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  1. And these things take money...but I'm sure since you're all about donating for the common good that you'd finance the improvements yourself.
  2. My answer is yes...I can't believe that a customer would care more about a company than the company's principals...if they do, than the company should die and make room for a new one. Oh...really...now you're separating Cowboy Shooting from SASS. You can do what you want with your free time and offer all your expertise up for free! I love Porsche, but if they do a lousy job, they suffer the consequences...as it should be. Not my business. If they die, so be it. Cowboy shooting will continue on. I guess you think...based on your posts, that you think that they aren't doing a good job and that we (members...yes, non-equity members), should volunteer our services. They are a private entity! Why would you suggest this? Do you suggest this for other private entities? First, I'm sorry that you have a problem with the concept of non-equity memberships...you obviously are not a golfer. You also seem to have missed my "enabling" comment. So I'll answer your question with a question: Why should we donate our time and skills to a private company? Phantom
  3. Well...some memberships are equity memberships...you know, each member owns a percentage of the entity. And we all know...or should know that SASS isn't that kind of membership. Do you suggest folks start volunteering their "marketing skills" to other privately owned businesses??? I for one don't like enabling behavior. Phantom
  4. Seriously? Why are you putting the burden on the non-equity members of SASS???? Phantom
  5. So you believe that CAS was humming along just fine prior to the "Covid" shortages? Is that what folks are saying??
  6. I'm assuming this is a rhetorical question...
  7. As an owner of a company...I didn't rely on my customer's driving my marketing efforts.
  8. Not in my opinion...to me it's just an excuse for lousy marketing efforts by SASS. Phantom
  9. Let me take a guess: You have someone at your club that doesn't understand the rules? Phantom
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