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  1. Have been watching the answers, thanks all. Well, my wife put the kibosh on the olive oil. Thinks it will stink when summer arrives. Am going to go both of the other ways. Am going to use Neatsfoot oil on my gun belt and holsters and try the Lexol on the Shotgun shell belt. As noted by OLG above I do live in the desert and anything dries up over time. Fiteen per cent humidity is great for keeping your guns from rusting in the safe, but everything else dries out. Caught this before anything cracked. Will keep a close eye on it. Again thanks for your answers. WR
  2. I have been shooting a long while. Purchased quality leather when I started. However over the years it has become dried out, and looks it. What is the best way to get some moisture and color back into it without making it stiff or shrinking it?
  3. You guys (and girls) that are still shooting before your eyes are fully recovered are doing it to yourselves. You wear ear protection to prevent the shock wave from damaging your ears, that same shock wave is doing damage to your unprotected eyes. My Dr. (who IS a shooter) forbid me from shooting for three months after surgery. He explains that each detonation sent out a shockwave that moved the eyeball just enough to slow healing and change position of the new lens. Do yourselves a favor and give up shooting for a couple of months. Your longterm health (and eyesight) is much more important than playing the game.
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