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  1. First time I tried to groom my Bichon Frise, the poor guy looked something like that. Never again!! The looks of reproach he have me haunted me for quite a while.
  2. OOOHH ! Look over his shoulder, on the wall. HE'S GOT TOILET PAPER !
  3. On Page Three. (3) You were warned. Now it's time for anther Canadian meme, that possibly only Canucks will get although we invite you to feel free to chuckle if you understand it.
  4. In a like vein at a press conference with Winston Churchill.
  5. Even the outdoor ranges are closed here. Oh well, I have a good stock of .45 Colt, .45ACP, .45-70 and 9mm loaded and ready to go, but I am getting apprehensive about the future of the CAS season around here.
  6. I read about a site welling "Keep Your Distance Sticks"
  7. On the serious side, when they made us start wearing helmets in Ontario, my Father was a little disappointed, because my Mother needed a new kidney.
  8. Naughty Birdgun. Naughty. But funny none the less. Pat will soon be here to chastise you. But I'll try to save you! Here's a meme to try to distract him.
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