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  1. We have an Uberti saddle ring carbine as a great backup rifle. I'm curious about how to remove the ring loop so that the rifle can be staged flat as is required. Particularly, what to fill the holes in the frame with. Any suggestions? DC
  2. Regardless of all past posts, here's my 2 cents. Over 15 yrs ago, Pecos Clyde told me to set up my Dillon 650 with a Dillon seating die & a Lee Factory Crimp die. The LFC die does a complete resizing of the case & 99 percent of my cartridges pass the case gauge test. Full resizing to the base.
  3. Congratulations to my best friend & forever partner, Squeaky Hare, on her winning Lady Frontier Cartridge at Bordertown '21! This is the 6th time in 10 years, starting in 2011 that Squeaky has earned the championship buckle at The Arizona State SASS Championship fandango. She missed three Bordertowns due to medical issues (and an elk tag) during those 10 years. Squeak's always been a consistent, fast and clean shooter since we joined the "dark side". It was a joy watching her prevail once again! I am one proud old cowboy!!!!
  4. Squeaky & I both shoot 32 HR mags, & have done so since 2006. Her pistols have S/S & action jobs by West Fargo. Great guns. Also have a pair with Lassiter's magic S/S work. My go-to 32s are a pair of rare 5 1/2 single sixes with S/S work done by Johnny Meadows in 2016. I shoot duelist & that extra barrel weight seems to work for me, especially when shooting FCD with a full case of BMZ under a 100 grn bullet. A load of 10 grns of 777 under a 118 grn will take down KDs just fine.
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