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  1. When a place will let you use them (They are not actually SASS Legal) you can't get more style points than with these. But unlike in the picture, it's impossible to shoot them gunfighter style. (Pic from about a year and a half ago, just after I finished Chemo.
  2. Hey, if you want STYLE points, shoot a Genuine GI Spencer! I take mine out about once a year. I get a lot of oohs and aahs, and finish dead last. But it's funner than anything!
  3. Spacer stick eliminates the need for a hop. I grab mine right under where the stick will be after the 10th round is fired. Eh, mine's a .44-40. No blowback. Although I do usually shoot smokeless. Granted, I am a bottom third shooter, but I don't find the Henry any slower than my 66 or my 73.
  4. This has been a common idea on this thread. Can someone explain why this is so? It has the same action as the 66 and 73, so I'd assume for the speed is everything crowd it could be short stroked/slicked up in the same way. What am I missing here?
  5. Yeah, that does make sense. A desirable caliber would command a higher price. That's only logical. I'm just surprised at how MUCH it seems to have with regard to .32-20 stuff. Hey, I guess that just means those who like the caliber are lucky.
  6. Another "interesting" aspect of .32-20 is how "vintage" guns chambered for this caliber, be they Winchesters, Colts, or Marlins seem to cost a lot less money that comparable ones in the larger calibers. I got a pair of Bisleys in pretty good shape for less that what I've seen people asking for 1 in .44-40 or .45 Colt. Go figure.
  7. Yeah.. I've seen that. Much more "accurate" than my modified Henry idea, but every time this gun comes up, I find myself thinking it shoulda been in .38 S&W. Or maybe .41 Short Colt. Or even .44 Russian
  8. Those remind me of an SA only version of the 1877 Lightning. I kinda like 'em.
  9. I don't know why people think you can't shoot smokeless in the Magtechs with no modifications. I've been doing it for years with no problems.
  10. I'd love to have one with a 12" barrel, short as possible short stroke, really slick action, the lever loop shortened to a single finger sized circular ring, and a pistol grip. I'd call it my Henry Volcanic Pistol.
  11. I do shoot it a couple of times a year, and am thinking I'd like to do so more, cuz some of my guns are really cool in the caliber. Winchester 73 Winchester 92 Colt Lightning Colt SAA 1st Gen antique that letters as a .44-40. No idea when it was changed. Colt SAA 3rd Gen Pair of Colt Bisleys, one nickel, one blue. I figure if I have more guns to rotate through, I'll shoot the caliber more often,
  12. Nice info! Thank you everyone. It occurs to me that I should have mentioned that, other than a Ruger, I can't buy a new revolver in this caliber. I live in Massachusetts and the SAA, and it's copies, are not legal for sale here. They are deemed to be an unsafe design. For real Colts, I'm limited to 1st or 2nd Generation ones, which are C&R.
  13. I don't have one made by Henry Repeating Arms, just an Uberti, so I can only offer generic comments. Shooting one is not all that different from a 66 or a 73. If you've got the spacer stick, no need to hop, and then no difference at all. (Well, except maybe for where you hold your forehand.) Fun guns all around. Generically, I have read that HRA guns are well made, and for the price, their original Henry pretty much has to be! If you have a line on one, I'd say go for it,
  14. Okay, here's what I have been able to determine so far, limiting to SASS Legal guns... Revolvers made in .32-20 Colt SAA Colt Bisley Ruger Vaquero Ruger Blackhawk. Revolvers NOT made in .32-20 S&W Model 3 Remington 1875/1890 Colt New Frontier Uberti/Pieta replicas of anything. Revolver supposedly made in .32-20 Replica of Remington 1858 "converted" to this caliber. Taylors advertised it years ago. I've never seen one, nor do I know anyone who has, so it is conjectural. Rifles made in .32-20 Winchester 73 Winchester 92 Marlin 1888 Marlin 1894 Colt Lightning Rifles NOT made in .32-20 Colt Burgess Rifles that I just don't know about... Anybody else who made rifles back in the day. Any replicas currently made. Okay, I ask this because I like the cartridge, and I am considering expanding my collection of things in the caliber. So anyway, I thought I'd ask, is my information about who did and did not make things in the caliber correct? Also, are their any replicas on the market that I am unaware of? I've never been a Marlin guy, but that's the first place I am considering to go for expansion. For revolvers, at least SASS Legal ones, there doesn't seem to be anything beyond the Colt and Ruger. There is also the Marlin 27 pump, but since it's only got a 7 round magazine, I probably won't go that way. Any info anyone has would be appreciated.
  15. Just out of curiosity, has anyone any experience with the Uberti made 94's? How is the quality? How do they compare to a real Winchester?
  16. Maybe, that's not an answer. Can you enlighten those of us who are unaware of the distinction?
  17. Ah, I just thought of something! Uberti is making a clone of the 94. No safeties, no angle eject, just an honest replica of the gun as designed by John Browning. That would be the way to get a "new 94." I assume the out of the box quality is akin to their other Winchester replicas.
  18. Option 1: Pre 64 Winchester 94. Potentially expensive, but a reasonable price is still possible. Option 2: Pre 83 Winchester 94. Not as good as the pre 64s, but still good guns, and even more affordable. If you wanna be choosey, search for a "Sears Model 100 Ted Williams" one. They have more "traditional" sights than many of the "regular" 94's of this era. No hood or ramp on the front, just a blade. Option 3: There is no option 3, at least as far as a Winchester is concerned. I would not pay 10 cents for a post 83 94. Option 4: I have to put this as 4 because I have no experience. A Marlin. Many people will tell you they are fine guns, and they very well could be. I just don't know cuz I don't have one. (I shoot left handed) Some will tell you they are just as good, or better than my Options 1 and 2. That being said, if I was gonna go the Marlin route, I'd be going for a used one that's C&R eligible. (Made before 1956) No safeties, no rifling designed for jacketed bullets. But that's just me. Just my opinion.
  19. Speed this. Speed that. Speed the other thing. These side matches don't interest me. Come up with some creative side matches that use different guns, or regular guns in unusual ways.
  20. I am a member of PETA People Eating Tasty Animals.
  21. Closest I can come is one of these... Fun to shoot, a little "flippy" but not hard to control at all. Recoil is not excessive. And not SASS Legal for some unknown reason. (But it should be!) Got permission to pair it with these at one local club... Used 'em with my Lightning rifle. Shot the match clean.
  22. In the US, it's a fanny pack. In the UK, it's a bum bag. In the US, it's a truck. In the UK, it's a lorry. In the US, it's a mustache. In the UK, it's a moustache. In the US, it's a hood. In the UK, it's a bonnet. In the US, it's a windshield. In the UK, it's a windscreen. In the US, it's a trunk. In the UK, it's a boot. In the US, it's a French fry. In the UK, it's a chip. In the US, it's a chip. In the UK, it's a crisp. In the US, it's a rotary. In the UK, it's a roundabout. In the US, it's a dessert. In the UK, it's a pudding. In the US, it's a line. In the UK, it's a queue. In the US, it's aluminum . In the UK, it's aluminium. In the US, it's a buck. In the UK, it's a stag. Nothing more than that.
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