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  1. You do realize that a lot...a LOT, of people don't read the stoopid Wire...and perhaps it wasn't even a "Cowboy Shooter". And our "Sport" has included many cheaters, liars, phonies and even a bank robber! We pull from the same well as any other game/sport. Cheers! Phantom
  2. I disagree. It was on-the-clock non-shootinh stuff that gave bonuses that went away... And do good riddance!! Phantom
  3. It's not a personal question; it's a club question. Cheers! Phantom
  4. Please don't rely on folks that have minimal experience/knowledge on firearm values... Good Lord... Phantom
  5. Too bad folks go to friends that don't know how to get the most for their firearms... Usually costs then in the end... Phantom
  6. My prayers are with the family and friends and by all means, help the family thru all venues. But beware of potential liabilities when adding medical devices to a clubs inventory. Phantom
  7. Well... It is what some do. Just is... No wishing it wasn't is going to change that. Phantom
  8. I knew he was sick... So sad. For those that didn't know him, he was simply a very nice person... I will miss him. Phantom
  9. Trust me, it's been ignored... By many that claim here on the Wire to be sooooooo wonderful and nice...soooo Cowboy Way like. But... They like the person so...lalalalala...
  10. Some of us cheat - call clean for our pards, let little things slip by… And when made mention of cheating, what we get is "well he's a friend of mine and has always been nice to me" So the friendship is maintained...
  11. I feel that some folks have unrealistic expectations from this Private entity... And are engaged in intellectual masturbation... Nothing more.
  12. Do you ask the same (or would you ask the same), of the gym you joined?
  13. Private entity ... why would they do that?
  14. Forget "Slick". Go to Snake Oil George! Phantom
  15. I would think that a logical promotion thru the use of Celebrities would partner somehow with a movie outfit that was producing a Western...thinking off the top of me weak minded head here... Having the "cast" mingle with the folks at EOT...promote their movie...show the public that they are truly into the Western gig...hell...I don't know. But I'm sure that the folks running this thing are thinking of creative ways to promote the game...maybe... Phantom
  16. Raahauges in Norco. Was the Coto Cowboys...then after EOT 2004 and the "Departure" of SASS, become The Cowboys. Believe they had 25,000 non-shooting attendees in 2004...not only do you need a large population, but you need a population that see "Cowboy" as something out of the normal days existence. But...whatever...is what it is. Phantom
  17. Well...I guess we can always manufacture our own definitions...
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