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  1. I think folks have to be on their "Game" regardless whether you're shooting "Cowboy" or Wild Bunch. The numbers are low probably because so many WB Stage Writers think that the game of WB needs to be a fricken torture test...and that there's a caliber requirement rather than simply a PF requirement. But...what do I know? Phantom
  2. Awe...I got a cute little Laughing Icon. But, that's an improvement in communication skills! Phantom
  3. I truly appreciate this compliment. Phantom
  4. Then speed would be a secondary concern. Again, if the gun is safe to fire in a standard range environment, then it's safe to shoot at a match...just do it. You want to run at competitive SASS speeds, then it's a silly idea. Phantom Your logic is fascinating. Phantom
  5. But in the context of the OP's comments, speed is a desirable attribute. Therefore, why even entertain using an antique firearm? Seems silly...but...what do I know? Phantom PS: That was a rhetorical question.
  6. Yesyesyes...of course the 750 has benefits...but wasn't the question asking if it was worth upgrading from a 650 to a 750????
  7. Nothing says one has to shoot fast at a match...and if one's focus is to shoot fast, why even consider shooting antique guns? So yes, I understand that generally one will take their time shooting in a standard shooting range environment, but one can also shoot at "range" speed during a match if they so choose. Phantom
  8. So you want to be somewhat competitive...hence my question on performance. Don't shoot antiques if you want to be competitive. Cheers! Phantom
  9. Maybe I'm just missing something here...but if you can shoot the firearm at a range, you can shoot it at a Match. The question is what do you want out of it so far as performance goes. It's kinda silly to ask if it can be shot...I guess I'm just confused by the question. Phantom
  10. Welli guess I just misunderstood what you meant by "They can take it as well as the new guns if they are in good condition"
  11. Are you saying that the metallurgy of the late 19th Century is equal to that of the early 21st Century? Phantom
  12. Yeah...all these years and I've had to struggle with these lousy 650's...producing lousy rounds.
  13. Looking forward to the Match. Land Run has always been a fair and fun match...it just may become the largest match in the Nation!! Phantom
  14. Years and years and years of solid performance on my 650's...at this point I would only replace them if I had nothing better to spend my $$$$$ on. Phantom
  15. There is no "Miss". Bonus is a reverse scoring target...and yes...stoopid. However, that 11th round must be fired. Therefore, the penalty is 10 seconds when measured against the competitor that hit the target...did I say I hate stoopid bonus targets? Phantom
  16. There's an easy solution - just ask them to show you the rule. Big deal... Phantom
  17. You might be surprised to find out that the folks on your posse would rather you be there regardless of your performance or helpfulness. Phantom
  18. Simple. If you still find it enjoyable and are safe...keep doing it. Phantom
  19. Yeah I don't know how their system is set up. For simplicity sake they may just handle all items this way. MAP applies to a lot of items. And yeah, it can be frustrating for sure. Phantom
  20. Yes. So you have Online prices that are below MAP. You can't show prices below unless the mfgr suspends MAP. Putting an item in a "Cart" allows the seller to show prices below MAP. Nothing real nefarious going on here folks.
  21. Well they can't do that if they are selling under MAP. Phantom
  22. Well that's a load of crap! Unless he's some weird freak of nature...which I doubt. But I'm sure he shows the "Cowboy Way" in all other aspects of his SASS life...in my book, unless he proves that he's a true freak of nature, he's a cheater. Cheers! Phantom
  23. Anyone found small pistol primers yet... Yeah...found a crap load in my vault...next question please.
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