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  1. Approximately how many rounds through your 66? After 10 years my 66 started misfiring, naturally it started at Winter Range. A local gunfixer tried the new mainspring and firing pin with no luck. A pard suggested checking the headspace and gave me some old feelers to grind down. Sure enough about 0.015" excess. Ordered some new links that were long enough to take out that excess headspace. Works like a champ.
  2. Using them fillers is cereal murder. I prefer Buckshot's additive.
  3. I don't have any cowboy guns that use small pistol primers so can't comment on the Argie primers in them. I have discovered that in new fangled semi automatic pistols that the hammer fired pistols shoot them fine but I get some misfires with striker guns. I suspect that they are a mite harder than Winchester primers. They seem to seat the same as the Winchester and Federal I use.
  4. Enjoy your retirement pard. Learned a lot about the sport from you and thank you for the guns you got running right for me. CP
  5. Very sad to hear of his passing. A very nice person to talk to by email. Sorry we never met in person. CP
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