firearm except for those countries where civilian ownership of cartridge handguns is prohibited.
  20. Another source: http://www.tedblockerholsters.com/Cowboy-Shoulder-Rig-2_p_94.html
  21. I don't recall the original source, but check OR-OSHA or Grainger.
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