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  1. We intend to have another winter shoot, December 18 With the new club house right behind the line, the wood stove and a couple of cords of wood, we should be good. I think I'll make a big pot of Chili to warm their innards. Oh Yeah! and coffee. Lots of coffee for Rooster, our Territorial Governor.
  2. Can't WAIT to see the bill! I'll have coffee. With a good shot of Rum.
  3. Grumpier than all get out here. Driving the motor home out of the storage yard, where I keep it. Hombre standing in front of the electric eye thingy, holding the gate up, moves out of the way, so instead of keying in my own code, I figure I'll just drive on out. BIG MISTAKE ! Gate comes down on the cabin portion over the truck cab and scrapes off all the gel coat and exposes the fibre glass. Unit's now in the shop at the opposite end of the city getting fixed. Oh well, there are a few other issues I'll get attended to at the same time.
  4. Got the jug and just waitin' at the livery stable for ya to join me for a swig or two.
  5. Hummm Page 4 Well, in honour of Canadian Thanksgiving Day, here it is. Happy Thanksgiving Jabez and all my Canadian Pards.
  6. Shall we all start chipping in to get Pat a retirement gift? I was thinking(?) about a clock.
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