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  1. U.S. Naval Institute Steptembteur n14oa at osnos1:1S2 tmPM · Happy 74th birthday to Sam Neill. The great Kiwi actor played Captain Vasily Borodin in 1990's "The Hunt for Red October".
  2. On This Date, Sept. 15, 1959: The first silo launch of a tethered, full-scale Minuteman ICBM (LGM-30) took place at the Rocket Engine Test Station on Leuhman Ridge, Edwards Air Force Base, Calif. The test missile was fitted with dummy second and third stages, and carried only a few second’s fuel in the first stage. This test showed that the Minuteman could be fired directly from an underground silo, prompting the Air Force to fast-track the program in the hopes of having the first Minuteman I on duty by 1962. The production of the first operational Minuteman I force was approved in March 1960 and consisted of 150 missiles assigned to a single missile wing at Malmstrom Air Force Base in Montana. The previous month at Cape Canaveral, the first full test of a Minuteman I proved successful — the missile deposited its warhead 4,600 miles from the launch site. During these tests the missiles did not employ armed atomic warheads. TIME magazine reported that an awed observer murmured “Brother, there goes the missile gap” and described the successful test flight as follows, “Even for sophisticated missile watchers, the men who have marked the flight of so many of Cape Canaveral’s great fire-breathing birds, last week’s show was a dazzling spectacle. The blast-off was swift and sure; there was none of that heart-stopping hover of other tests when liquid-fueled monsters seemed to balance in uncertain equilibrium before they picked up the momentum of flight.” For more aerospace and aviation milestones, visit https://www.aerotechnews.com/blog/2021/09/10/on-this-date-77/
  3. Steam them with part of a smoked turkey wing and add a little cider vinegar and brown sugar. Sauteed in a little butter and brown sugar, add a little grated fresh nutmeg, a grind of black pepper, deglaze with some port or a late harvest red.
  4. "A rare example where an engineer thought about the mechanic."
  5. My boss is a real car guy, so I asked him what the average track on a car is. He didn't know, so he broke out a tape and we went an measured. His F250 is about 70". A Tesla 3 is about 60". My Nissan Leaf is about 58". A Honda something was 57". A '54 Bel Air, front track is 56.7", rear track 58.7".
  6. Chariots were pretty much "out of style" by the time of the Roman Republic. The Model T Ford had a track width of 56", unless you ordered the 60" Southern Roads version.
  7. First, this is based on the Woodward book, right? How much do you trust the press?
  8. No issues for me on anything. Other than the internet being slow in general the past few days.
  9. Late 1800s isn't long in the past. But, the fact of the existence of those multiple gauges in the 1800s is a strong argument against the Roman chariot story.
  10. In only about a century and a quarter. "U.S. Mail Julian Stage Line Coach circa 1905 - 1910"
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