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  1. I seem to remember seeing an approved cylinder modification for the 58 Remington, of opening the area around the nipple. I've tried looking on here again as well as the handbook, but cannot find it. So, was I just dreaming, or does it exist?
  2. I never had an issue using them. On stock nipples, I had to squeeze a little to get them to stay on. Never had a fail to fire. On my 58's and ROA with Slix nipples, had no issues at all and I didn't have to squeeze them to fit, again your mileage may vary. Only reason I stopped using them were for the reason you mentioned, price.
  3. Wish I knew about the 87. I have a hammered double I'm sure we could have worked out a deal! Silly question, do you know an ejector is legal on a single shot shotgun? I have one you can borrow if you want to use it.
  4. Hoss, I've been using the rule in the "Basic rules for the long range competitions" section, under the Buffalo Single Shot which states ejectors are prohibited, "EXCEPT FOR SPRINGFIELD TRAPDOOR RIFLES".
  5. Staying in one bay is very limiting and will all depend on target positions. Work from there. All the normal, cowboy main match shooting scenarios work well. The trick is adjusting for the single shot rifle. I've used pistol main match targets as well as rifle main match targets for the pistols. Unless your targets are small, most folks have little problems hitting the rifle main match targets. Of course, set up the rifle targets your going to use for Plainsman further out. Try to have the number of these targets match the number of targets for main match(ie, 5 main match pistol/rifle
  6. I'm using what came on my Ruger Old Armies. They appear to be Slix nipples. One set was rough to cap, but noticed the tips were mushroomed slightly. Chucked in a drill and lightly filed them. Haven't had an issue since. I haven't seen anything near what your seeing in prices. The last couple times I bought some(earlier this month), they were still under $6.00 each(Good Sam's discount price. Normal, under $7.00) at Gander Outdoor. Before I forget, I'm using Remington #11 caps, and have not had any issues/misfires.
  7. I've used them exclusively from around 1986 to just last year. They were always reliable. Some consider them hotter than both CCI or Remington. Unfortunately, I stopped using them because I could get a 1k of caps for about half the price of RWS.
  8. "Need to meet a 'smoke factor' (in other words, we gotta see smoke)" what Singing Sue said. In short, if the spotters aren't coughing, choking, sneezing, or just plain complaining when your done shooting, then you need more smoke!!
  9. Hey Possum, Gander Outdoor near me has never had an issue with having any except last month. I'm hoping it had more to do with Christmas holidays/ hunting season than having any real issue with supply. I'll find out here in a couple weeks when I go down with Limey for her CT scan/Chemo treatment. They've had Remington #11 and Winchester Magnum. Send me a PM with a number I can text you at if they have any. Clueless
  10. This is what I use. To me, it's far easier to use, more accurate, and, again, to me, safer. Your not taking a handful of loose powder in a container that can turn into a hand grenade.(by the way, that's my thoughts on the flask) I fill the tubes while sitting at home at my leisure using nothing but the Lee dippers. I only have in my hands what I need to fill that pistol. I take out more when I start my next pistol. Oh yeah, tubes similar to these are available on Amazon. They also last. These tubes are over 10 years old.
  11. By far, the "Easiest" to clean, Marlin. One bolt, lever comes out, bolt slides to the rear. Start cleaning. I'm using a rounded 1.0cc scoop of 3F black below a 135gr bullet. If there was a way to remove the lifter in my 73 without taking it completely apart, I wouldn't have to clean the parts under the side plates. They stay that clean. The lifter is another story but blow by has never been so bad that it affected operation during a match.
  12. YEA HAW!!!! Another Plainsman Shooter!!!!
  13. I've always kept my firearms in the vehicle. Have never been asked and I won't lie to them if I was. It's just that I won't give them any addition information they don't need to know about.
  14. Does being mounted on 2X4's, then C-Clamped to my workmate count?? Both my Lee Turret and Shotgun presses are mounted this way.
  15. That was always the joke when I had to run a engines on fighters after a lot of maintenance was done. "If it catches fire, remember!! Forms first, then fire extinguisher! If asked why forms were used, just answer that it was the closest thing available and you were just trying to beat the flames down!!"
  16. Same here. Just not too sure if I'm going to C&B or cartridge the pistols. I'm going to start loading cartridges this weekend and see how they do. Rifle choice will depend on the outcome. If I end up C&B, then the rifle will most likely be my 1860 Henry. Shotgun will be hammered. What are you thinking about using?
  17. Let me re-phrase this. No we don't reload EVERY week, but when we do, we average 350-700 rounds a week. Boy, folks really are getting cabin fever!!
  18. I have an old Lee Turret press as well, but we, Limey and I, still use a hand primer to seat primers. Slow, but you will know/feel if a primer isn't seating well long before you get the feedback through the handle. Limey and I share the loading process when we load 38's, which is what she shoots. She'll clean, size and deprime and place in plastic bags or shotgun boxes. I'll bell the mouth and place them in loading boxes. She then primes them and gives them back to me. I'll load powder and seat the bullet. She'll then crimp them. Slow, but we stay ahead of shooting match requirement
  19. Could always think about Northeast Texas. Specifically, Hopkins County / Sulphur Springs area. You are less than 1 1/2 hours from Texas Ten Horns(1st weekend of the month) in Leanard, Barlands Bar 3(3rd weekend) near Clarksville. Just shy of 2 hours is Texas Toublemakers(1st Saturday) near Brownsburo. A few others in the area with little more driving. Cost of living is relatively low. Mild-ish winters, but some what hot summers. Very few Tornadoes in the area too(helps to be just outside Tornado Alley).
  20. Congratulations and Congratulations!!!
  21. My dad worked as a carpenter on FT Eutis in Virginia. He always knew when hunting season opened on base by watching the deer on base. No shooting was allowed within a certain distance from base housing. All through the year, he wouldn't see a single deer, but one day, the area around base housing was loaded with them. That day always turned out to be the opening day of hunting season.
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