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  1. Hey Jabez ! Are we turning this into the GRUMPY Canadian Thread? You know, Grumpy Old Canadian Farts With Guns ? GOCFWG Doesn't roll off the tongue the same way do it?
  2. PAGE 3 AGAIN !?!? YOU WERE WARNED !! Just for that, you get three Canadian memes
  3. GEE ! I Know Her ! Pretty as a picture. Dumb as a post.
  4. My MIL used to have one like that. She called her "Beauty" My wife and I called her "The Blob" When the MIL went into a Nursing Home with a No Pets rule, we took her and put her on a diet. That wasn't easy on her or us. The soulful looks of betrayal and "What Did I Do Wrong?" "Why Do You Hate Me?" It extended her life by a few years, according to the vet.
  5. OK, then! YOU IGNORED THE WARNINGS ! I held off when it hit page 2, but now it's on page 3 TIME FOR ANOTHER CANADIAN CONTRIBUTION !
  6. Sorry to see this goes down your way and not just up here with the CBC
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