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  1. First - it's "losing"... Secondly, the biz model is a government / society forced one. Trust me, no one is plotting to become a competitor to the U.S. Postal Service with it's mandated mission statement. Thirdly, you're saying that other providers are better at accomplishing those tasks...which in your statement means better accomplishing loosing (sic), your mail? Phantom
  2. Actually, my first response was based on me mis-reading the question. Thought he asked if it was easy to install. So I said "2 screws and it's off...put the two screws back in and you're done." Then I realized that the question "is that easier to push in?"...not is that easier to put in...ugh...I'm getting old. Phantom
  3. $50-55/1000 Winchester or Federal. That's what I've been selling them for to other Cowboy Shooters in need. Less for Wolf...can't say how much less as I don't sell them. Phantom
  4. I remember a lot...and 50 years from now those currently in their 20 will be saying "I remember when...". When I started shooting CAS, 50 rounds of 38Spl was about $15/50. Prices for 38Spl early 2020 was in the low $20. You could find it online for a bit cheaper, then you had to pay shipping. PS: I'm a "by appointment only" shop...primarily I buy Gun Estates now. New guns are pretty much a Loss Leader. I'll sell them at almost cost to help folks out. Phantom
  5. Really...hmmmmm...and to think I'm in the gun biz and I thought I knew what I was doing...but...guess you know better. PS: One "Sale" example is not a very significant sampling... Phantom
  6. There are rules...and then there are exceptions. Making a generalized statement based on exceptions can be deceiving. Cheers! Phantom
  7. I've got some for a lot less...if you're in the Denver area. Phantom
  8. I was just thinking the same thing...I mean...where's the Cut-off Date for comparing prices??? Hell, you coulda got a Arsenal Refurb 1911A1 back in 1960 delivered to your house for under $32...a Porsche 911 in the mid-60's for under $6k...and on and on and on! Let try and stop sounding like a bunch of grumpy old people bitter about the rising prices of EVERYTHING! Phantom
  9. Widderborg?!?! A Regulator?!?!?!?! Great...another popularity contest winner! Just kiddin' Widderborg. Congrats my friend!!! Phantom
  10. Don't like hearing this...praying for the best. Phantom...
  11. That's funny...so you weren't buying very good .22LR ammo than were ya?!
  12. Okay...45LC hasn't been under the mid-upper $30's for quite a while...sooooo...what are you going to do? Phantom
  13. Yer going to be hard pressed to find this at under $20/50 even when things return to sticking on the shelves. Phantom
  14. Curious on what you would consider decent, inexpensive ammo. Phantom
  15. Ever been to a U.S. Postal Service Bulk Mail facility? Folks have no idea how different the USPS "business" is from UPS / FedEx...
  16. Did you know that UPS / FedEx raise their rates every year?
  17. I have a feeling that there are a lot of folks that just don't have a lot of experience in the Shipping world. So first off, cost are going up...way up. Fuel and Driver shortages are making life rather difficult for many. Secondly, all these things you folks mention are true with Common Carriers! Do you realize that rate change EVERY year for them?? Ugh...and then there are Delivery issues. Yeah...the U.S. Postal Service isn't the only one that has issues in this area. Phantom
  18. Old news...the accuracy on newer Mini-14 is just fine.
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