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  1. I need one more for spotting critters in the woods.
  2. I thought of a viewer until I saw a pulsar scope for 4500, but hoping for something cheaper in price
  3. I have a Flir that has a few years on it and it does ok, but not great. The other night my son and I were running deer out or our soybean crop and saw something in a tree and never could tell if it was an owl or a possum. I want something that has better definition of what I am seeing.
  4. Every election cycle, the party that is behind from the get go, puts a loser candidate out there that has ran before and reached their potential. That way the real candidate can make a speech at the convention and run the next 4 years and slide in 4 years down the road.
  5. I recall the Russian version of microwave ovens and how Russian consumers got cancer from the new microwave oven. I imagine the vaccine is similar
  6. The coach did better today keeping them spread out while inside
  7. Didn't Rock Hudson do it in a WW2 movie about North Africa? My only experience with mines was I was taught to lay det cord through a mine field and set it off , who was going to run through the mine field to lay the det cord was the question. I figure the various runners would be what actually cleared the way.
  8. I home schooled until my wife got cancer a few years back and couldn't handle it, then last 2 years I home schooled my oldest as she had some problems , one being the dr thought she has lupus. We still don't know if she does or not after several test. She is in the 11th and shelters in her room so we felt she needs to get out there before college or she may not make it. My 15 year old was nearly kicked out of a Christian school for joking and cutting up too much and the public school is horrible here, so we home schooled him a year and put him in a different Christian school and are using football to motivate him to work.
  9. I got with the coach today and offered to buy dry erase boards he can use in the gym for briefings where they can spread out or a covered outdoor area for weight lifting. I added based on the rules, with what he is doing now I'd have to quarantine 4 children and the team would have to quarantine. I added that before I learned the local health officials made those rules , I had offered to pay 1,000 extra tuition for each child to avoid wearing mask. In other words I was not a hysterical parent but approaching it from bad things happening to the school. He claims he will get with the headmaster tonight to get a solution. We will see. He added he might can move the weight equipment to the gym, where there is more room to spread out.
  10. I think mask are a waste but I also don't sit in small rooms with 15 other sweaty people . That part about being in a small room about the size of a managers office sitting at a small conference table really bothered me. One of the coaches tested positive over the summer and the team had to stay home 2 weeks. I'm not interested in that happening again. The other group were slightly more spread out in the weight room.
  11. I thought of proposing a solution to help. There are a lot of portable carport builders in town. Would a portable carport be satisfactory shelter from rain etc for weight equipment or would it rust? We have high humidity here. Most portable carports are around 1k. I'd be willing to cover the cost if it solves the problem. Is there a better solution or a better way to build strength that can be done outside?
  12. Evidently the coach didn't care and lied to me. My sons said they were told to wear a mask but no one did and nothing happened and when it started raining they went inside and went over plays bunched up and no mask. I ordinarily do not care if others wear a mask and often do not myself, but often when school restarts and kids get around each other after being apart, sickness starts up. Now we have a virus that children are not usually susceptible to, but the local health officials who dictate schools opening, have made it clear what will happen if one child gets sick and mask were not being worn. I personally want my 4 children to stay in the school, not at home and I don't feel like being told to quarantine. Obviously the coaches are not bothered by the rules. I mentioned to the coach to find something else to do than weiggt lifting since a sweaty mask would drown a kid. I'm trying to decide if I should let it go and hope for the best or run it up to the head master who is a by the book guy.
  13. Well, it worked for Davy Crockett when he was only 3, surely it would have worked for you.
  14. I usually do not mind being around folks without a mask , especially outside. I also figure that anytime you suddenly throw a few hundred people together there will be something to make some sick and since the virus is real, why push it, especially since the local health officials have stated what will happen if anyone without a mask was around someone who got sick. A private school goes out of business if they close. The public school put off starting by 2 weeks due to a spike from 400 cases to 600 in a couple of weeks.
  15. Since it really bothered me, I texted the coach . I would have called but Since it is the first day of school I thought texting might be better. Even though I hate the mask, I didn't like what I saw and told him so and suggested ways to increase strength without weight be done as lifting weights with a mask is probably like Chinese water torture once they sweat. He texted back mask are required indoors from now on. But he told me that 2 days ago too so we will see.
  16. If we fair well, it'll be by God's grace. My 16 year old works at shoneys and usually works the bar. Her job is to make sure customers put on gloves before getting food, but her mask and coworkers falls to their chin often and the cooks don't wear one. A worker got the virus but thus far no one else has. Those who wear the mask don't do it for long nor do it right. I was disappointed though that the football team has already broken their own stated rules and the first day of actual school is not until tomorrow.
  17. school starts tomorrow for my youngins. The local health authorities made it clear to the school and the school held meetings and sent videos to make it clear. Health officials said if mask are optional and 1 child in a class gets sick then everyone goes home for 2 weeks. If mask are required and 1 gets sick then only the sick child goes home for 2 weeks. Seeing that only 120 have got the virus this year in my county and 650 in the county where the school is i am not overly worried and wear a mask if the business requires it. I did, however, ask the football coach what he was doing. He said mask when in the weight room and social distancing. That was yesterday. Today I went to pick up my sons from practice. They were in the weight room. One was in a office at a conference table with the varsity team going over plays with several others. Maybe 6 inches apart. He had to crawl over some to leave for shotgun practice. The other one was crowded with the Jr team. No mask, no distancing.
  18. on the bear gun post I mentioned that the best way to deal with a bear was to stay home and that they don't attack you in the living room. Today I read an article how a black bear in Alaska followed 2 men home, went into the house, and fought the 2 men while the family ran and hid . It left through a window that it made bigger. Ooopps.
  19. Yes, there is a supply in town and I have some on hand for my Ruger American rifle .
  20. my local store has a new ruger single six revolver with a 6 inch or so barrel in 17 that has been dropped so it has a couple of scratches deep enough to show bare metal on one side under the barrel. They marked.it down to 469. Is the single six in 17 hmr a good set up?
  21. Very helpful. The governor is heavy enough that 45 long colt has little recoil already. 410 #6 shot on the other hand has some hefty recoil.
  22. American rifleman is on TV highlighting the Taurus judge and said it shoots long cokt and Schofield. I did an internet search and it shows that the smith and wesson governor shoots the Schofield as well. Is there any advantage of the Schofield over the long colt round?
  23. Wasn't that the issue in the book 1984, that 2+2=? Or whatever you were told it was?
  24. I've never seen a bear in my house. That's the best defense for bear. Stay where bears don't go. :-)
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