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  1. Trudeau had the gall to stand in an open forum and tell a wounded warrior, to his face, who lost his leg from stepping on a land mine in Afghanistan, that "You are asking for more than we can give." I had to stop watching that video as it was too hard on my blood pressure.
  2. It is kinda sorta. We still buy 8 ft 2x4s, 3 inch nails and our rural roads are gridded in miles. Some things are in pounds and some in kilograms. Tape measures are usually Imperial on the top and metric on the bottom. Seniors you can speak to them in Imperial, young people you have to speak metric. When my son was just a youngster, he asked me how long 3 inches were. I had to look it up in metric. because that was what he was taught in school. The only way I could tell what to wear outside with out translating to Fahrenheit was that if it was at 14 degrees Celsius and the sun was shining and there was no wind, I could ride my bike in a short sleeved shirt. Using that as the reference point I could tell whether I needed a coat or not when outside.
  3. OK, I took another look. At first glance I thought that was a foam cooler and couldn't figure out what would make those marks on a foam cooler. Now I see that it is a full size freezer and of course those are hockey puck marks. Hey, I'm old. I can remember my Dad coming home from WWll.
  4. I'm a Canadian, and I don't know what made those marks. Do I have to turn in my citizenship?
  5. Normal people don't. It's the WOKE side of the house that vote for him, along with all the women out there that still consider him to be in the rock star category.
  6. Real guards that wear the bearskin hat do not wear the chin strap under their chin. It runs between the chin and lower lip.
  7. Sorry CLK, I have last place clinched. If I shoot a stage under a minute, the rest of the posse applauds and yells things like, "Good going Buffalo Creek, you da man."
  8. Old is having been there, done that, can't remember.
  9. Legal law abiding gun owners do. The Woke crowd, not so much, their goal is to erase history.
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