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  1. dave, went and checked, mixed headstamp. Some as short as 1.260 to 1.270, trim to 1.285 the book says. Parson
  2. During this time of brass shortages the SASS net has become the best place to buy. Now the proverbial BUT. The last batch of 357s I purchased here, as I went thru them 1/3 of them were just perfect. 1/3 were long enough to need trimmed. Dont have a problem with that. 1/3 were trimmed WAY too short! Too long for 38s too short to safely use for mag loads. So, please just keep an eye out for the next pard. Still is the best bunch of Pards Nation wide!!! Parson John Tourmann
  3. Had 3. One Marlin 336, one Remington Mod 141, and a model 8 Remington. They all had one thing in common, my fake shoulder didnt like the recoil! Good luck in finding one! Parson
  4. This is really confusing! If the 1st post for 58$ is still available, I will take it. Will send a PM. Parson
  5. We have holsters to cover right handers, but none for left handers Got plenty of belts just no buckets! Need a left strong side and a left X draw to fit 5 1/2" or shorter. Dont need nothin fancy, just that will work. Thanks,Parson
  6. I need an uncut butt stock for a 94 Marlin checkered or not. If have one of those to sell! Parson
  7. have a pard that shoots an original 73. this brass can be used, BP stained what ever. No balloon heads tho. Thanks fer checkin. Oh, and no Rem either. Man am I pikky or what!!!! Parson
  8. I tore the shop apart lookin for BP used brass I thot I had. Couldnt find it!!!! Glad you got enough! Parson
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