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  1. Ottawa Valley Marauders have had to cancel their April 27 opening match, due to the weather. Too bad, 'cause it looked like a good one. I couldn't have made it but DANG! Strange says it will be moved to July. I think I'll be able to make that one; Maybe the one next weekend at Cornwall with Ruff's Regulators too! That would be alright after all the ones I had to miss last year. Creek beside my place is rising again, but it's running and doesn't appear to be blocked. Keeping my fingers crossed. Now get off my lawn!
  2. Flooding here. Called out the Army to help out and relieve the folks filling sandbags. Looks like it'll be worse than 2017, with more rain forecast for the next few days. Creek beside my place looks like it's running well, but I'm keeping an eye on it. AND STAY OFF MY LAWN!
  3. That's too true, in some instances. I like to set the cruise control at least 10 over the posted limit, unless I have a big cross wind. On a one lane, I'll pull over if I see people behind me. Usually, after they pass, even at 30 to 40 over my speed, I catch up with them in 5 to 10 minutes.
  4. Cleaned and oiled the shootin' irons again, hoping the road and the parking area at the CAS range are dry enough to get in for the 27th Hoping to be able to shoot Classic with these. Now, Get off my soggy lawn!
  5. Keeping my fingers crossed the range and the road won't by too muddy and I can get the motor home in for the April 27 opening match. If not, that hike from the graveled lot down the dirt road to the CAS range, pushing the gun cart, can be a pain for me. Literally.
  6. Turned cold agin here. A little white stuff hit the ground yesterday, but it's starting to melt s - l -o - w - l - y. Oh well, the temperature ranging up and down has the Maple sap running.
  7. Welcome home. Still winter here, but we're losing snow. Sitting on a donut and taking pain killers, but they're leaving me sleepy. Hope to be able to get to the first match April 27, even if Red and Rooster have to remind me which way the bullets go in and which end goes BANG!
  8. Well, good news: London, UK knows where Canada is and the pants have now traveled back across the Atlantic, to Montreal and are now in the loving hands of Canada Customs, where they are being examined to ensure they aren't any danger. Now, as long as they don't get sent off to Iqualit, Nunavit or Yellowknife................... Had my radioactive seed implants this AM and me and my glowing pelvis are now home, sitting gingerly on a donut, trying to keep a catheter in place and not kink the hose. Now get off the lawn!
  9. Naw, that was someone else. It's just my new pants are on a nice trip. I'm here in Ottawa, while they get to go on world tour.
  10. Hey! Painted Mohawk! Keep your eyes peeled for my new Travelling Cowboy Pants. They were last seen at Heathrow, London, UK, on the 25th, so they could be anywhere now. Better let Jabez know as well. They could end up in Uganda. I already gave Dr.Dr. Bob a heads up, just in case they end up in Senegal. And keep off the lawn. The snow is melting and it's getting soft and muddy.
  11. If'n Jabez saw where this thread had dropped to, he would be disappointed and even GRUMPIER than normal. I'll start with MY grump! Caught a bug on St. Patrick's Day that got progressively worse. Not too big a deal, Rooster, Red Storm and Clangity Jane (All, like me, of Irish Descent) were here and got all the left-overs put away, while I went to bed. Fast forward a couple of days and the plague has dropped into my lungs; I'm wheezing away and scheduled for radioactive seed implants on the coming Monday, so it's off to the Doctor for antibiotics and an inhaler. Still no
  12. Getting ready for St. Patrick's Day. Irish cowboy friends coming over for corned beef and cabbage, Irish Tea Cake and some other dishes. Irish potables stocked in the frig and a selection Bushmills regular, Black Bush, Red Bush and Bushmills Single Malt along with Tellamore Dew to sample. Guest rooms are all set for stay-overs.
  13. Actually, I had been hoping my pee would glow in the dark, when I make one of my many nightly forays to the throne room, but no such luck. Oh well. Waiting for April 27 and the first match of the year for The Ottawa Valley Marauders. I figure (hope?) I'll be a lot better by then. Been loading up some .45's for the event and, hopefully, some practice before hand. Haven't shot since last August, do I'll have read up on which end goes BANG! and which way the cartridges go in. Hey, no laughing at the old timer. Now get off the snow covered lawn!
  14. Have a good, safe trip Jabez. We'll keep the fire going while you're away. Starting to feel a little better, after a rough week, following the completion of my radiation treatments. Continuing sweats and ...........other "potential problems" I was warned about. Let's say I was glad I followed advice and did a lot of Kegel exercises before and during my treatments. Staying close to home while getting ready for the radioactive seed implants. They're telling me I'll have to stay at least 10 feet away from children and pregnant women, so my neighbour Ph
  15. You meant you weren't shooting Duelist?? Well, I guess I'll issue a big WELCOME to the one handers. You can now join up with us PISTOLEROS.
  16. OK, I'm GRUMPY, but grateful. Had to show up for radiation at 7:30 this AM. OK that's doable; up at 5:00 coffee and breakfast, shaved, showered and.... whatever. Get the the hospital after swilling down a lot of water. (They want your bladder full and your bowel empty) - OK so far. 8:00 AM and I find out the unit I receive treatment in has their machine down and the treatment list is backed up. - OH-OH! Full bladder!! Sit with legs crossed practicing Kegel exercises until it's nearly too late, but make it to the facility. Ahh! Sweet Relief! But now bladder is empty. Ha
  17. OK, OK I'll resurrect this from page 2 ignominy. Snow followed by rain and freezing rain around here. Weird winter.
  18. Snow removal team came around blew snow and ice into a flock of trucks and carted it away. Did it just in time; the banks were too high to see over and we were down to one lane and it was tight!! Just read some e-mails from friends in Amritsar, India and Dacre, Senegal, complaining about the heat and wishing me well with the radiation treatments. (Only 9 more scheduled) May just have to deal with them. Now get the heck off my snow covered lawn.
  19. Minus 15 here right now. Having my last cup of coffee and getting ready for another bout of radiation at noon. Don't mind the radiation bit, but there's now a weather warning, calling for lottsa snow this afternoon and tomorrow, when I go for another round of radiation. Oh well, maybe my pee will glow in the dark. Whadaya think??
  20. Congratulations to all! Now get on with the business of spoiling her!
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