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  1. Ya might also wanna get one of this aftermarket upgrade for your 550 : Dillon 550B/C Primer Track Bearing Plate W/Ball Bearing. It makes life way better with the 550, for me at least...search it on EBAY(not affiliated in any way with the manufacturer) DB
  2. Why can't this rule be applied in Wild Bunch also, for the long guns, for consistency ...wah, wah wah!!!!
  3. For what it's worth, I had a Springfield Trapdoor made in 1886 shipped straight to my house from an FFL dealer from Pennsylvania that sold it on his internet website. And I'm in " Kalifornia". I know it's not a handgun, but still a pre-1898 firearm..... DB
  4. I'll take #4. Please PM payment info and shipping cost. Thanks. DB
  5. Going on a limb here. If any has one for sale or can point me to someone or somewhere that has a stock for sale. Mine has cracks, glue repairs and leather bindings at the grip and can go out anytime. . . . Any help will be appreciated. Thanks, DB
  6. So, that leaves 179 left unclaimed, so I'll take em. PM sent. Thanks, DB
  7. Old and well used Tombstone Saddlery holsters for OMVs. This was my first rig 15+ years ago when I first started this addiction. I'm using the gunbelt for my Wild Bunch rig. These holsters have been in a closet for a few years. Note the cut on the trigger guard cradle on the left strongside holster-it was cut to expose the trigger guard so I can grab it safely with my left hand and make way to slide in my right shooting hand on the pistol (tip from a mentor as I shot two handed then). Just pay for postage, maybe $8-$10 thru Paypal preferred(they don't fit a small priority box unfortunately. If
  8. I shoot 357s. Somehow, our brass picker pards during shoots always manage to have some 38 special brass mixed in my brass. I have 282 pieces of 38 special mixed brass(some nickel) up for grabs. Range brass, tumbled and some are even deprimed. Just pay for the postage-$8 for a small flat rate box-USPS domestic priority mail. Discreet Paypal is preferred. Please post" I'll take it" in this thread and PM yer mailing address. Thanks Dakota
  9. yes sir it is still up fer grabs...
  10. Slightly used leather ammo slide for 45-70. Slid it over my shotgun belt when i shot big bore category(I shoot .357s normally). Just pay for shipping(I'd say $5 for registered 1st class or $8 for priority, Paypal (discreet please) preferred and don't forget to PM yer bunkhouse location. Dakota Brown
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