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  1. Pay attention to the old fart at the end of the second unit. Right around the 2:05 mark. Another video.
  2. "Ma'am, have you ever thought (long pause) about how many people have well paying jobs with good benefits because they produce pieces of trash like this?"
  3. https://tomlehrersongs.com/ DISCLAIMER STATEMENT I, Tom Lehrer, and the Tom Lehrer Trust 2000, hereby grant the following permission: All the lyrics on this website, whether published or unpublished, copyrighted or uncopyrighted, may be downloaded and used in any manner whatsoever, without requiring any further permission from me or any payment to me or to anyone else. Some lyrics written by Tom Lehrer to copyrighted music by others are included herein, but of course such music may not be used without permission of the copyright owners. (The translated songs may be found in their original languages on YouTube.) In other words, all the lyrics herein should be treated as though they were in the public domain. In particular, permission is hereby granted to anyone to set any of these lyrics to their own music and publish or perform their versions without fear of legal action. This permission applies only to the lyrics on this website. Most of the music written by Tom Lehrer will be added gradually later with further disclaimers. Note: This website will be shut down on December 31, 2024, so if you want to download anything, don’t wait too long.
  4. One of the few good memories I have of taking part in the 145 anniversary reenactment at Gettysburg was waiting in the artillery park for the time to tow the gun out,and watching the infantry march past. And march past. And march past. And, for variety, march past. Maybe about 2500 of 'em. Most of my time there was spent waiting in the artillery park (and whoever the idjit was that decided to put it on a 2% or better slope should have been horsewhipped because there was field used as the staging area about a furlong away that was nice and flat) to tow the gun out, cleaning the gun, or hoofing it back to get the truck to tow the gun off the field and back to the artillery park. I did have the dubious pleasure of seeing real "loose cannon" three times when people who were trying to place their guns back on that sloped, covered with damp grass, artillery park and slipped. Seeing a ton or more of steel and wood careening downhill as people sprung out of the way (just like in the cartoons, by the way) was....interesting....yeah, interesting. One zipped down the slope, across the access road two cars in front of me, down into the ditch on the other side of the road, across the little creek, and into the side of a van on the road into the parking area. Nice dent.
  5. I've seen it when I know that there is an aircraft nearby and it doesn't show on the sit at all. This was the only time I have seen it with a different aircraft icon than the type of aircraft and the first time I have seen an icon flagged as blocked. Sort of calls more attention to it.
  6. This has become quite an informative thread, thank you.
  7. I would say a large portion of people under the age of 30. I've found about as many conservatives whose eyes roll up in their heads when history is brought up as liberals. But once people get into their 30s, in general, there starts to be a development of appreciation of history. I think a lot of it is how it is taught in schools, and how so little is done to connect historic events to the present.
  8. I recall that a few years ago there was a broo-ha-ha at a Little League tournament (I think that's what it was) where it was said at the start of it, and in the literature about it before the thing started that the National Anthem would be played ONCE, at the opening game of the tournament, and that it would not be played in subsequent games. Which is a perfectly reasonable thing to do. People got all bent out of shape about it. As much as I enjoy it when it is well rendered, there is nothing sacred about the Anthem being sung or played before a sporting event. If it IS played, then I do expect those in the stadium, both players and fans, to render appropriate honors. When I did a brief search to try to find details of that tournament, I ran across this
  9. We got our ballots in the mail on a Saturday. Filled them out, put them in the mailbox. On the 14th I was notified that it had been received by the Registrar and would be counted. My wife was notified on the 13th.
  10. Yeah, but a lot of 'em have nice boats, travel trailers, dirt bikes, and other nifty toys. Maybe even a fancy cabin in the woods or by a lake.
  11. " If multiple such gatherings are occurring, mixing between group gatherings is not allowed. " Try enforcing that with kids.
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