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  1. Thanks Sam. I posted this and two minutes later I found myself ten miles from the epicenter of a 6.4 earthquake here in RIDGECREST CA. It was wild ride. Will take weeks to pick things up as the aftershocks continue. My vibrating tumbler shook off its shelf in the loading shed and dumped itself and load of walnut dust behind the door preventing me from opening it. Looked inside and there were literally thousands of bullets knocked off the shelves and onto the floor. (No they are not all the same caliber) Guess they will lie there until I get the house straightened out.. Reloading will have to wait for a while. At least the power came back about 3pm. The fun never ends.. thanks WR
  2. I know this thread has been inactive for a while but:: OK, using Starline Brass, .312 115gr bullet. My problem is that the SL brass is so short, when I set the OAL to 1.59" the crimp groove is above the brass. Setting bullet in crimp groove yields an OAL of 1.45" causing jams in the Cinnaberti rifle. The Lee FCD will not even touch the rim of the SL brass, but does on RP.. Using DiIlon 550. Am wondering if getting the .050 trimmed off the dies would help. Anyone know where I can get that done? But still leaves the problem of the case not crimping in the groove. Also wondering if going to single stage press for crimping using standard crimp die is the answer Any help? thanks
  3. You guys (and girls) that are still shooting before your eyes are fully recovered are doing it to yourselves. You wear ear protection to prevent the shock wave from damaging your ears, that same shock wave is doing damage to your unprotected eyes. My Dr. (who IS a shooter) forbid me from shooting for three months after surgery. He explains that each detonation sent out a shockwave that moved the eyeball just enough to slow healing and change position of the new lens. Do yourselves a favor and give up shooting for a couple of months. Your longterm health (and eyesight) is much more important than playing the game.
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