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  1. Maybe you can't get decent biscuits in New York, but you can't get great pizza anywhere else.
  2. Out here on the end of Long Island just have to take filled out renewal form to the Sheriff's office with $10. Good for 5 years. Down side is it's restricted to sportsman purposes-to or from the range or hunting. Getting caught carrying other times can get permit suspended or revoked.
  3. A few years ago member Greeenriver posted his experience with lung cancer treatment. When my girlfriend was beginning treatment for a different cancer that also involved radiation and chemo I read through all of Greeenriver's posts to have an idea what she could expect. Very encouraging information. After his treatment he was in remission for a while. It came back later and took his life. I had just gotten back in my car after a round of golf when Rush was making the announcement that he had cancer. I pray for the best for him.
  4. My main match guns are EMF New Dakotas. One made by ASM the other is Uberti. "Snake" is engraved on the ASM and is my left hand gun. The other is engraved "River" and is on the right side. Very different guns. My backup guns are consecutively numbered Remington 58s. Those are almost exactly the same, but I always put the lower serial number on the left side.
  5. Unfired rounds in a revolver are counted as misses as long as the hammer is down on an empty case.
  6. My father and sister were talking about that one time. My father said when I was born in 1954 it was less than $100. When my sister was born in 1958 it cost more than $1000. My sister said "You get what you pay for."
  7. Winchester brass is softer than Starline and seals better. I use only Win brass for BP.
  8. So much for baseball this year. The NY Giants are a disappointment. The Islanders are having a great start.
  9. I like the scroll on the bottom. Wind farms banning foreign wind is important.
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