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  1. Disclaimer first. It’s 0630 and the only copy of the rules available to me right now for copy and paste is Version 21.8, 2016. I don’t remember any major changes so this should do for the current discussion. Plainsman “Must use a SASS–legal single-shot rifle firing a traditional blackpowder rifle or revolver caliber cartridge (e.g., not a .30-30). The rifle may have spring actuated ejectors if they are standard for that rifle. .38 Special is legal Must use a side by side or single shot shotgun.” BASIC RULES FOR THE LONG RANGE COMPETITIONS “Buffalo Single Shot competition has further restrictions requiring original or replica rifles to be a design of US manufacture. Spring-loaded ejectors are also prohibited, except for Springfield Trapdoor Rifles.” Back when I set up and ran a Plainsman Match, these are the 2 sections I used to determine Traditional and Modern and why the Trapdoor is in Traditional class. In short, I would say that if your trying to do target practice on your TO when you opened your rifles action, you were Modern. If your worried about stepping on your brass when moving to a different position, you were Traditional. In some circles, folks also wanted Ruger Old Armies put in the Modern category, but that is a discussion for a later time. “―Rifle Caliber‖ competition rifles must use traditional, period, rimmed cartridges. No cartridge chambered for use in any SASS approved main match revolver or rifle may be used in the ―Rifle Caliber‖ competition, except the .56-50. Thus, .30-30 (.30 WCF), .38-55 Marlin & Ballard, .43 Spanish, or .45-70 Government cartridges are legal, while a .375 Winchester, .444 Marlin, .32-20, or .44-40 are not legal. Shotguns using slugs are not allowed.” The above rules actual makes my Burnside illegal, case is not a rimmed case(but I could argue the gas seal on the case is a rim, just not in a modern way, but I digress). It would also rule out the Gallagher, Smith, Sharps(percussion), and others. Odd since we portray 1860 to 1899 and this rule outlaws the very first cartridge based firearms. I would love to see a “Civil War” category where these first cartridge guns could come out and play. Though somewhat slower, they would not disrupt the flow to be a hindrance.
  2. Well Dave, I happen to know someone() who might be able to help you out with that.
  3. Well, it’s not expressly forbidden but... As it has been said, a dropped loaded cylinder is considered a loaded firearm. Believe it or not, that ruling is less than 10 years old. SASS has been going on for how long?? The person who caused this ruling() had been shooting C&B’s for many years prior and is not a novice with handling them. When it happened, the reasons are not important anymore (just that Murphy was in full force), it caused a big stir with as many folks agreeing to the ruling as there was folks saying it was wrong. There is a 4+(that’s when I stopped looking) pages on the wire about it. That was a while ago and a lot of water had gone under that bridge. The club where it happened, still call it the “Bob Rule”. At the time it happened, the Match Director made his call. I agreed and accepted his call. Next shooter.
  4. I know when I retired(2006 with over 24 years), I was informed I was on the hook for 10 more years if needed, which was highly unlikely. Now if the reason for the recall was for a crime commented while in uniform, then that may be a possibility, but I would have thought the statue of limitations would be a factor.
  5. YEA HAW!!!! Another Plainsman Shooter!!!!
  6. I've always kept my firearms in the vehicle. Have never been asked and I won't lie to them if I was. It's just that I won't give them any addition information they don't need to know about.
  7. Does being mounted on 2X4's, then C-Clamped to my workmate count?? Both my Lee Turret and Shotgun presses are mounted this way.
  8. That was always the joke when I had to run a engines on fighters after a lot of maintenance was done. "If it catches fire, remember!! Forms first, then fire extinguisher! If asked why forms were used, just answer that it was the closest thing available and you were just trying to beat the flames down!!"
  9. Same here. Just not too sure if I'm going to C&B or cartridge the pistols. I'm going to start loading cartridges this weekend and see how they do. Rifle choice will depend on the outcome. If I end up C&B, then the rifle will most likely be my 1860 Henry. Shotgun will be hammered. What are you thinking about using?
  10. Let me re-phrase this. No we don't reload EVERY week, but when we do, we average 350-700 rounds a week. Boy, folks really are getting cabin fever!!
  11. I have an old Lee Turret press as well, but we, Limey and I, still use a hand primer to seat primers. Slow, but you will know/feel if a primer isn't seating well long before you get the feedback through the handle. Limey and I share the loading process when we load 38's, which is what she shoots. She'll clean, size and deprime and place in plastic bags or shotgun boxes. I'll bell the mouth and place them in loading boxes. She then primes them and gives them back to me. I'll load powder and seat the bullet. She'll then crimp them. Slow, but we stay ahead of shooting match requirements and we get to do them as we can. Normally, we'll load anywhere between 350-700 rounds a week. If the weather is really nasty, we'll get a lot more done. Oh yea, we usually use Federals. Winchesters are our next go to primer, then whatever we can get our hands on. Another suggestion is to have several recipes with different powders too, just in case things go crazy and powder gets hard to come by again.
  12. Could always think about Northeast Texas. Specifically, Hopkins County / Sulphur Springs area. You are less than 1 1/2 hours from Texas Ten Horns(1st weekend of the month) in Leanard, Barlands Bar 3(3rd weekend) near Clarksville. Just shy of 2 hours is Texas Toublemakers(1st Saturday) near Brownsburo. A few others in the area with little more driving. Cost of living is relatively low. Mild-ish winters, but some what hot summers. Very few Tornadoes in the area too(helps to be just outside Tornado Alley).
  13. Congratulations and Congratulations!!!
  14. My dad worked as a carpenter on FT Eutis in Virginia. He always knew when hunting season opened on base by watching the deer on base. No shooting was allowed within a certain distance from base housing. All through the year, he wouldn't see a single deer, but one day, the area around base housing was loaded with them. That day always turned out to be the opening day of hunting season.
  15. Rifle will need to be a single shot type. Mostly used are the H&R single shots. Trapdoors and Rolling Blocks are also used. Other calibers used often are the 45-70 and 38-55. I use an original Burnside or a repro Maynard, their both cap carbines. Yeah it's real slow, but loads of style points and a real hoot to shoot.
  16. You can count me in!!! I'll lose out shooting Wild Bunch but oh well. It'll be another chance for the Burnside or Maynard to come out and play.
  17. If Plainsman is offered, I'll be shooting it!!! I'll let T-Bone and Ellie know!!!
  18. Try changing the lowly battery in a Chevy HHR and forgetting the back hatch opens via seleinoid, only to remember this fact when you just removed said battery and closed the hatch to keep the weather out while you go get it's replacement. Another great idea from the same engineering team of Chevrolet is the air filter. No, it's not via a wing nut or latch to open a cover. You remove the entire air filter assemble, turn it upside down, remove 7 screws to remove it's cover.
  19. Caesar - Doberman Pincher - His owners were moving over seas and didn't think it fair the amount of quarantine he would have to endure so asked us if we wanted him. We jumped at the chance. He lived with us for around 3-4 years and passed aged 11 years. Roxey - German Shepard/Lab mix - Her owner was moving and their new place would allow pets. A friend of a friend took her because she was too good to be just dropped off at the pound. We had just lost Caesar when thar friend brought her around to where Limey worked. He told her to go to her with out letting her know who was Limey. She went straight to her and that is where she stayed. She lived with us for around 5-6 years. She was 13 when she passed. Kodi - Anatolian(sp?) - we picked him up from Red River Rescue and to date is the only dog we have paid for as well as our first puppy. He is 10 years old and is still going strong even though he is blind in one eye, been bitten by a snake twice and is eaten up with arthritis in his hips. We didn't know anything about the bred and he has taught us a lot. Emma - German Shepard/Timberwolf mix - Her owner wanted another dog and got her as a puppy. We saw her on the day she was picked up and joked with the owner that if they changed their minds, we would take her. The next day we were asked if we were serious. They really wanted a dog and not a puppy. We knew what they paid for her and told them yes we wanted her, but there was no way we could afford what they paid. We were told not to worry, they were giving her to us. So here we were with our second puppy. 6 years later, she is a firm fixture in our house. Thor - Mutt - I came upon him while driving home. He was walking down the middle of the road. I wasn't sure who owned him. As we were taking him to the vets, we saw where he came from and pulled in their driveway. They had just come back from vacation and was told by their friend who was taking care of the puppies while they were away, about one puppy that was missing for about 3 days. There was a pack of coyotes around and thought they got him. We asked if they wanted him back in which they did if we didn't want him. Yeah, they didn't get him. He's 5 now and is the most affectionate dog we have ever had.
  20. Dogs in the house, Limey and I wouldn't have it any other way. We had the sheriff pull up in the yard one day. Didn't think much of it, we just thought he was turning around. After about 5 minutes of the dogs barking at the window, we noticed that the sheriff was still there. We walked out to him. He rolled down the window and let us know about some recent local burglarys, but again glanced back at the window and said we didn't have anything to worry about and left. He wouldn't get out of his car because of the dogs!!! Our current zoo has a 90 lbs Anatolian(sp?), a 120 lbs German Shepard/Timberwolf, and a 95 lbs mutt. We never wanted them in the bed and up until our lastest dog, they never did. Thor, mutt/hienz 57 mix, has worked his way on the bed. After we let him out of the crate during the night, he would work his way on. He was small and light and we wouldn't know he was on the bed unless we rolled over and kicked him. In the end, he won and sleeps at the foot of the bed playing chaperone between us. All 95 pounds worth.
  21. New un-tested loads, bullet weight, powder name and charge weight. They will remain boxed until tested. If the load works, then I will use it until I have to change powders. I now have about 4-5 different loads for 38's in case we have powder issues later in the future. Tested and proven loads are recorded in my diary/load book and bulk loaded rounds go in a box. My book entries include date, caliber, bullet weight, powder, RCBS rotor size and number of rotations, primer make, powder charge and number of rounds loaded. The box is never so full that it doesn't get any "old" ammo. I keep 18 bags filled in my shooting box which I rotate as I use them.
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