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  1. There's a museum of Black Cowboys off the Belt Parkway near Kennedy Airport.
  2. I have a regular license. It's a CDL w/hazmat. I have TWIC. I have a NYS pistol license. I have both a passport card and book. I have a VA card. Don't think I need a "Real ID".
  3. I believe the checking accounts private individuals used was known as a "special checking account ". As opposed to a business or other checking account.
  4. I was in the "One oh worst" and we sometimes called it that. I don't remember giving the 82nd much thought.
  5. I'm extremely grateful to all organ donors and their families. My girlfriend had a liver transplant just over 3 weeks ago.
  6. I was Match Director. There was a GF pulling both triggers at once. Maybe not possible to do, but that was his intent. Timer picked up 5 shots; spotters heard 5 shots. Gave 5 misses. TO Knew both guns fired and there were no obvious signs of any misses so he got a P. Right call. When I was informed of what was going on I reminded everyone involved about the progressive penalties and that next time would be an SDQ. I didn't hear anything more about it.
  7. That's my recipe. I only use half the sugar and 2 tsp pumpkin spice instead of the cinnamon and nutmeg.
  8. The pie I made last night was NOT a yam pie. I love my sweet potato pie!
  9. That is a black hole. The guy walked over and fell in.
  10. My CB boots don't need laces. However, I like really long waxed laces in my ice skates.
  11. I was going to say Black Shoe Brush. That's what I used to clean my Stetson in the Cav. Not applicable to your situation, sorry.
  12. CBS had to use the mute button during one of the songs. If it was okay for the stadium it should have been okay for TV.
  13. I like Clay's. Tried Trailboss and found it to be very dirty unless I used the max amount for the cartridge. I use Clay's in 12 guage, 45 colt and 45 acp.
  14. I just recently read the book "Hero of the Pacific". Biography of Manila John. Fascinating story of a true hero.
  15. I always like the super bowl no matter who's playing. I wasn't able to watch the 2 playoff games live so used the DVR. I'm so glad I did. Great games. The Patriots have a great chance since they aren't playing the Giants.
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