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  1. i watched the John Wayne Alamo movie again this week and the movie really paints him as an arrogant jerk for starters. in the movie Bowie wants to cut and run which in handset would make more sense that defending a short walled mission. the movie also paints bowie as indecisive and crocket as along for the ride. for years i enjoyed that movie., i don't know why i suddenly decided to evaluate it in detail
  2. i woke her up early today and asked her if she wanted to go hunting and with her eyes still closed she nodded yes vigorously. we went and got in the stand. I noticed she is getting more confident getting up there. her hands got cold so i got to hold them with one hand to keep them warm. she rested her head on my arm. still noticed no deer around. i started coughing so i pulled out a candy cane and split it with her and she got excited about that. after 25 minutes she wanted to go home. i told her my coughing scared them away . yesterday she cried it was her fault they had not come des
  3. I've taken her twice this year. my stand is only as far off the ground so that my hand can touch the seat when raised as with children i want them close to the ground. she is still timid of the height but will get up there. she likes to sit with me and watch. each time soon as we get settled she says, "i don't see any deer". i tell her to wait. she likes to pick leaves off nearby limbs and put them in front of hers or my face as camouflage she says. to get there we have to ride the 4 wheeler as she does not want to walk that far. after 30 minutes she is ready to go home and then cries
  4. watched Dr Strangelove again tonight. liked it for years. 1. do we still keep an airborne alert like we did back then? 2. do they rally keep survival kits with gold etc like in the movie? 3. did they rotate which base was on airborne alert and thus send all planes from one base to stop at failsafe all around russia or did several bases have separate sectors to approach russia from?
  5. being as i was born in Texas i can vouch that Texans have a habit of standing their ground even when faced with insurmountable odds. Discretion may be the better part of valor but Texans are not known for discretion, just the valor part.
  6. it worsened ours, time seems to be helping us. that and when she argues i just smile and tell her i love her.
  7. as you know my poor wife had cancer and chemo ruined a sweet lady. for a couple of years she gets angry real easily and a preachers wife cusses and calls me many cuss words . recently i noticed a change.. i am now upgraded to jerk face during the last argument a couple of weeks ago in lieu of cuss words. she still stays mad for a week at a time but this past week and a half she has had the longest period of contentment in a very long time. I am so thankful but know it won't last forever. never thought I'd be glad to be called jerk face.
  8. its for a Ford F 150. i live on top of a hill on a red clay dirt road so with street tires it is slick during heavy rains. i don't want mud tires as i do hit pavement most of the time. since i plan on keeping her i thought it would be worth the extra expense to get a really good tire instead of cheap ones like i usually get. i don't take her for long journeys much as we take the suburban since there are so many of us so a rough ride won't bother me as much
  9. i recently did my own comparison between a stock Colt 1911, a Kimber and Sig 1911 and a Wilson 1911 commander using cheap and also Wilson pinnacle ammo. all firearms were equally reliable but the colt was far less accurate than the Kimber or Sig or Wilson. The Kimber and Wilson were equal and the Sig was fairly close in accuracy. I sold the Colt and Sig Sauer 1911. I refuse to sell the Kimber ultra covert II and bought a Wilson. I have a Kimber covert II in 4 inch barrel that i never shot that i may part with only because the only reason i have it isa because i WW2 Colt that i bought had sa
  10. so now my wife sometimes calls me a jerk face(which is an improvement). is it because I'm powerful or just a jerk?
  11. anyone ever buy them? how are they? are they worth it? my 25k miled tires have had a couple of screws in them and i need a better tread anyway since i live on a dirt road and they are street tires.
  12. seems the Alamo paints Travis as a real royal jerk for lack of a better word in a public forum. does anyone know how he really was?
  13. heard on the late news as i set my radio alarm clock where a man killed someone so the DA wanted to subpoena his alexa but amazon resisted stating it does not record until its name is called.
  14. finished a 24x36 barn this summer. two 10x10 doors on each end. drive my john deere with cutter attached on one side, gator and 4 wheelers and zero turn on the other and 10 ft wide awning off to one side for most of the attachments. i have room on purpose for an upgrade to a cab tractor if i decide to. een with extra room. it is full.
  15. back 3 years ago we lived in the city near Atlanta and the gun club I was a member of was a 45 minute drive so i did not make the trip often. we moved down to south Georgia to the country and bought a few acres to learn to farm and shoot. just prior to the move i bought my then 4 year old a Henry youth 22. I just did not give it to him right away. during the summer to see if he was ready for it i brought it out and let him shoot it. He had always loved lever toy guns and John Wayne and loved my CAS rifle. He still liked it when i brought it out in the summer and even asked if he could h
  16. thanks to a fellow cowboy I found me a S & W 686 that i once had. I fired it today and it was the first time in 20 years that i had fired one and I had forgotten how much fun they are to shoot. just to function test it i grabbed some cowboy load 38 and with the light load it was just plain fun. got some 357 for Christmas so will take her out again soon. in some ways it was more fun than shooting a semi auto pistol
  17. I've only seen one western where the stage blew the bugle before coming in. forgot the name
  18. saw in a pawn shop today a S & W model 66 4 inch barrel the stainless finish had some minor scuff and scratches but otherwise in good condition and grips are like new. does not look like it was fired much. they wanted 799. i felt sure that was too high then he said 599. how much are they usually worth, no box etc?
  19. not only do women never forget but never remember correctly marshall mo hare but they also like to make sure you remember the incorrect version
  20. i was watching "the Big Country" and they focus on the wheel of the stage coach and you can see smoke coming from the center. how often did they have to stop and add more grease to the wheel?
  21. i guess the 3 months for a higher belt means that i was right in thinking they train for a test and not for actual karate? how long should it be between test?
  22. i stopped liking star wars when they said darth vader was the result of immaculate conception. to me that just was immoral to compare him to Jesus and plus in 6 Leah says she had images of her mom and Luke said he never knew her but in a future past episode their mom died at birth and both were afterwards sent separate ways so no way leah could have images and not luke.
  23. my thought as well Chlli. if its not legal why do it. along with that 3 hours a day 5 days a week is a lot of time away from the family and not studying. free labor for them does not constitute charity from me. if it was volunteering to help at a hospital or nursing home like a candy stripper or something once in a while to help people then that is fine, but to give a company free work just because they make it sound like it is good for you is just wrong. once you get past high school and get a job i doubt anyone cares about you working for free as a teenager at a dojo.
  24. this dojo is the only game in town. every 3 months they test for the next belt and each test cost an additional $50. the nearest town that might have a better program is at least 45 minutes away.
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