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  1. Contact Lassiter...he used to make & sell them. DC
  2. Yavapai Rangers next monthly match will be Nov. 28th. DC
  3. Will EOT continue to have as many aged-based categories as they have had recently or more like WR? We'll see. DC
  4. I ordered bullets from Missouri BC on 8/8 & received them on the 31st. What was interesting is that there was a notice left in the mail box by our rural carrier for "delivery attempt" rather than actual delivery. The carrier is a 30ish male bigger than I am. So I drove the almost mile to the PO, presented the notice to the middle-aged woman behind the counter. Within a minute she carried out the 40 or so # box and gave it to me. Pretty crazy! DC
  5. Something to note about loading subs on a 650, especially 32s. The fluted drop tube on a Dillon powder measure has a tendency to throw uneven charges because the powder tends to "clog up" in the top of the tube. I have loaded many 1000's of 32s for Squeaky (& myself sometimes) on a 650. I use a LEE Autodisk Pro measure, Lee powder/expansion die, with a 2" drop tube between them. Very consistent drop of .88 cc by volume for 32 80gr. bullet in a 32 mag case. Plenty of smoke & relatively low recoil. Use the same powder measure setup for 38 spec. Know of several shooters using APP or Black MZ who have switched to this setup with great results.
  6. My 1st shotgun, at age 15. was this model in 16 ga. Paid $10 for it in a pawn shop in Yuma, AZ 59 yrs ago. DC
  7. Congratulations, Jon! Arizona is still really proud of you my friend!
  8. Been wearing the same pair of Ariat lace-ups most of the time at matches for 14 yrs. Finally punched a hole in a sole last match kicking a shade stake loose. Have other boots but these are by far the most comfortable! Time they go to the cobbler for new soles & heels. Saw a very similar pair last yr in the big cowboy shop in Tombstone.
  9. Good luck, Creeker! Had the same surgery in '14. They'll probably supply you with the ice machine and shoulder wrap after the procedure. Hope ya have a good recliner to live in for several weeks, day & night. Huge thing is the rehab you'll be doing, both at the PT place & at home. Had mine in mid-Oct and shot 1st match the following Feb. Talk to Johnny M this wknd at Damn Site. He's both sides done & a complete shoulder reconstruction.
  10. Most 200s & 280s were made with split extractors. My 10 yr old 200E still has them. Most skb smiths, i.e, Johnny Meadows, now weld them up as part of the action job. DC
  11. Proud to say we got a pristine 280 12g last spring thru gun broker for $765 & shipping. JM did his complete action work so we're in it for under $1,100. Retiring my old 200E with the stupendous wood work by Taz & the 280 will be my match SG.
  12. For those of you that shoot/have shot in the southwest for quite some time, you may have competed in the annual Yuma Territorial Prison Breakout. In 2004, a founding member of the Yuma CAS club was unfortunately killed, along with his best friend, in the hills north of Phoenix, by a crazy young man who snuck into their camp to steal their belongings. The two people killed were KC & Gimpy. KC, aka, Omer Casey, was Squeaky's uncle. When we attended Omer's funeral, we saw many people dressed in 1890's cowboy clothes?? At the memorial, Omer's gun cart & firearms were on the altar with the preacher. That's the day we found out about SASS! In Jan, 2005, we bought our 1st Rugers from Early Times in Yuma, followed by a set of 3 screw Blackhawks from him in Feb. We jumped in with both feet and in 2006 Squeaky won 5th place, Lady's Modern at the Yuma Breakout, dedicated to her Uncle "KC". We've never looked back since then but WE WILL ALWAYS REMEMBER Uncle Omer Casey, a true cowboy shooter, and BTW, one helluva 1911 gunsmith, nationally renowned in his day. (And one damn good custom farmer!!) DC & Squeaky Hare
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