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  1. Heated, (Well, sorta) shooting shack with the Ottawa Valley Marauders. And a question: What big match is coming to the Grenville Fish and Game Club, hosted by the Wild Turkey Posse?
  2. Thanks for the Prayers Pards and please keep them coming. I now have Sherron home although she is not out of the woods. She is in a weakened condition and needs a lot of help, which I am happy to provide. She is doing better now she is home although it's keeping me busy. Our son played Santa and brought the Christmas presents upstairs to our bedroom and we exchanged belated Christmas gifts there.
  3. I turned a year older Christmas Day and a friend sent me this gem.
  4. Another prayer for good progress for her. The Knee Mail seems to be working.
  5. Woke up this morning (Dec 9) to rain! Now the man is warning about a quick freeze on the way. Oh Goodie! Now stay off the lawn!
  6. Prayers heading south from this side of the Medicine Line.
  7. Bad news boys and girls. Santa may be a little late this year.
  8. How did they taste? Do you cook possum and squirrel together or treat them as separate dishes?
  9. A real spectacle in Calgary yesterday!! Enjoyed the half-time show and Keith Urban, (but I would have enjoyed Shania even more!) Good to see the Blue Bombers take the cup after all this time. My Father would have been disappointed with the Ti-Cats showing though, Homer that he was. Lost most of the snow around here but it's cooling off again. Lawn's kinda brown. Stay off it.
  10. Page 2. You cowboys* want more winter?? We got lots and can send it down your way! * (Cowpeople? Just channeling our Canadian Prime Minister. Jabez & Buffalo will understand.)
  11. Page 4?!?!?!? Just for that, I'm sending you some Canadian winter. There! That'll learn ya!
  12. Eight inches of snow last night. Snow blower got a work-out this morning. GRUMP! Lawn? What lawn? All I see is cold white stuff. Stay off it anyway! I don't like to see foot prints in the snow, Ruins the aesthetic ambiance.
  13. Snow here as well Jabez. (Should we just ignore Carlos and his warm weather?) Home from the hunt to take SWMBO to the Doctor for another injection into the eye to shrink blood vessels. Saw a nice buck. Ran right by me, chased by a hound; right through the herd of cattle grazing in front of me. Pard missed another at about 35 feet. He could only see the head and the horns and shot over it's head. Now stay off the snow covered grass!
  14. WELL WHAT? Slowly packing some stuff to out for deer here in Ontario, with Dr. Dr. Bob, out of his place.. Just hoping my knees hold up! I'll be real careful with my aim, BANG/FLOPS at shorter ranges will be the order of the day. Rain and cold the past few days. Expecting snow momentarily. That'll liven up the bucks around here. Now get off the dang lawn!
  15. I fell into a deal on a new Grand Caravan and couldn't say NO. I like the features and space to carry things, including the wife's wheelchair and Davinder's rolling walker. I can even get my gun cart into it when I use the van to get to matches. The collector car is now out of the shop and into the storage facility for the winter, after a total, from the ground up restoration and conversion to HERBIE the Love Bug. Our son is the enthusiast and has been to a number of the reunions with Disney etc. and he'll be hitting the show trail with it next year.
  16. Well, enjoy your flight and the wedding. Try not to catch the bouquet Walt. And we both should have a drink or three to drown our sorrows after Monday night. GRUMP
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