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  1. I’ll take it. Will send details by PM later this evening. Yohanaqua
  2. Of course there is an awful lot of computer crap on it, but that’s life in the 21st. ML
  3. I’m on my 6th Jeep. Had (have) a 1964 Willy’s, had 4 CJ5s over the years (CJs all had ground-stompin’ V8s in ‘em), always thought Wranglers were wimpy. Bought a newer Rubicon last December for my daughter. She didn’t like it so I took it over. Added a few bells and whistles. The Wrangler is the AR-15 of vehicles. This is a good 4x4. Best gears (maybe better) since the old Willy’s and better on the pavement to boot. Plenty HP and torque. I was a sceptic and now am a believer. I am satisfied. It suits me and it suits my missus. Course I won’t be parting with my F-350 4x4 either just yet..... ML (Old school Jeepster)
  4. I love the door. Something I’m gonna think seriously on if I build again. ML
  5. You are correct Charlie. That is an excellent deal. I’ll take her for $400.00. I’m at work now, will contact you this PM with some info. If convenient, please send me your FFL info and l’ll contact my guy and get the ball rolling. Thankee sir. ML
  6. Watched it twice this weekend. The first time I wasn’t completely sold. I thought it a 6.5 or 7 out of 10. Second time through, it clicked for me. Give it a 9.5 or a solid 10. I think this is a high quality, modern Western, fit for its time. Wraps up a lot of loose ends as well. Of course, I’ve always really liked the show. The language doesn’t bother me (I kinda like it, it makes me laugh) but I’m careful who I watch it with. I guess others opinions will depend on their own previously developed preferences. What say the Saloon? Yohanaqua
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