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  1. 1980, the day the US hockey team won the gold medal, I was driving from the Catskills to the Long Island. Traffic was horrible on 95 in Westchester going into the toll. I was crawling along behind a car with 2 kids looking out the back window, bored to tears. I made a finger gun and pretended to shoot. They perked up and started "shooting " back. I ducked down behind the wheel and we had a little fake shoot out for a while. I wouldn't do that today.
  2. I'm an NRA life member. I haven't seen any magazine in years. I thought they stopped printing them. I used to get American Rifleman.
  3. 1957 was a very good year. I was 2 years old. My sister was born in 1958.
  4. This is my father in the cap I had made for him. He witnessed nukes after WWII.
  5. I found a bunch of veteran groups. Most are closed groups so comments stay within the group. One is for Cavalry, one Ft Dix, one Army only, one Cold War veterans only. One is devoted to veteran benefits loaded with great information. A couple others for military humor.
  6. Almost all of my teeth with 1960's fillings have had pieces break off. My dentist uses a quick hardening putty of some kind. I guess the roots and gums are still good.
  7. I was thinking firecrackers or mufflers.
  8. I hope he comes back when he's able. He should have his own sticky thread.
  9. A few Super Bowls ago all past MVPs up til then were on the field. All alive. Is Bart Starr the first to pass?
  10. I like the scroll on the bottom. Wind farms banning foreign wind is important.
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