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  1. are there any out there? I had one but a friend wanted it and was killed before he paid me for it.
  2. i think this one has the colt wood looking plastic grips or so it seems from the picture
  3. What is the value of a like new Colt Cobra .38 with Cobra marked leather holster? 2 inch barrel,
  4. i usually pop Orville's in sunflower oil and a pat of butter, but the other day my local grocery store had some other brand black kernels and they were more tasty but not very fluffy. Who makes the best popcorn for taste and fluffy?
  5. i have one posted for sale in the forum. some of the finish was rubbed off by the devious owner to make it look used but since there are no CAS matches within 2 hours from here i doubt it was used in a match
  6. Are you still shooting? Have you found a job? You sold me your 30 inch 1873 rifle and I am thinking of selling it and wanted to give you first right of refusal. It has been a good rifle, but I just miss my 24 inch rifle. It did break on the first match so a local smith repaired it with better springs. I would not take a profit from you. I'd offer to pay the shipping back, for the orig...

  7. I can't go that low plus another pard is in the middle of saying he will take the 1911 based on a reply I sent him. If he changes his mind I will let you know but 1500 is too low.

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