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  1. A bonus should be something like a ticket in a drawing, not a time deduction. We have done drawings for a future free monthly match. goes over well with veryone.
  2. In Vladosta we always shoot 6 and are usually done before 1:00. We had some out of town shooters who said they would not travel for less than 6 stages. In the hot months, we set up 3 bays and shoot the same targets twice, with different scenarios.
  3. Looks like the Evil Bob stage - glad he has put hay bales in front of the bottle targets - When I shot that stage several years ago the splatter back from those targets was really bad on the shooter - we also had to use 2 shotguns - you got away with only one! Really nice stage.
  4. I had a great time shooting with this club July 13 as my wife and I were traveling through Pennsylvania from a family reunion. A great bunch of cowboys and cowgirls who allowed this ole southern boy to shoot with them! We had a great time, even though sometimes they didn't understand my drawl ;-) Thanks, Dirt Slide and your crew for making us feel at home and the good fellowship we enjoyed with y'all.
  5. Had a great time at a great match. We Georgians can be proud of the State Championship put on by Fast Eddie, Krazy Kajun, Fast Eddie, Marauder and the rest of the crew. Posse #7 was as good a posses one would wish to shoot with.
  6. A few years ago we ordered club badges from Running Buffalo. I cannot find them on the web anymore. Does anyone know how to contact them and/or if they are still in business. Thanks
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