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  1. Add some juniper berries, smoked paprika, and sweet paprika.
  2. San Francisco and Seattle give them away.
  3. Captain's Log, Stardate 43125.8. In preparation for the decommissioning ceremony for the USS Enterprise NCC-1701D, we have the exceptional honor of being escorted by one of the newly re-engined Federation ships...the B-52X. First flown April 15th 1952, the B-52 has been in continuous service, undergoing multiple upgrades during its lifetime. The now reengined B-52X is expected to serve up to stardate 53000.0 and beyond if no suitable replacement is available at that time. >>>Sierrahotel.net<<<
  4. Fan-dam-TASTIC! (and I triple checked to make sure I hit the right emoticon on your last update!)
  5. Figured you would like this article. As soon as I saw the Scout I thought of you.
  6. New addition to Camp Ashland honors fallen heroes CAMP ASHLAND, Neb. – The families and comrades of Nebraska’s fallen service members now have a new place in which they can reflect upon their service and sacrifices, thanks to a Nebraska National Guard father-son team and years of perseverance and hard work. On Saturday, Sept. 11, 2021 – nearly 20 years to the moment that the first airborne terrorist attack on New York City signaled the United States’ entry into its longest war in history – a new “Fallen Heroes Memorial” was dedicated on the banks of the Platte River at the Nebraska National Guard’s Camp Ashland. The memorial is due to the combined efforts of Brig. Gen. Gary Ropers and his son, Michael “Mikey” Ropers. Mikey Ropers said his goal was to help create a memorial in a place where people could come to remember and honor those military service members who died while serving in uniform following the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001. “It’s a place for families to come to and reflect on their family members who have paid the ultimate sacrifice for our country,” said Mikey, 17, who is a junior at Millard West High School in nearby Omaha and an active member of Boy Scouts. Read more about the memorial and how it came about: https://www.dvidshub.net/news/405362/new-addition-camp-ashland-honors-fallen-heroes #NEGuard | #GoodLifeGreatStrength | #EagleScout | Boy Scouts of America
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