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  1. This one of the original style knives made by Ken Richardson. He began making a few knifes in 1975. They were marked 75 and this one is marked 76. It is signed by Ken and has Dillard, Mo. as his home. It also has the original sheath. he originally used rivets and later changed to lacing. The blade is 5 1/4" long and over all length is 10 1/4". I am asking $130 shipped.
  2. #2 scope model K1 sold pending funds to Flattop "Lucky" Leslie
  3. This is an INFORCE mounted weapon light. It has been gently used. $95 delivered.
  4. This SOG was made in SEKI Japan. It has a 7" blade and is 12 1/4" over all. The scuffs on the blade are from the sheath. It still has the factory edge. $110 delivered
  5. I have 2 older scopes for sale. 1) Vintage Weaver V 4.5 made in USA. It is 1.5--4.5. The only problem is the lens tightening cap has been been partly broke off. The scope is still tight and clear. (it is not the wide view) $65 delivered 2) Vintage Weaver K 1 El Paso, Tx USA. The scope is tight and clear. $45 delivered The 1st 2 pictures are the V 4.5. The last 2 pics are the K 1.
  6. Please send me pictures of the holster. You can email or text them to me at 314-775-1719.

    1. Springfield Slim SASS #24733

      Springfield Slim SASS #24733

      I can make you a  GP-100 holster if you don't find any good used ones. You can see my work at www.whyteleatherworks.com   thanks, Springfield Slim

    2. joachim slim

      joachim slim

      I found one locally. I will keep you in mind if I need a holster in the future. Thanks

    3. Springfield Slim SASS #24733
  7. This gun is not a safe queen or for display. It is for useing and enjoying. This is an unconverted 3 screw made in 1966. It has been carried and fired. The rifling is great but the bluing is faded and worn in some spots. There is some very, very light pitting on one side of the cylinder from being left in a holster. $325 plus actual shipping and insurance. I will ship from my FFL to your FFL in a flat flat rate box. I will not ship to California. These are the best pictures I can get. I am shakey from being ill and have a cheap camera. Hope they work for you
  8. I lost my Knight 50cal in a fire several years ago. Anyone here have one they don't use or want anymore that they are thinking of selling?
  9. Hi. I have a like new Triple K flap holster for a 7 1/2" barrel. I have it listed in the classifieds for $33 delivered.

  10. Hi. Yes I do. I just been waiting to hear from you. Send me your address.

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