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  2. The definition of a pistol is a handgun that has the chamber integral with the barrel.
  3. I saw that on AR15.com. There is a link to a YouTube video
  4. To me the preimum for grass fed over conventional isn't worth it. Of course, most of the beef I've bought for the past year or so is from the Safeway "Manager Special" bin in the meat section. Or, if Lucky or Safeway has a special on untrimmed tri tip I'll get that and use it for ground beef. Lucky is running a "10 for 10" special on all sorts of stuff right now. One of the items is pork loin, a buck a pound in 3.5 pound to about 5 lb cryopacks. Got 4 on Friday. Tossed 2 in the freezer, used half of one to make some sausage (kind of dry, I didn't add any extra fat), and the other half was roasted with apples, onions, and sweet potatoes. Lisa turned the second one into stew this morning while I was at church. I picked up 4 more on the way home from church. 2 in the freezer, 2 in the fridge.
  5. Doesn't have a shoulder thing that goes up so it should be legal in CA.
  6. Lovely post, Jack. Thank you for sharing your personal history with us. I'm glad that I was able to find something that had personal ties to someone here.
  7. The Gav and the ruling junta in Sacramento make Norton 1, Dei Gratia Imperatoris et Civitatibus Foederatis Americae et Protectoris Mexico seem the model of sanity, reason, and civic and fiscal responsibility.
  8. https://www.bbc.com/reel/video/p07nkgsb/how-the-world-came-to-run-on-coffee?ocid=ww.social.link.facebook 17 SEPTEMBER 2019|FOOD In just a few centuries, the world has developed a two-billion-cups-a-day habit. Made On Earth – a new series by BBC Future and BBC World News – looks into the everyday items that have shaped global trade routes and left a lasting imprint in cultures around the world.
  9. Some, for medical reasons, are advised to stop eating meat, things like this make it easier. So6, for religious reasons, don't eat meat during certain periods of the year. When both prayerpower and willpower give out, and a portabello burger won't do, these can quite the temptation.
  10. A glass shattering on the floor, in the dark, and I'm barefoot.
  11. A Facebook friend reposted someone else's conversation in which one party used that phrase and the other responded with, "Did you just tell me to eff off in Texan?"
  12. You are one helluva story teller, Bob. Thanks.
  13. "BFR." Isn't that the Magnum Research "Biggest, Finest Revolver?"
  14. Things like SNAFU and FUBAR come to mind.
  15. How they came up with the meaning doesn't have to make sense! Just think of it as a different language. https://www.navy.mil/navydata/communications/flags/flags.html https://shippingandfreightresource.com/international-code-of-signals-and-its-application-in-the-maritime-industry/
  16. Was there cheese on the sandwhich? Pastrami is usually made from brisket which means it should be kosher.
  17. "Bravo Zulu" hails from the Navy. More specifically, from the 1949 North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), Allied Tactical Publication 1(ATP1), which can be found in the Multinational Maritime Tactical Publication 2(MTP2) and comes from Table B in Allied Tactical Publication 1 (something starting with Alpha, or A, would be from Table A), and is the last alpha entry, BZ, meaning "Well Done."
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