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  1. Just as an aside: Col Sam Sturgis' son, 2Lt James Sturgis served with the 7th and was at Little Big Horn with Custer. 2Lt Sturgis was second in command of E Company under First Lt Algernon Smith. Both Smith and Sturgis were KIA. Sturgis' body was never found but, they did find his bloodied underwear in the village after the battle.
  2. Just a touch of clarification. At the end of the war he was reduced down to Captain and when they formed the 7th Cavalry, through influence with Sheridan and Sherman he was promoted to Lt Col under Col Sturgis. Sturgis was the CO of the 7th but was seconded to other duties, leaving Custer in command of the 7th until Little Big Horn fiasco. Sturgis returned to command the 7th after Custer was killed.
  3. Back in 2012 my wife and I took the American Queen from Memphis to New Orleans it was a 7 day cruise.
  4. I hadn't been at a McDonald's since God knows when. About two weeks ago I went through their drive through and ordered a #2, cheeseburger, fries and a diet coke. I actually thought I was eating cardboard with cheese on it. Never again.
  5. At least when the Canadian Snowbirds invade Florida and Arizona every winter, they bring U.S dollars with them.
  6. In 1976, the short answer is that he would just have to bring out his money, and it would be his.
  7. My Dad was in the RCAF and was one of the ones that loaded the bombs on the bombers and made sure the machine guns were loaded up. At that time the trade was called Armourer, today it is called Weapons Tech Air.
  8. I remember him in the made for TV two parter, Son of the Morning Star. He played Gen Philip Sheridan.
  9. Up here rural mailbox vertical support stands have to be well off the side of the road with the mailbox on a horizontal extender. This is so that the snowplow blade can go under the mailbox without taking it out.
  10. Did you receive my PM Forty? Did you receive my message Forty?
  11. Fortunately, the cash register tells them what the change will once they punch in the amount of dollars the customer gave them. Otherwise, you will see calculators come out or stand there wondering what to do next.
  12. For western Canadians, Arizona is the choice. Phoenix in particular.
  13. Need to get the pneumonia shot, it's good for life. It's free for seniors in Canada. How many people do you know or heard of that went to the hospital for something else but, died of pneumonia instead. Take care of yourself.
  14. Tomorrow the U.S. land borders open up. They said on the news that the nearby border towns and campgrounds on the Canadian side are filled up with the Canadian Snowbirds waiting for the 3:00 am opening. So instead of the Snowbirds filtering down to Florida and Arizona over a period of time, they will now be hit with a single wave similar to the Oklahoma Land Rush. Hang onto your hats.
  15. February 2, 2022 will be known as Two's Day. 22/2/2 or, if you prefer 2/2/22
  16. Revenue Canada has given up on me. I had an arrest warrant issued about 3 years ago and they haven't caught up to me yet. Now I'm advised that Canada Border Services have issued an arrest warrant for me, for having a parcel addressed to me from the U.S. that contained illegal items. I remember a couple of years ago I received a call From a Sgt Bill Johnson of the Calgary Police Force as Revenue Canada had turned the case over to them and, an arrest warrant was issued in my name. A couple of red flags popped up. Calgary police haven't used the term "police force" in their name for years. They use "police service" and, Bill Johnson had a strong East Indian accent. I'm still on the run.
  17. My grandmother said she remembered reading a newspaper article at the time, on the Dalton gang bank raid at Coffeyville, KS
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