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  1. Hey Joe Joe, I'll check when I get home, any specific style?
  2. Barry, I guess I'm just looking down the road at where this category ends up. I have shot Frontiersman almost exclusively since 2003 so I'm very loyal and dedicated to the cause here. The problem I see is that the cap shortage is very real. For component manufacturers caps are a niche market at best. I have no inside information on this but it is logical that the market for percussion caps production is not a priority for these companies so our wait may be long and they may never come back. Thats it. It just seems that maybe we should be looking for an alternative. Best regards, Chili
  3. Sure, But I'd really like to hear why you say that. Could you please explain why or how this is going to change the integrity of the category?
  4. I was following a thread on here about the legalization of 209 primers for pistols in Frontiersman, I disagree completely that by using 209s your basically turning a cap gun into a cartridge revolver. With tuned percussion pistols you don't have any more FTF than a cartridge gun. In the last 8 years I've maybe had 4 or 5 in a 100 plus matches. The problem isn't the caps, its people are lackadaisical about their setup. Every competitive frontiersman spend hours making sure their pistols work consistently, Its the most important part of the category and if you don't do it correctly, well, you get what you get. In my mind I am not sure how 209s are going to dramatically tilt the frontiersman world off its axis. They are harder to set off than Pistol primers and they are too hot for our intended use. do they work, sure, are they ultra competitive, I don't think so. Next, I question the availability of good caps in the future. Is Remington going to make caps in any quantity going forward, who knows, its been years since they have been available at any reasonable cost, CCIs tend to be hit or miss on quality and RWS don't fit well on most nipples. So, what's the future look like for Frontiersman and Plainsman? This 209 conversion should be able to be modified for other pistols other than ROAs, There may need to be some rule changes required for this to happen but why wouldn't it be worth it to save an original category? I also think that it is short sighted to limit it to just 209 shotgun primers, It should be all primers, Just because a product already exists for 209s maybe there is a better alternative if someone would make one that worked with regular pistol primers. Just some thoughts from someone who actually shoots the category and has a little bit of experience in doing so. Best regards Chili
  5. Doc, Based on your Sass Number we started around the same time, For me August of 96, A lot has changes since then as far as the the shooting part of our sport over the years but the most important part for me remains the same, Its the People. We've gone from shooting small targets further out to up close and personal, stage times have gone from 40 and 50 seconds to mid teens but the people haven't changed all that much. I tell people who are interested in our sport that you can go to a monthly match and you shoot 5 stages for a total of 75 to 150 seconds of actual shooting time. Your at the match for 5 or 6 hours, you better like something else other than just the shooting. IMO Action jobs and short strokes have had an effect on our sport but its minimal. Real competitors are practicing more than we did back in the day, they work hard at getting that fast and while slick guns help, there is no gun modification that is going to make a shooter go from 25 seconds to 15 seconds, not going to happen. I miss the fun and silly things we used to do on stages but I don't see that ever coming back, The game has changes, people have gotten older and not comfortable with what we used to do. But you know what, I have all the memories and some of the friends from back then and I wouldn't change that for the world. Best regards, Chili
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