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  1. my thought as well Chlli. if its not legal why do it. along with that 3 hours a day 5 days a week is a lot of time away from the family and not studying. free labor for them does not constitute charity from me. if it was volunteering to help at a hospital or nursing home like a candy stripper or something once in a while to help people then that is fine, but to give a company free work just because they make it sound like it is good for you is just wrong. once you get past high school and get a job i doubt anyone cares about you working for free as a teenager at a dojo.
  2. this dojo is the only game in town. every 3 months they test for the next belt and each test cost an additional $50. the nearest town that might have a better program is at least 45 minutes away.
  3. also protects from sunburn and nose hairs filter out pollen and cigarette smoke so keep those too. cuts down on gun smoke getting in your lungs too
  4. I've been watching my daughter at some of her karate classes. I'm concerned they are not really teaching them anything but could be wrong. they have student trainers mostly adult women who help out but they too seem unable to perform some of the task. supposedly they are training her to get the yellow belt after white. so they have them stretch, then kick with the right foot 10 times, then the left foot 10 times then switch off then go to something else and do that 10 times. the student trainers will give my daughter points but they all kick weakly or barely hit the foam mats they hold on their arms. i don't see a lot of force from anyone. if they are trying to put their leg behind the opponent an trip them they usually fall fairly easily but when she fights her brother he gets away. when i grab her to test her i can tell what she is trying to do but she does not take me down. then after 45 minutes they go home and 2 nights later learn soothing else or possibly repeat something from an earlier class. i still see the student trainers being corrected by the main instructor. is that how karate classes go? sometimes i will ask my daughter if they told her when to use the various kicks etc she learned, she gets defensive and says yes so i asked when then, and get no answer. other than the purse snatcher defense i have not heard them say when to use what.
  5. daughter seems fine today, wife not so much but I'm used to it. pre chemo-=no problem, post chemo= its a roll of the dice the more i think about it the more I'm opposed to it. the more the lady at the dojo spoke of "job experience, and MAYBE if she does well we will take some or possibly all the tuition off" the more i thought of these shady jobs you get sometimes where sometime someday just never comes. the more we talked the more there were requirements they would throw up for her to get consideration. then while I'm on the phone with her my son comes to tell me my daughter just got lost in the woods. it seems while asking her about the test at karate that was the next day she kept giving me short clipped answers in a rude tone so i also said no test tomorrow if you can't answer better than that(she has he rude issue going a lot with everyone) so she ran out in the woods and got lost.
  6. talked the the dojo. said they want her to come help the little kids with homework and keep an eye on them for free, NOT tell the ATA, she has to complete 300 hours of training before getting her instructors belt, THEN after that 300 hours at the next contract renewal they will consider a break in tuition and MAYBE free tuition IF she meets their standards. i figure it will take 5 months to get the 300 hours in if they count every minute she is there so by then we would have renewed already so i figure at best 11 months before free tuition. i told them no. the wife is the mother as well.
  7. i will amend my statement that only a fool works for free as I will do that sometimes to help someone.
  8. badlands bob is right. you can take classes at some indoor ranges etc but you can get a permit with out them if you pay the money and get fingerprinted and wait a couple of months.
  9. tuesday my wife and just turned 13 year old daughter who started karate 2 months ago came home form karate all excited about a wonderful opportunity. daughter said she was glad i was in a good mood. she could tell i was in a good mood because i pretended to grab her to see if her karate was working when she walked in the kitchen. she could not get me to the ground, which told me she has not progressed that much yet. she won't be tested for her yellow belt until saturday and admits she is weak in parts of it. they tell me how the dojo came to her and said because she is a leader and mature instead of 45 minutes 2 nights a week and paying tuition they want her to come 3 hours earlier as soon as school is out 5 days a week and help them watch the 20-30 little kids that come there for after school and ONE day work up to training them and still pay her tuition for now, though after a while they may give her credits. I said how much will they pay you, but no one knew. tonight they came home and wait it is for free as it is illegal for one under 14 to get paid to work. i said, NO . for several reasons one is if she is too young to get paid she will not do it at all. now my wife whom you all know has troubles, says out loud for all to hear that "if you care anything about her you will let her" and " she will never forgive you for this" and how she wants a consequence . to me only a fool would work for free. told her to get a babysitting job which is the same thing and get paid for it
  10. i think the 100 range is more to his liking. give or take a little.
  11. a friend wants a couple of 35-40 year old 410 single or double shotguns to pass down to his grandchildren. he does not mind worn finish or wood as he is willing to make them pretty again. He's a farmer by trade so does not want to go broke buying them.
  12. are there any out there? I had one but a friend wanted it and was killed before he paid me for it.
  13. i think this one has the colt wood looking plastic grips or so it seems from the picture
  14. What is the value of a like new Colt Cobra .38 with Cobra marked leather holster? 2 inch barrel,
  15. i usually pop Orville's in sunflower oil and a pat of butter, but the other day my local grocery store had some other brand black kernels and they were more tasty but not very fluffy. Who makes the best popcorn for taste and fluffy?
  16. i have one posted for sale in the forum. some of the finish was rubbed off by the devious owner to make it look used but since there are no CAS matches within 2 hours from here i doubt it was used in a match
  17. Are you still shooting? Have you found a job? You sold me your 30 inch 1873 rifle and I am thinking of selling it and wanted to give you first right of refusal. It has been a good rifle, but I just miss my 24 inch rifle. It did break on the first match so a local smith repaired it with better springs. I would not take a profit from you. I'd offer to pay the shipping back, for the orig...

  18. I can't go that low plus another pard is in the middle of saying he will take the 1911 based on a reply I sent him. If he changes his mind I will let you know but 1500 is too low.

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