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  1. Good to hear they sand behind their products. I use a lot of lee products and I like them. Some people say that Lee is cheap or inferior but I have had good luck with all my lee products.
  2. Out of respect to the OP he would have first dibs, but if these were on the open wire classified they would last about 30 seconds.
  3. I wonder if neck sizing the 357 cases would help? You could just run them about 3/8 to 1/2 inch into the sizer die then try to load them and see if it makes a difference.
  4. I am currently loading 4.2 grns, Alliant Unique in 357 cases and a 130grn bullet . I have a full can of Hodgdon Universal that I would like to use up. before buying a another batch of Unique. anybody use Universal in 38/357? I assume I can load about the same charge as unique since they are very close in burn rate.
  5. I once had a Marlin 336 in 32sp and it was a great gun. Wish I hadn't sold it.
  6. I ran 44 specials in a Marlin they fed ok, then I found a 66 in the rare 44 special and it was nice. I have since gone back to 357. I don't have any experience with a 92 in 44 SP. The blowby didn't seem as bad as the 45colt. I don't know why but I had a Marlin 94cb in 45 and it had terrible blow by. You couldn't shoot it without safety glasses.
  7. I ordered mine from Buds Gun shop sight unseen.
  8. I have for sale the following items. 320 pieces of 44-40 brass mostly once fired $50.00 Shipped Lee 4 die set 44-40 reloading dies including factory crimp die $30.00 shipped Dillon 650 conversion kit for 44-40 $60.00 shipped 115 pieces of 45 colt brass mix of brass and nickel $25.00 shipped
  9. Here are some pictures of my March 2019 1894CB in 357. I did add a little Cestnut Ridge military stock stain and some Tounge oil to the stock.
  10. I used whisper springs with the brass lifter and it works fine
  11. Just to add to the thread my barrel is stamped AN March 2019
  12. I like the looks of the suede leather belt on the duke style gun rigs but it doesn't appear to be as stiff as a regular leather gunbelt. Has anyone used one of these belts and how did it work for you? what did you like or not like about them?
  13. Bgavin that is about exactly what my 2019 production 1894CB looks like. No complaints here. I do like that it is made in the USA
  14. Wow that is not good, I just bought one 2 weeks ago and I was very pleased with it. Very smooth action and the metal to wood fit was acceptable. Not like the old ones but not terrible like you are describing.
  15. Since I am sitting on a couple thousand pounds of lead I have collected, I am considering a way to produce mass quantities of bullets with the least amount of time involved. This Lee TL 358-158 Round nose tumble lube bullet looks like it would feed great in my marlin rifle and it would be easy to lube with the 45-45-10 tumble lube method. With 6 cavity molds I could make lots of bullets in a short amount of time and forego the sizing process. Does anyone on the wire use these bullets and how do you like them? I am thinking the RN design and low velocities of CAS loads they would be perfectly safe in a rifle.
  16. I recon I will take the 357 brass. PM the address to send payment.
  17. Sorry I was away from the computer for a while Carolina Reaper they are yours. I will PM you details My PM didn't go through. You can email me at rlmann91@att.net and I will get you the details,
  18. I think I have found some Rugers still need to sell these How about $800.00 shipped My FFL to your FFL I would rather sell them to a pard here then go to auction with them.
  19. A while back I remember seeing some faux Ivory grips for the Ruger new vaquero that were checkered in Fleur de lis pattern with a black stain or aged look to them. I can not seem to find these anywhere now. Could any of you point me to where I could get a set of these grips??
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