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  1. You meant you weren't shooting Duelist?? Well, I guess I'll issue a big WELCOME to the one handers. You can now join up with us PISTOLEROS.
  2. OK, I'm GRUMPY, but grateful. Had to show up for radiation at 7:30 this AM. OK that's doable; up at 5:00 coffee and breakfast, shaved, showered and.... whatever. Get the the hospital after swilling down a lot of water. (They want your bladder full and your bowel empty) - OK so far. 8:00 AM and I find out the unit I receive treatment in has their machine down and the treatment list is backed up. - OH-OH! Full bladder!! Sit with legs crossed practicing Kegel exercises until it's nearly too late, but make it to the facility. Ahh! Sweet Relief! But now bladder is empty. Ha
  3. OK, OK I'll resurrect this from page 2 ignominy. Snow followed by rain and freezing rain around here. Weird winter.
  4. Snow removal team came around blew snow and ice into a flock of trucks and carted it away. Did it just in time; the banks were too high to see over and we were down to one lane and it was tight!! Just read some e-mails from friends in Amritsar, India and Dacre, Senegal, complaining about the heat and wishing me well with the radiation treatments. (Only 9 more scheduled) May just have to deal with them. Now get the heck off my snow covered lawn.
  5. Minus 15 here right now. Having my last cup of coffee and getting ready for another bout of radiation at noon. Don't mind the radiation bit, but there's now a weather warning, calling for lottsa snow this afternoon and tomorrow, when I go for another round of radiation. Oh well, maybe my pee will glow in the dark. Whadaya think??
  6. Congratulations to all! Now get on with the business of spoiling her!
  7. We is all just a settin' here waitin' for the news Jabez! Boy or a girl? Name? Come on now Grandpa, don't keep us in suspenders!!
  8. We haven't been getting as much snow as other years. Had a couple of good s'falls, but no "Snowmagadon". YET! But I fear it's coming. At least that's what my bones are telling me.
  9. The other phenomenon I noticed in the 40 years I worked for the City, was how an elected councillor suddenly became an expert Professional Engineer, Charted Accountant, Purchasing Agent, Doctor, Police Officer etc. I told one I was contemplating running for office myself, just to gain those credentials without all that pesky, time-consuming university stuff. (I had over 30 years in by then and knew where the skeletons were buried.)
  10. Sunny and -14 here, on the 27th this AM. Light fluffy snow on the driveway. Christmas dinner went from 5 on the morning of the 23rd to 10 by nightfall. (I had only prep'd for 5 + a bit extra.) Oh well, it was nice to see the in-laws. Good folks and it's been a while. My own family is much too far away to visit and I think they're a bit afraid of Ottawa. The chickens.
  11. Back at ya Jabez. And Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to the rest of the GRUMPS. Now get off my lawn?
  12. Well Jabez, if the Canadian Border Services turns them back, they can head to one of the "Undocumented" border crossings.
  13. Sitting here watching, with mixed emotions. I live in Ottawa and had season tickets to the Rough Riders and then the Red Blacks, but I come from Alberta! SWMBO is hooting and hollering for the Red Blacks, but I don't care for the way they are playing right now.
  14. What to do? What to do? I now live in Ottawa. I was born in Edmonton. I support the Ottawa Red Blacks and had season tickets. I have a soft spot for the Stampeders. Who do I cheer for Jabez? The only thing that could make it any worse is if it was the Eskimos were in the Cup game.
  15. I wonder, would we get bored with all that warm weather and sunshine? Just think Jabez: No Ski-Doo trips; No Ice fishing; No skiing; No Ice skating; No snow shoveling; No frost bite. Whatever would we do?
  16. Yep, I am. No blood ties between Lloyd, Dad and I. Just respect and affection. I recently donated some of Dad's memorabilia to the Mess at Cold Lake, where he was the first Mess President after the base opened. He had an interesting career, starting in the RCAF in 1936, three years before the war started (for us). Now get off the snow covered lawn.
  17. Page 3? And in honor of my Father (the shorter fellow in civvies) and my Brother from another Mother, Lloyd, after receiving his decoration at Government House, from the Governor General. Now, get the heck off the lawn!
  18. GRUMPY here. Knees are killin' me. So much so that I've had to forgo the deer hunt. Now THAT's bad. Hope I can start to feel a little better and try next week. Get off the lawn!
  19. Snow's gone. Rain took it all away and gave me sore knees etc. just to make up. Deer season opened today, but I think I'll hold off for a bit, until we get some clear weather. Dr. Dr. Bob* tells me he'll drive the 4-wheel drive truck right to my ground blind and just keep an ear peeled for gunshots and a YAHOO! from my spot. * I call him Dr. Dr. Bob because he has two Phd's
  20. Did I say Lawn? Now it's covered in about 10 centimetres (~4 inches) of cold white stuff. Tomorrow will be a good day to stay of the roads, while everybody re-learns how to drive in it. And I already have my snow tires on, the mower put away with gas line stabilizer and the snow blower running, in the garage and ready to go. This should really bring on the rut! and I'm going hunting!! Dr. Pierre tells me to bring him a nice roast, but don't catch a cold.
  21. OOOH! Treatments are getting me extra GRUMPY! Big thick needle in the belly. Left a lump and that stuff burns like the devil. And the drugs make the arthritic knees and sore muscles even more sore. So: GET THE HECK OFF MY LAWN ! ! I ain't in the mood for any shenanigans or back talk !
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