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  1. I saw that. Suddenly they realized crime is rampant and they are not peaceful hippies from Woodstock but thugs disrupting freedom and preying on the weak
  2. if you want to buy a used Beretta Tomcat in 22 with a NIB spare magazine I have one and can be talked out of it. I'd likely let it go for $255 shipped and insured.
  3. I really like the ruger lcp in 22. Glock makes a 22 that is great as well
  4. i live in the country. some days there is so much shooting from all of my neighbors that I think of Iraq. along with two neighbors having a shootout, some druggies had a gunfight a couple of years ago.
  5. Just found out that the drone flew inside another neighbors shop so he fired a fire extinguisher at it a couple of weeks ago. Glad my barn door was closed last night. A counter drone sounds good assuming I can catch it in the air.
  6. Garth, I thought that very thing. Getting a good drone and following it home and get pictures of them
  7. I'm at my barn near sunset and hear a motor sound and look up to see a drone higher than tree top level over my barn. My barn is 3/10 mile from my mailbox. This drone flies over and past the barn , turns and pauses and heads back the way it came. I texted my neighbor whose 10 acres is between me and the dirt road and he said it was not his. I never found the source but did hear from my daughter that the tenant at the end of my driveway has seen it and thought it was us. She told them no. I intend to see the laws regarding drones.
  8. The lawyer for George floyd said he is against removing statues because history is important lest it be repeated. If all statues are removed, then nothing in our history happened to any race and thus no one owes anyone an apology or reparations. There is no history of slavery for you to be mad at me about.
  9. What is really sad is even statues of President Grant who defeated the south and stopped the Klan from their terror against blacks and got the 15th amendment allowing blacks to vote was torn down. Supposedly because he inherited a slave. No one remembers that he worked with the slave and set him free instead of selling him even though he was broke at the time.
  10. After you posted this, I was reminded my neighbor whose father in law runs a gun store in town does.use it as a woods gun in a shoulder holster. He says he likes it. Then again, when his son in law shot his father in law he let the son in law come to his house. His father in law insults him a lot more since then.
  11. Taylors is where I ordered them from. Then I got an email they were being shipped from Italy. It is taking a while.
  12. Maybe I can talk myself out of it then. I have a Sig 1911-22 and love it but the 22mag holds 14 which seemed cool. I have a Sig 938 in 9mm that is basically a small 1911 in 9mm. I also have the Ruger convertible and rarely have ever put 22 mag in it.
  13. I ordered a wedge for my uberti 1860 army and decided since things are hard to get these days to order a spare. They are coming from Italy. Will the uberti wedge fit any other guns? I have a second generation colt 1860 , will it fit them? Will it fit the uberti 1851 navy as well?
  14. does anyone have experience with the xt22 in 22 mag? It holds 14 in the magazine, but the manual says it needs a 500 round break in period. Curious about accuracy and reliability.
  15. He did a try out for several teams last year and not only did they not pick him, they did pick some of the receivers he had with him instead. He was in Atlanta and even moved the place to do it at the last minute and wore a kunta kente t shirt . Just about every team had someone there.
  16. The majority of times a cop was charged for killing a black suspect , once society was distracted by another issue, a jury with blacks would review the evidence and find the cop acted legally. I'm hoping for the same result for the Atlanta officers.
  17. Totally agree. I had started watching again last year some and was willing to forgive them but now that they came out like they did the other day, I deleted the nfl channels from my channel list as well as the nascar channels.
  18. Am I wrong on my time line of events? I recall he only started kneeling after they benched him because he couldn't play worth a lick.
  19. That is why I stopped going on Facebook and stopped watching new shows like Hannity etc and only watching the local news for the weather and then back to the Flintstones or Adam 12 or Matlock.
  20. Like all poorly run countries, they want food and clothes. I wonder why they asked for large sized shirts and pants but no underwear or soap or dental care needs. Gatorade needs to run an add about how they are the preferred drink of anarchist since they keep asking for vegan food and Gatorade . I guess rioting takes a lot out of you.
  21. A few years ago my younger brother and his wife came over for Christmas. My kids got toy guns back then and were playing with them around my brother's son. His wife got upset and in a whiney voice complained my kids were pointing it at her son while playing army. She is from Maryland. One of those amazon sized women. She runs things in her house. My kids rolled their eyes at it all.
  22. since my sons want to join the school shotgun team we looked and tried different ones but my oldest kept asking for the hatfield. Since I could get the blued version for 326 I opted for it. The bronze colored one he preferred was 80 more, and only one place had it. Since it is his birthday today, I gave it to him today. He is 15. I had used my Cabelas points to buy a clay thrower and we tried it out today. The hatfield is accurate and matter of fact my 10 year old shot better with it than his brother. All 3 of us agree that it kicks like a 45.70 Trapdoor carbine. Since they both like the 45.70 they don't mind. It is stiff opening to load but seems to get slightly better after 50 rounds. Having said that, I am glad I didn't buy a real expensive shotgun as after I bought it, a coach at the school got the china virus and all school activities were stopped and the school disinfected again. That means no practice for the team. It may mean no team if other schools do not reopen.
  23. Is the 58 with 22 cylinder still available? My son loves cap and ball so I bet he'd like it. How accurate is the 22?
  24. We are not helping our standing abroad so long as riots and anarchy is present
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