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  1. My father and sister were talking about that one time. My father said when I was born in 1954 it was less than $100. When my sister was born in 1958 it cost more than $1000. My sister said "You get what you pay for."
  2. Winchester brass is softer than Starline and seals better. I use only Win brass for BP.
  3. So much for baseball this year. The NY Giants are a disappointment. The Islanders are having a great start.
  4. I always thought Massachusetts was the worst state for me to transport a gun.
  5. We were taught to call them an "Armored Tracked Vehicle". Then add any other characteristics that may help identify it.
  6. Totally off the OT topic. I wanted to comment on the Clarksville naval station in Tennessee. I was stationed at Clarksville Base in 76-77. I had no idea about the history of the place. It was a nuclear storage facility with tunnels and bunkers. There may have been "rumors" of the tunnels but we probably thought it was typical Army BS. When I was there I was in the Air Cavalry: C troop 2nd of the 17th.
  7. I got my first knife at 10 years old. I have carried a knife just about every day since.
  8. I used to drink at least 12 per day. My average may be down to 9 per week since not drinking for 34 years.
  9. 1980, the day the US hockey team won the gold medal, I was driving from the Catskills to the Long Island. Traffic was horrible on 95 in Westchester going into the toll. I was crawling along behind a car with 2 kids looking out the back window, bored to tears. I made a finger gun and pretended to shoot. They perked up and started "shooting " back. I ducked down behind the wheel and we had a little fake shoot out for a while. I wouldn't do that today.
  10. I'm an NRA life member. I haven't seen any magazine in years. I thought they stopped printing them. I used to get American Rifleman.
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