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  1. Something about artillery shells here in Aus that each takes 18kg [ approx 40lb ] & TB is being used as the propellant..hence nothing on the shelves for the shooter..can't verify the story but it is out there in a big way. Maybe someone else may have some more input.
  2. I use Rem #10 with Slix nipples in ROA's...had some RWS caps that I'm told are the bees knees..in short I will never use again...ignition problems, a couple never went off & heck of a time getting some off at the UT..the caps are in good condition . I will stick with the Rems as they have been super reliable. It was a damp rainy day but we did shoot undercover...the Rems worked fine.
  3. Slix nipples & Rem # 10 & rarely have a jam.....I'm gad it's you heating those caps, I'd be chicken !
  4. Congrats on the range Hellbender & crew, great vid...so that's what that Possum Skinner fella looks like ...and that last Lady Gunfighter ain't no slouch either !
  5. Great vid PK..looks like you have a good bunch of workers..luv 'ya range , how long has it been up & running ?
  6. Was shooting a State ISSF trap competition in 2006..I'd always wanted to see 'Western Action & it just so happened that there was a monthly comp on a range close by..I wandered over, I was already planning the building of my cart on the way back. My first shoot was six months later & I had the lot, guns, cart, Injun gear & rearing to go !!!!
  7. Don't much care about shiney brass me self...just clean & functions is all I care for. I use a couple of lyman 1200 tumblers with pearl barley, set 'em outside till I remember to swich off & that's usually good enough for me..actually my 44-40 brass I use for BP are a nice shiney black..sometimes I may add a bit of turps to the barley. I use a Dillon seperator.
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