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  1. Just finished my little conversion last night , The wooden part is drop in so in can be disassembled and cart folded for transport.
  2. ....shooting Frontiersman so I can save a little on primers. Just happen to have a few percussion caps on hand DB
  3. Awesome, Always liked happy endings....in gun buying, that is DB
  4. Tom Selleck, Crossfire Trail, Last Stand at Saber River and Quigley...
  5. ....and then there's the RV or travel trailer!
  6. A friend of mine(an avid shooter of sporting clays. skeet and ducks), gave me a bag of gun club hulls and said they reload like STS'. So I loaded a few, It shucks out fine out of my TTN. Here's a pic of how it crimps out of my 600 jr that is set up for the STS. Shot doesn't fall out but there is that hole that feels "iffy". (An undersized BB will go thru) DB
  7. Get a tape measure and measure around the area where you'll wear the shotgun belt(a fist or two above your gunbelt). If it's under 45 inches, this belt will fit. I wear size 34 pants, to answer your question. DB
  8. I have a very "experienced" shotgun belt (12 ga) you can have if it fits ya. Just pay for shipping. It'll make a good starter belt. Let me know and welcome to your new addiction DB
  9. I agree, but getting dies and caliber conversion kits are a different story, either wait or flea bay at herendous prices Good luck to all....... DB
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