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  1. If the breeze blew up that holler it might push itself up the hill, however, since the wind blows down the holler maybe it will push itself home.
  2. I have seen the schedule and it looks like we will be having an RO I class Thursday morning. 10:00, depending on how many take the class it will depend on where we hold it.
  3. Starting to get packed for Black Gold, Giving the liver a few days off, takes about a week to get ready for a few days. See everyone in a few weeks, too far out to believe the lie"n weather folks so lets guess it is going to be warm/hot with some rain on a few afternoons.
  4. Very sad news, our hearts and prayers are with Drifter and family. Vix-N, you will be missed by all who knew you.
  5. Being from Georgia now I felt it was required for me to try peach, that being said, there can never be too much Ice Cream of any flavor. Bring on more peach if you want to. Please.
  6. Cleaned out/off the ice cream maker, found me some good South Carolina peaches and worked on my peach ice cream recipe. That worked well, now for the chocolate recipe for Lady T. One month and counting. See you there.
  7. Glad to hear you are going to make Tell, see you next month.
  8. We will probably just move it to the KY State. It did not go away
  9. More than just our fingers Cardboard, See you next month.
  10. Widder, dont worry about learning to shoot 45's, get you pair of these and I will work with you for a few years. Those are very nice.
  11. After much discussion, fussin and gnashing of teeth we have decided to postpone the Lasagna throw down at Black Gold due to something about heat and humidity, and heavy food. I was not paying any attention by that point. I was thinking about what would go down really well..... Ice Cream came to mind. So starting on Friday lets break out the churns and turn out some Ice Cream. All flavors welcome, Friday afternoon crank your engines and let the churns run. If it is a hit on Friday maybe we can make some more on Saturday.
  12. Hey Bill, I was clean on the four matches I did not shoot. Only way I am going to get clean matches.
  13. I met the family yesterday, what a wonderful group. I was talking more about the pesky kids we call Sidekick and his sidekick Lefty or is it Lefty and his sidekick Sidekick. Cant remember, seems like a lot of Crown disappears when they are around. Seem TN State is a pretty good draw this year, last night the folks at the campground came from Oklahoma, New Mexico, Arizona, Georgia, and Kid Rich dropped by for a short visit so another for Arizona. Glad Dixie and Reno showed up last night so TN would be represented. Lets see how this goes starting tonight.
  14. KK, I think I saw a few ducks on your lake this morning....Just saying Hells Comin and Chicken George at the campground. That is starting to sound like a small party, now I just wonder if those pesky kids are going to show up.
  15. Hells Comin, the campground is in Shelbyville too. If you want to drop by we are sitting at 790 Whitthorne Street. Drop by and visit a while if you get out. There are only three or four of us today but most will be rolling in tomorrow..
  16. Hey KK, I got to the campground early and saw that Ray had downgraded you to lake view instead of lake front or island home. Dont worry, I took care of you. You know who your freinds are.
  17. Way to go Picket, makes me proud to know you.
  18. We normally end up at Bell Buckle at least one day. Sometimes two not counting the banquet. Hard to beat that corn and taters. Ms Bobby, my week is pretty messed up right now but I hope to be back at camp on Wednesday evening in time to see everyone. I will probably just go with the flow. So what ever folks want to do is fine with me. As you know I am always up for cooking. Dave, someone else will have to respond about the cake, as most know I am a certified choc-o-holic. I admit I have a problem.
  19. Lets talk about food at the campground. Plan on cooking dead things on Thursday evening. Wednesday will work too but a lot of folks eat out on Wednesday since they are just getting there. I will have grill and griddle ready for anything not still mooooving. Lets get this party started.
  20. Chicken George, dont know how many he has but if the grid went down he probably will not need to buy firewood for a while. Just saying.
  21. Looking forward to seeing Hells Coming again. I used to see him at BorderTown each year but since I have had to lay low for a few years have not seen him much. I just moved down a place to say the least.
  22. CC Moonshine, Glad you chimed in. I was going to say at the NRA Show last week.... Every time I went by the Taylor booth they were packed and it was not Cowboys packing the booth. You all certainly had a better view then I did but I did get out of our booth quite a bit.
  23. Here is the link to the Outlaw webpage. http://outlawshooters.com/outlaw-rules/
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