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  1. if they are for a 7 1/2" barrel ruger Vaquero


    how much

    1. Mack Hacker, #60477

      Mack Hacker, #60477

      Just send me an address and I'll get them off to you sometime this week


    2. Cobra Kid

      Cobra Kid



      12141 7th st


      Houston,Tx 77072


      thank you pard

  2. Hey, Kid. I have two in the closet that I have had for about 5 years. IIRC I made a similar post back then and you sent me these. You want 'em back?
  3. Could I see a picture of the forend from the bottom, please?
  4. My new pet peeve is all the pistol caliber rifles carried by cowboys with bandolier full of rounds that would never cycle through the action. Worst of all is War Wagon
  5. Yea Haw!!! l just got my refund for cancelling due to surgery. Now I can send it back to them
  6. Just today, I saw the two styles advertised as full and 3/4 design
  7. I believe the SASS r/p targets are 12x16, plate racks are all 9”(except the one at 100yds which has 3 in the center that are 6”), and the tombstone racks step down from 6” to 2” in one inch increments
  8. Standard size SASS (9) targets, 4 plate racks, 2 22Lr tombstone racks, 2x3 200 yd long range and miscellaneous novelty targets Clay thrower and 3 shotgun kds
  9. Got to start paying more attention to the classifieds
  10. No Penalty should not be based on an assumption. What is it if you “think it is a hit”?
  11. I only have the store number and they are closed today

    1. Yusta B.
    2. Mack Hacker, #60477

      Mack Hacker, #60477

      Thanks but Goody beat you to it.


    3. Yusta B.

      Yusta B.

      I saw that - he beats me shooting too !!  :D

  12. Mack, I have Serial number M237.  If you are interested pm me a cell phone number or email and I will send pics.

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Mack Hacker, #60477

      Mack Hacker, #60477

      No , I did not receive them   


    3. Buckshot Magoo

      Buckshot Magoo

      Mack, hi I sent the pictures over last night.  I just wanted to make sure you got them.


      ok, my cell phone number is 484-685-8997 how about you text me and I will reply right away maybe the number was wrong?

    4. Mack Hacker, #60477
  13. Mack do you still want to sell the camper

    1. Mack Hacker, #60477

      Mack Hacker, #60477

      Yes.  I would love to sell it, but am. very concerned about finding the right buyer.  The coach is priced very low,  but like most things that are below market, there are reasons. I believe it is a great buy for someone that is able to take care of the issues it has or willing to pay someone to do so.  


      The reason I concerned about this is that I am currently involved in helping my daughter sell her house. She now has a buyer who really loves the house and thinks she is getting a great deal. I agree that she is, but really don't believe it is a great deal for a young single mother with three kids.  The house is 100 yrs old and I just don't think the house and the buyer are a match.


      i just want to make sure that the motor home and the buyer would be a fit where everybody is happy.  I would be glad to discuss further with you or the buyer at 254 784 0282

  14. Some interest in the Ruger Amt potential trafe interests?
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