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  1. I'm going to guess that it was because he got teased about it as a kid. I'll also take a guess that his family was Greek. And likely wrong on both.
  2. That isn't too bad. Not common, but not bad.
  3. Mom and Dad with my oldest brother, Nesquehoning PA (3 E. Railroad St. to be precise, where she was raised), 1945.
  4. 10,000 comics out of work.....
  5. I've been saying it for two decades, all the alphabet soup regulatory agencies must be reined in and all "regulations" that have the force of law suspended until they are run through Congress, debated, voted on, and signed into law. Any future "regulations" that have force of law likewise must be run through Congress as the Constitution requires. Sort of like the word games the CA Legislature plays calling a tax a "fee" to avoid supermajority requirements.
  6. The initial wind, then the static hum. Fortunately it is at a slightly different pitch than my tinnitus so I can hear it with reasonable clarity. Every once in a while I wonder what silence would seem like now.
  7. Try it with earphones of some sort. Don't expect a standard helicopter thutter, but a hum like static.
  8. Even if we stipulate that a "generation" is 20 years, 33 years takes it into the next "generation" and is long enough for one generation to bring its offspring, that would be the 2nd generation, to see it. Two isn't singular, so even by your pedantery that would be "generations," plural. Unless you are using common core math in which 2 is less than or equal to 1.
  9. If I listen to it on my Samsung Galaxy S10, outputting through the speakers, I can barely hear it. If I use the earbuds it is very clear, and if I use my desktop there is no mistaking it.
  10. https://www.spacex.com/launches/
  11. Looked at strictly by an arbitrarily set number of years I have usually heard 20 years, and in general is what I use. In the context of this article I looked at it from a familial relationship point of view. We hear of heirlooms or family farms being "passed to the next generation," meaning that it gets handed down to the children of the current owner, and they are expected to pass it on to one of their children. I pity the kids in a family that has a tradition that "One child in each generation needs to have the name of Great, great^26 grandfathers 2nd wife's mother, Mezmedep." or some suc
  12. We were watching the Phillies and Braves. The remainder I set for Svengooli popped up at the start of the 10th. Went to the movie for just long enough to then back arrow to to the game. It went 12 innings. Fantastic game. Clicked back to the movie and was treated to scenes that make Plan 9 look good. After 2 minutes I checked the time to see Starlink, went outside and spent 15 minutes watching as they marched slowly across the heavens. Since you missed it I think that the least I can do for you is provide the link for you
  13. Just went out and saw them. Not one long string but six short strings, spread out over half the hemisphere. Pretty cool.
  14. Say a guy from Baraboo WI served on The Badger Boat in WWII. In '88 he hears it's there in WI. Calls hi daughter who was born in '46 and says, "Hey! Remember that bronze Badger I always went on about? It'sin the Capitol now! What say I come by, grab you and your family and we go see it!" So he, his daughter, his son in law and their kids, including his 17 year old grandson. They go see it and as he regaled them with his sea stories he gets that far away look as he remembers his shipmates. Makes quite an impression on the grandson. So much so that the lad enlists in the
  15. Try from this link: https://mars.nasa.gov/news/8941/nasas-perseverance-captures-video-audio-of-fourth-ingenuity-flight/ It sounds like the static hum of an old vacuum tube radio warming up.
  16. https://www.cbsnews.com/news/badger-statue-wisconsin-us-navy/
  17. I'll say it again, your father was quite the handsome man, and looks like he could have been a rakehell.
  18. It's subtle and doesn't come on until maybe 25 seconds into the video. If you have a headset try with that. With the age and life experiences of so many here I suspect that hearing degradation may make it very, very difficult for some to hear.
  19. Yes, it is. A kind of low budget MST3K.
  20. On Svengooli tonight. https://m.imdb.com/video/vi3738419481?playlistId=tt0050414&ref_=m_tt_ov_vi
  21. Nope. Paid for by the people who think that they can beat the house. Ot those who pay the insane cost of staying at the resort attached to the casino.
  22. It does have A/C. We haven't had it long enough for it to be an issue yet. We do keep it set to 68 degrees and I keep the fan set on low. For the driving I do and the way I use the A/C I suspect that it costs me about 10 to 15 miles on a charge. With a maximum theoretical range of about 180 miles that is a fair percentage. The most I have gone between charges is about 130 miles and I was down to about 15%.
  23. Especially in the heavy gauge needed! I could go there on my lunch. Or stop after work. Sit and nap. Or, as I did Friday, post here and on FB. That is a downside to electric vehicles, it took 45 minutes to go from 23% to 91%.
  24. My boss told me that if I get one of the Level 2 chargers I can plug it in at work. Pull up to the welding bay and plug it into the 50 amp outlet. After we use up the $250 credit we have with EVgo I might do that.
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