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  1. The bucket just happens to be in the corner. The toilet is blocked from your view by the shower door. Surely I am not the only one that can see that white shape behind the frosted door?
  2. I'm guessing he believes you are here because of your posts a year or so back about DeFuniak. Your wife's family?? I disagree with the picture which shows the Riviera stretching all the way to Pensacola. It's here. It's ours. The idgets over there in Escambia just trying to claim a good thing. But they got it right when they said "the most beautiful beaches in the world". Heck, one of our local TV stations is WMBB - World's Most Beautiful Beaches.
  3. Actually I never think about putting the door back on until one of the guests needs to go. I am not the world's greatest host. My granddaughter will go in there and open the shower door. That does a pretty fair job of blocking the toilet from view.
  4. Not sure wish I like the most. The horse and the rubber chicken was great. But the squeeze the toy dog then squeeze the real dog and they both make the same face.
  5. I do not believe I have ever had carrot cake with buttercream frosting. Always cream cheese.
  6. Great movie. That little girl grown DAMMIT otto, WHEN I SAY GROWED, I MEAN GROWED, SO DON'T CHANGE IT TO GROWN up.
  7. And I felt very bummed last month, long about the 6th, when I realized that I had forgotten to wish everyone a Happy Highway Patrol Day on the 4th. 10-4, 10-4, 10-4!!
  8. https://www.fadedpage.com/showbook.php?pid=20211142
  9. From 14 ft, 7000 ft is the mountains.
  10. I think you're right, which would make that a fire chief's car. But I had just gotten up and stepped outside, without my warm slippers, and I'm surprised that I could see the car.
  11. Have I lost a day? I thought this was Tuesday.
  12. I'm just amazed at the warm temperature. 36° in the mountains of Colorado? It was 40 here in the panhandle of Florida. 16 I would have expected. Maybe even 06. But 36? Isn't that normally a summer temperature up there?
  13. Dave made a comment about Jack getting caught here when the borders were closed because of the plague. And that got me to thinking (usually a bad idea). Let's say I save up about 5 grand and go on vacation to another country for a week. And while I'm there the plague comes along, and the government closes the borders. Would they take care of me? I've got $5,000. That $150 a night hotel is eating that rapidly. And then there's food. If the border is closed long, I might need more clothing. Winter or summer depending. Would the government put me up, or when my money was gone would I have to live on the street? Would our government have put Jack up? Or would they send him along to the Australian embassy, and let them worry about it?
  14. It's not just you (or otto) Kit. The bottom middle picture also has it wrong. You should ADVISE like you are 50. All the other pictures say that you should VERB like you are whatever, but ADVICE is a noun.
  15. My master bathroom is small. When the door is open you cannot get into the shower. Also it is uncomfortable to sit on the toilet - the door is in the way of my left leg. My immediate simple solution was to take the door off its hinges. I live alone, so I would not normally shut the door anyway. It does not greatly offend my dog to see me sitting on the toilet. But I occasionally have guests, and they normally would like to have the ability either to shut the door for themselves, or to shut the door on me. Simple solution would be to have the door open out into the bedroom instead of in into the bathroom. I originally was going to cut new inlets for the hinges and for the strike. I really don't want to do that, because it will leave the ones on the inside of the door frame, and it will look ugly. Then it occurred to me that the wall was not built with the door in it. The wall was built with a hole, and then the door frame was stuck in the hole and nailed into place. It therefore seems to me that I should be able to remove the strike plate and remove the hinges - both of which are screwed through the door frame into the studs - take off the trim from one side, and push the door frame out of the hole. Then take it through the hole, stand it up and push it back into the hole from the other side. Now the hinges will be on the outside, and the door will swing out instead of in. It will be out of my way, but if anyone desires to shut it the ability will be there. Finally we get to my question. Will this work?
  16. I did not know the sun rose in the West in Colorado. I occasionally get up early enough to watch an Eastern sunrise, and sometimes am still awake long enough to watch a Western sunset.
  17. Learn the difference between advise and advice, like you're a high school student.
  18. Homecoming this year was the Friday before Halloween. The theme of the homecoming parade was Beetlejuice. And as normal, all the Queen candidates are riding down the street sitting on the back deck of a convertible Except this one girl who lives a couple streets over. Her father bought her ride. 1973 Cadillac hearse. Her daddy got style.
  19. I step out the front door this morning, and I wonder what the PO-lice are doing this early at my neighbor across the street's house. Then I realize that it is their white car parked behind their just slightly taller red car.
  20. Difficult trying to decide whether to say I like it or to laugh at it. So I did both.
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