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  1. My 1888 vintage Winchester has a 30" bbl, and I love it. I am unusual in that I prefer long barrels on my shotguns. I also have a Terminator style one with an 18.5" bbl on it, and I did get a standard shoulderstock to supplement the pistol grip one it came with. But I prefer the longer tube. I wish the Chiappa's with long barrels had a fixed choke instead of screw ins. Maybe the ones from Cimarron will have that configuration...
  2. Since cap & ball revolvers are not "firearms" ship them as they were made. Since conversion cylinders are "parts" ship them separately as such. That being said, check with the shipper on the pistols.
  3. Mr. Johnson makes a valid point that had no occurred to me. Consider the following... 1. My father was trap shooter. I inherited literally thousands of AAs from him. 2. For CAS loads, I primarily shoot Magtech all brass, or AA's trimmed to 2-1/2" since some of my older cowboy shotguns have short chambers. 3. I do occasionally load some black powder shells. Those three items, and especially the first one, probably contribute greatly to my tendency to think of shotgun reloading as normal.
  4. Here is an interesting observation. While almost all of us reload our pistol and rifle ammo, relatively few of us reload our shotgun ammo. I base this on two observations. 1. At every shoot go to, almost no one keeps their empty shotshells to reload them. They wind up being discarded. I even have to tell the brass pickers that I want mine back, when I'm not shooting all brass ones. 2. Every time something other than 12 gauge comes up, people talk about how hard it is to find ammo in that gauge, something that is not as much of a problem if you roll your own. I would have figured that for something like 28 gauge, which I admit to having never even heard of until this thread, would be almost universally a handloading endeavor. Which brings up two questions.... 1. Why is shotgun reloading so uncommon in our game? 2. Does Magtech make all brass cases in this oddball gauges?
  5. Apparently, Winchester is introducing a new lever action .22 rifle in the $400 price range. https://www.winchesterguns.com/products/rifles/ranger/ranger.html It certainly *looks* a lot like the old 9422, but that designation is not used, nor is there any reference to that model on the website. It's got an aluminum frame. I assume it's as much a cost cutting measure as anything. I am not sure of what to think about it. I think it's great that they are coming out with such a gun, but the aluminum frame gives me pause. And I am no fan of the front sight, but I didn't "like" them on the old 9422 either, but learned to live with them. I hope it is a success. Would I buy one? Tough question. I've already got a a pair of 9422's, and an Uberti 66 .22, (and a Colt Lightning) so I don't know if I really have a use for one. I'd not out an out refuse one. I guess I'd have to hold one in my hands and get a feel for it.
  6. Side eject.... Safeties.... Sounds like the exact same features I don't like on the post 83 94's.
  7. Based on what people here, and a few others have said, I think I have two options... 1. Take a deep breath and get a post 83 Winchester with all the crappy features that I loathe. 2. Wait and hope that someone who makes a more faithful 94 replica will chamber it in .410 from the factory. I really have no desire to follow option 1, and option 2 is a long shot at best, but option 2 is the most logical way for me to go. And if that means I don't get one, well, at least I researched the possibility. Thank you to everyone who had some ideas and observations.
  8. That might be a viable solution, as I already load .444 shotshells for use in my ".410" Lee Enfield. But we are still left with the angle eject.
  9. I know the gun is/was also chambered for .444 Marlin. Might need a replacement magazine... Starting to sound like it's a lot more than a simple barrel swap. But, that's why you ask these questions. To see if the idea is even possible.
  10. We've all seen threads over the years about doing a barrel swap on a Winchester 94 from .30-30 to .38-55 and other calibers. But I have a question that I've never seen asked before, and I am wondering if anyone might have an idea on the topic. I know Winchester, or more accurately, whoever it is that makes guns FOR Winchester, marketed (and may still market for all I know) a Model 94 in .410. But, also as far as I know, all of them were (are) made in this, the post 83 angle eject era. While I would not do it with a pre-64, would it be possible to take a pre-83 Model 94 and screw on a .410 barrel, giving you top eject .410 94? Or would boring out the existing barrel to .410 be easier since for some reason a barrel swap would not be possible? Anyone have any insight into this question?
  11. I have no dog in this fight, but I'd not have any problem with 28 Gauge being allowed. I feel that bringing up .410, or .22RF (to say nothing of BB guns) is a specious argument.
  12. For 12, I load AA's and Megtech all brass. For 20, Magtech. For 16, eventually, 16. Yes, you CAN do smokeless in the Magtechs. Tooling up for the brass 20's was actually less of a hassle then getting everything I need to do plastic 20's.
  13. The only analogy I can offer is that I have had problems shooting .44 Special in .44 Magnum chambered 92's. The most common problem is a stovepipe of the next round coming out of the magazine. This problem does not seem to exist when I shoot Magnums in those rifles. I have come to the point where I no longer try to run the shorter cartridges in guns chambered for the longer ones. I don't even do it with the revolvers, even though there are no problems there. Well, no mechanical/functional problems. There is the issue of chamber crud if you run Specials in a Magnum revolver. This problem was solved by having pistols in both calibers, and not worrying about it. You can always download the Magnum to levels that are just as mild as the Special. I would assume that similar problems can occur in .38/.357.
  14. Thanks, Fretless. I'll remember this if it even happens again.
  15. If it comes back, try Trailboss. A double charge of even a minimum load will overflow the case.
  16. Cuz I didn't think of that. Can you even do that?
  17. In the above video, on that particular day, I had decided to shoot "old" guns. The Parker 20 gauge was made in 1921 The Colt Bisleys were made in 1901 and 1904, and the Colt Lightning was made in 1897. All are .32-20's I had a clean match going until that stage, and really wanted to save it. For someone like me, who can be timed with a sundial (As has been accused) shooting a clean match is always the number one goal. I was rather miffed at that one pesky round that would not go bang, which is why I really tried to save it. Oh well. If I recall correctly there was dimple in the primer. I don't know why it didn't go off. Later, between stages, I loaded it into the rifle and it did indeed go bang. Same primer as all the other rounds. Musta been unusually hard for reasons unknown. I will always remain a mystery. Anyway, I had FUN that day, and that's always the most important thing. And, 100 second plus stages are actually not something I worry about. I figure if I can do it in 45 seconds, I have done very well for me.
  18. As long as this... I had decided to give up, and at the same time, I was told to give up.
  19. Use the "formula" for Trail Boss. The case full of powder that just touches the base of the bullet is the max load. 70% of that is the minimum. Use a load somewhere in the middle. Will be very pleasant to shoot. (IF Trail Boss really does come back in the near future.) But I'd not fire a low number 03 with anything.
  20. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/.45_Black_Powder_Magnum
  21. My Iver Johnson is a later one that is good for smokeless, and it works just fine. Even won a pocket pistol side match with it. But I still shoot mild loads in it. There are other safe for smokeless top breaks, but the early IJs are not one of them.
  22. Well, if we're gonna go this way, I could just go with .38 Short Colt. No mods needed except getting it to work with the short cartridge.
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