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  1. I was going to say that I was pretty sure that was us pulling you back out after you went in on your own and found out you could not turn around once you were under there. We cant help it that you were the thinnest one there at the time. Jake and Lefty had not arrived yet.
  2. You will be missed, we will find a place for you to stay if you decide to come up. I have an extra camper right now. I plan on leaving on at Joes for a while so I will have a place to light when I am up that ways.
  3. I have not talked to Ray yet but we should be good to go with him. He likes to be paid up front if possible so he does not have to run us down to collect.
  4. Well, this one is getting close and the excitement is building. At least 4 days of shooting, bar night, poker, bands and more bands. Like I said earlier, you will get you money's worth the first day, after that everything is free. Come on up/down/over and join the fun. Blackwater, looking forward to seeing you and the band.
  5. We will be camping starting on Wednesday, I plan to break out the grill around 6:00 on Wednesday. I will have some burgers and dogs, not enough for everyone but some, if you would like to join us come on by site 34 and bring something dead to throw on the grin if you are hungry. Two days now.
  6. Try to remember how cool it was last month at the KY State match. Keep that memory for Black Gold, it will come in handy.
  7. I hear the dessert wars is the dish has to have Whiskey in it. Lady T wanted to do a tub of jello and put Creek in it but dang that would be a lot of Jello. As always, I will be glad to judge the dessert wars if I am needed. Always willing to take one for the team.
  8. Kentucky State and Alabama State are in the books, Georgia is right around the corner but the big event is still Black Gold. This shoot is so much fun that you will get your money worth on the first day, after that everything is free. Come on up to Manchester KY for the time of your life. Live entertainment, games of chance, thrills and chills (well maybe not chills) and a shoot breaks out just about every day.
  9. I have heard from one cowboy that wants to take the ROI class, if anyone else is interested jump in and let me know. I dont want to start without you if you want to take it.
  10. Damn Blackwater. Your name came up yesterday with Tall and Rio. Take care and please get well. We miss seeing you
  11. Kat, the web page looks great There will be an ROI class on Thursday if anyone is interested.
  12. Meanwhile back to the shoot.......
  13. Another sad announcement, we have lost another great cowboy and friend. Sheriff Lord has passed, Sheriff Lord shot with many clubs in the South East, had been in Washington State for the last few years. He was a proud veteran and loved the Cowboy game. We will miss him and our hearts and prayers go out to Sassy Motchie and family.
  14. I can attest to that statement, we had a board meeting this weekend, plenty of brain storming and planning going on. Well, maybe it was Copperhead Joe's 60 birthday and there were a lot of folks who wanted to tell him Happy Birthday. We did get to hear some great music and I think the bands will be at Black Gold this year.
  15. It will be as soft as pure lead can be.
  16. Check is on the way, got camping reserved, I assume I can pay TKD when I get there? Not sure what this practiscore is, this is the most I do on the computer any more and Lady T had to set this up for me.
  17. Thanks, I found them. I went with PeaceMaker Specialist. Supper nice lady took my order and plans to ship them out today. I found some for a lot less but figured out they were not going to be 6/40 but the metric equivalent.
  18. I have lost the ejector housing screw for a second gen Colt Peace Maker, Does anyone out there know where I might be able to order a few? Just need one but would like to have an extra or two in case this happens again.
  19. We have lost another great on on our end, Ocoee Rangers lost Tennessee Hoss. A great cowboy, always smiling, helped where needed. Heart and Prayers for his family and friends
  20. Bill, there are a few of us who have reserved camping but have not sent in our registration. I myself have 4 entry forms sitting on my desk for 4 different shoots that I can not send in until next week sometime.
  21. Get your registrations in for this match. Kentucky State is a great match, working on awards, schedule and fun events.
  22. If there are three folks that want to shoot it we will have it. I think.
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