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  1. Why can't they make commercials like that now? Unfortunately, after watching to the end, I saw SpaceX link. So I opened that. Also, in the matrix of videos and and
  2. A bit more: Buried in the Times report is information regarding the assailant, who is described by the paper merely as being of “Russian origin.” A few paragraphs later, the outlet acknowledges that witnesses told French media the attacker yelled “Allahu akbar” as he beheaded the teacher near the school. The man then threatened police officers with the knife he used to kill the teacher and refused to surrender. Police shot him 10 times, killing him. Reuters deployed the same tactic when describing the assailant, first saying he was “born in Russia” and later saying he was of “Chechen origin.” The main religion in Chechnya is Islam.
  3. Yeah. Like so many Slavic women, quite good looking when young, then in middle age a switch gets thrown and they get kind of round and doughy looking. Lots of 'em do stay very good looking, even into their 90s.
  4. My take on this thread is pointing out that double standard of the press. Always so eager to instantly blame any mass shooting on white supremacists, racists, or the NRA with little or no evidence, yet will hem and haw, dance and dodge and say that it is too early to call an attack that fits the pattern of mohammedean terrorism like a coat of paint mohammedean terrorism. A person shouting Allah akbar while shooting up a night club, government office, or part of a military base, or yelling it while attacking people with a knife on a California university campus, could reasonably be assumed to be carrying out an act of mohammedean terrorism. Just as this decapitation, a favorite method and the one specifically called for in mohammedean scripture, right after the victim showed images of Mohammed, can reasonably be assumed to be mohammedean terrorism.
  5. This got me curious. https://images.app.goo.gl/N51KsCDaDBvLPYcb7
  6. World War II hero Jim Feezel from Alabama James Martin Feezel died on Thursday, Oct. 15, according to Roselawn Funeral Home in Decatur. He was 95. In a video interview project by Gary Cosby Jr. with The Decatur Daily in 2015, on the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II, Feezel recalled the moment his commanding officer told him to break through the gate at Dachau on April 29, 1945.
  7. Waiting for the Wind (Short) Hannah 1980The Nude Bomb Edith Von Secondberg 1979Love for Rent (TV Movie) Maggie Lester 1978The Love Boat (TV Series) Mona Maxwell - Heads or Tails/Mona of the Movies/The Little People (1978) ... Mona Maxwell 1976Won Ton Ton: The Dog Who Saved Hollywood Rhoda Flaming 1975Ellery Queen (TV Series) Laura Lockridge - The Adventure of the Mad Tea Party (1975) ... Laura Lockridge 1975Last Hours Before Morning (TV Movie) Vivian Pace 1975Kung Fu (TV Series) Jennie Malone - Ambush (1975) ... Jennie Malone 1974Police Woman (TV Series) Carol Grainger - Anatomy of Two Rapes (1974) ... Carol Grainger 1974McMillan & Wife (TV Series) Vera Royale - Cross & Double Cross (1974) ... Vera Royale 1973Needles and Pins (TV Series) Andrea - It Was a Very Good Line (1973) ... Andrea 1973Search (TV Series) Arlene Morrison - The Clayton Lewis Document (1973) ... Arlene Morrison 1965Run for Your Wife Nyta 1965The Virginian (TV Series) Carmelita Flanagan - We've Lost a Train (1965) ... Carmelita Flanagan 1964Pão de Açúcar Pamela Jones DeSantis 1963-1964Burke's Law (TV Series) Clarissa Benton / Cathy Summit - Who Killed 711 ? (1964) ... Clarissa Benton - Who Killed Wade Walker? (1963) ... Cathy Summit 1964Bob Hope Presents the Chrysler Theatre (TV Series) Purity - Have Girls, Will Travel (1964) ... Purity 1964The Patsy Rhonda Fleming 1958-1963Wagon Train (TV Series) Sandra Cummings / Patience Miller / Jennifer Churchill - The Sandra Cummings Story (1963) ... Sandra Cummings - The Patience Miller Story (1961) ... Patience Miller - The Jennifer Churchill Story (1958) ... Jennifer Churchill 1961-1963The Red Skelton Hour (TV Series) Princess Kashmir / Phyllis Burton - Captains Outrageous (1963) ... Princess Kashmir - Freddie's Romance (1961) ... Phyllis Burton 1962Death Valley Days (TV Series) Kitty Bolton - Loss of Faith (1962) ... Kitty Bolton 1962Follow the Sun (TV Series) Sergeant H.T. Maypole - Marine of the Month (1962) ... Sergeant H.T. Maypole 1961The Dick Powell Theatre (TV Series) Margo Haley - John J. Diggs (1961) ... Margo Haley 1961The Investigators (TV Series) Lucia Vallancourt - Murder on Order (1961) ... Lucia Vallancourt 1961Hong Kong (TV Series) Helen Waldron - The Woman in Grey (1961) ... Helen Waldron 1960La rivolta degli schiavi Fabiola 1960The Crowded Sky Cheryl Heath 1959The Big Circus Helen Harrison 1959Alias Jesse James Cora Lee Collins 1958Home Before Dark Joan Carlisle 1958Bullwhip Cheyenne O'Malley 1957Gun Glory Jo 1957Gunfight at the O.K. Corral Laura Denbow 1957The Buster Keaton Story Peggy Courtney 1956Odongo Pamela Muir 1956While the City Sleeps Dorothy Kyne 1956Slightly Scarlet June Lyons 1956The Killer Is Loose Lila Wagner 1955The Ford Television Theatre (TV Series) Connie Crawford - South of Selangor (1955) ... Connie Crawford 1955Tennessee's Partner Elizabeth 'Duchess' Farnham 1955The Best of Broadway (TV Series) Jean Maitland - Stage Door (1955) ... Jean Maitland 1954The Queen of Babylon Semiramide 1954Yankee Pasha Roxana Reil 1954Jivaro Alice Parker 1953Those Redheads from Seattle Kathie Edmonds 1953Inferno Geraldine Carson 1953Pony Express Evelyn Hastings 1953Serpent of the Nile Cleopatra 1953Tropic Zone Flanders White 1952The Golden Hawk Captain Rouge 1952Hong Kong Victoria Evans 1951Crosswinds Katherine Shelley 1951Little Egypt Izora 1951The Last Outpost Julie McQuade 1951The Redhead and the Cowboy Candace Bronson 1951Cry Danger Nancy 1950The Eagle and the Hawk Madeline Danzeeger 1949The Great Lover Duchess Alexandria 1948A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court Alisande La Carteloise / Sandy Pendragon 1947Out of the Past Meta Carson 1947Adventure Island Faith Wishart 1946The Spiral Staircase Blanche 1946Abilene Town Sherry Balder 1945Spellbound Mary Carmichael 1944The Fighting Generation (Short) Nurse's Aide (scenes deleted) 1944When Strangers Marry Girl on Train (uncredited) 1944Since You Went Away Girl at Dance (uncredited) 1943In Old Oklahoma Dance-Hall Girl (uncredited)
  8. https://variety.com/2020/film/people-news/rhonda-fleming-dead-spellbound-out-of-the-past-1234808175/?fbclid=IwAR3ROLy9p78DhDVwS49IZOkBJzMcfWPK36dX4WnLoPjXPdJfDoOys3MC_CQ Rhonda Fleming, star of the 1940s and ’50s who was dubbed the “Queen of Technicolor” and appeared in “Out of the Past” and “Spellbound,” died Wednesday in Santa Monica, Calif., according to her secretary Carla Sapon. She was 97. Fleming appeared in more than 40 films and worked with directors such as Alfred Hitchcock on “Spellbound,” Jacques Tourneur on “Out of the Past” and Robert Siodmak on “The Spiral Staircase.” Later in life, she became a philanthropist and supporter of numerous organizations fighting cancer, homelessness and child abuse. Her starring roles include classics such as the 1948 musical fantasy “A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court” alongside Bing Crosby, 1957 Western “Gunfight at the O.K. Corral” and the noir “Slightly Scarlet” alongside John Payne.
  9. That's only if the person is unarmed with a knife or something. "Instead of standing there and teaching a cop, when there's an unarmed person coming at them with a knife or something, you shoot them in the leg instead of in the heart is a very different thing. There's a lot of different things that could change," Biden said in a meeting with community leaders at Bethel AME Church in Wilmington, Del."
  10. Exactly. The Stupid is somewhat like The Force, but much stronger. Especially on campus.
  11. Ken Curtis could SING! Heck of a nice voice.
  12. Then there is Betty White. Still lookin' pretty good: There are quite a few not safe for family site photos of her in her younger days.
  13. I'm not against women serving. I am making the assumption that the lady vet has some service, likely combat, related trauma. Which I find unfortunate. Also unfortunate is the all too common assumption that the woman is not the vet. I likely could have found a better subject line for this thread.
  14. The point of the subject line is that all too often women service members and vets are suffering trauma. The point of the cartoon is that, in general, society sees a woman waiting in a VA facility waiting room is waiting for her husband. Many never consider that it might be the lady who is the veteran.
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