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  1. You are playing Jeopardy. Final Jeopardy. You have $3,500. The guy in the lead has 25,000. There is no way you were going to win unless he really really screws the pooch. How much of your 3500 would you bet? Bet it all - either go home with seven grand or just the parting gifts? Bet little or nothing so, since you know you're not going to win, you get to keep that $3,500? Or some other amount?
  2. I got some powder supposed to arrive today. FedEx. And of course it's hazmat, so it will need a signature. Get an email this morning from the post office telling me I have a package arriving and it will need an adult signature. Now I know UPS hands off to the post office, but I was not aware that FedEx did. And I certainly didn't think they would do it for HazMat. So I click on the tracking number and it's not coming from Missouri so it shouldn't be the powder. And it weighs less than half a pound. Only thing I can think of is some dog meds. I knew it was coming but they didn't give me a tracking number so I didn't know when it was coming. So I'm trying to decide why there's an adult signature required on flea pills. Because there prescription? I see the mailman go by across the street, so I figure he'll be back by in about a half hour. Hour and a half later, and nobody has knocked on my door, I go out and look in the mailbox. There's the package. I wonder if he just scribbled on the line where I was supposed to sign for it, so he wouldn't have to get out of the truck and walk up to the house. Oh well. I've had these flea pills come through the mail several times and I've never had to sign for. And I've never received a notice that there would be a signature required, either.
  3. That's probably because it's fully semi automatic. I bet it even has the shoulder thing that goes up.
  4. So it was legit. Cool. I didn't get it. Only email I ever get from SASS either tells me somebody quoted one of my posts or I have a PM.
  5. I assumed that Cary would have been up for that. Jimmy, still trying to find his niche, would have been supporting. STARRING Cary and Kate. CO-STARRING James and Mary.
  6. I wanted the Lightning, back when they came out. Then I finally found one at a gun store. The grip was too little. I was thinking, maybe for a woman or a kid - somebody with little hands. I've got a Thunderer. Nice. But that Lightning was just too dang small.
  7. I can visualize it in my mind. Over here we have sister Susie's Blue Ribbon she got from the 4-H for raising a pig. And over here we have brother Jimmy's Academy Award for best supporting actor.
  8. The Apartment. Jack Lemmon Shirley MacLaine 1960. Blow the picture up. That white doodad in the bottom right corner. One button turned it on, one button turned it off, the third button was the volume, and the channel selector was at knob at the top. It appeared to be screwed to the top of the end table, and I'm assuming the wires went down and underneath the carpet over to the television.
  9. Aren't all rifles named Betsy? You know, since Davy Crockett.
  10. On the plus side there is very little lawn to mow. And if your mower takes a dump you can trim your grass with a pair of scissors.
  11. That doesn't really make sense. Based on what the Luftwaffe did to England in 6 years of aerial war, I would be more inclined to believe that the British would shoot prisoners. Any German prisoners, but especially Air Force. Yeah I could see Americans shooting Japanese prisoners, because of what they did the Pearl Harbor. But the Germans didn't really do anything to us. Unless it was because of the concentration camps. But then, it would seem like any of the Allies would be killing the Axis on sight, if that was the reason.
  12. Carrying a 25 caliber (less than 32) pistol with a 2 inch barrel (4 inches or less) in Canada?????? I'm having a little trouble believing this.
  13. Is there any problem putting 90° bends in your chimney? It just always seemed to me, for whatever reason I don't know, that you should have at the most 45°. But I was watching some movie the other night, and the stove pipe went straight up about 2 feet and made a 90 and went left about 5 feet and then made another 90 and went up to the roof. I don't know. Maybe I just thought that creosote would build up easier in a 90° bend. But I have never had anything to do with a wood stove. Any wood burning heat I ever messed with was a fireplace, and that went straight up with no bends at all.
  14. As a general rule I'm tired of this obnoxious blonde and the stupid cat. But this was funny.
  15. I've heard it said that if you have never experienced combat you can't understand. I've heard it said that unless you went to Catholic school for 12 years you can't understand. But friends and neighbors, unless you have worn glasses since you were a small child, you can't understand. My brothers started wearing glasses in their twenties. My mother wore them as long as I can remember, but she was almost 30 when I met her. And my father was in his 40s. Me --- third grade. And they don't tell you. In fourth grade I got stronger glasses. In fifth grade I got stronger glasses. In 6th grade I got stronger glasses. Obviously I would be blind by the time I was in high school. I used to practice. Shut my eyes and try to walk in a straight line. Climbing stairs with my eyes shut. I still count the stairs. Because I wanted to be ready when I went blind.
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