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  1. A’int no law against wackin’ a surly bartender.......
  2. We deal in lead friend. I frequently tell my friends “a man with a gun can get (insert object of your desire here), but a man with (object you desire) can’t ALWAYS get a gun”. That is assuming one is willing to cross some longstanding lines. Joking and speculating aside, silver is a more practical and less costly means of exchange for lesser transactions. Better to have small amounts of silver coins on hand than large lumps of gold. Not everybody can make change.
  3. Customer service (already on shaky legs) was among the earliest casualties of the wu-flu. I still base my opinion (as the customer) on how I am treated by the businesses I frequent. And I have a long memory. ML
  4. cause a man that does like to rent pigs is… he’s hard to stop.
  5. It’s been a hell of a party Mr. McMurtry. Many thanks! ML
  6. Zippo-still 100% American made-still a no questions asked lifetime guarantee. Visit them in (I think) Bradford, Pa. Whilst there visit the Case knife people next door, another class act (American made) with a life long guarantee. Why aren’t there more companies like this? They have earned my loyalty! ML
  7. The rope, as the knife, is one of mans earliest and most useful tools. This has not really changed. A prudent man still keeps one (or more) near to hand. This is all I have to say on this subject. Thanks to you all for your input. ML
  8. Best to come equipped, not stripped.
  9. I carry several ropes in my truck, along with nylon tow straps, at least one chain, and any number of other various implements of destruction. Of course I am woodsy as well as nautical.
  10. .....and stabbed, and hit on the head! Also, you would be a fool to take a stagecoach ride with Miss Kitty. Bad things were gonna happen!
  11. Outstanding! Somebody needs to do likewise with Matt Dillon.
  12. Beard balm. A dab of Honest Amish mixed with a dab of anything from Smokey Mt. Beard Company (for the pleasing aroma, don’t ya know). Keeps me ready for any manner of social intercourse. Er....interaction that is to say!
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