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  1. Jeff, you’re still in Pinehurst correct? There are only 2 active clubs I could find in NE WA & N Idaho which are in Medical Lake and Colville. The Noxon club is prob a little closer than the WPD’s in Medical Lake. I’m really surprised there isn’t anything near you, especially with the Shoshone Co Public Range right there outside of Kellogg.
  2. I have New Vaquero’s in 3.75”, 4.62”, and 5.5” and can’t tell a diff between the 4.62” & 5.5”.
  3. I have one I bought last fall and it works fine so far. It’s fun to play with at the range but I won’t use it for competing.
  4. I already had a Vaquero and Black Hawk, 3 Marlin 1884’s, and a 1897 Win. Never intended to get involved with CAS, just liked western firearms as much as modern firearms. So I guess I had What I needed to start 10 years before I did. What I didn’t have was CAS leather, boots, or a hat.
  5. I bought a new production Marlin 1894 in 45 Colt last month. Purchased from my local Sportsman’s Warehouse for $650 IIRC with WA sales tax and 5% military discount. The last 1894 I bought was a new 1884 in 357 Mag. That one I bought from Cabelas in 2005 for $550 including ID sales tax. I bought that one 1 week after I got back from Baghdad. The Remington/Marlin 1894 is actually a little nicer in fit and finish than the other 3 JM Marlin 1894’s I own. So 14 years later and the rifles are comparable and haven’t really went up in cost, figuring inflation and all that. I think a new Marlin is a bargain in the world of pistol caliber lever actions.
  6. They all seem to be priced in the $600 range for the stainless Bailey models. There is one for sale in my area for $625.
  7. I’m thinking I might do something like that on my PW87 along with a matching butt cover.
  8. I have been buying it at my local Sportsman’s Warehouse. $9.99 per box + WA sales tax. Not the cheapest but my Stoeger Coach Gun and CAI 1887 like it.
  9. I’ve always been a sucker for stag.
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