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  1. There may be something to the fact that it is called a HANDgun and not a HANDSgun. Sorry. Couldn’t hep myself. I shoot one handed 90% of the time, but have been known to steady for a long range shot with the other hand(usually with a long barreled gun).
  2. Doesn’t Bruce Dern use a 2 handed grip when he shoots John Wayne in the back in “The Cowboys”? All together now.....Booooo! ML
  3. I’ll give em a try. Please PM me with your info and I’ll send payment. ML
  4. If these will hold a cylinder for a SAA (or clone) I will take the last three. Please advise. Thanks, ML
  5. Watched it twice this weekend. The first time I wasn’t completely sold. I thought it a 6.5 or 7 out of 10. Second time through, it clicked for me. Give it a 9.5 or a solid 10. I think this is a high quality, modern Western, fit for its time. Wraps up a lot of loose ends as well. Of course, I’ve always really liked the show. The language doesn’t bother me (I kinda like it, it makes me laugh) but I’m careful who I watch it with. I guess others opinions will depend on their own previously developed preferences. What say the Saloon? Yohanaqua
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