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  1. I don't like this picture. You can't see the frogs teeth!
  2. or..it's the pandas butt looks like a cat
  3. Finally I have a use for the music lessons my father beat into my head.
  4. We figure if'n we keep shooten wid you We'll goit you to finish this stage then you can go for year 1// 2
  5. I need help! El Patron ain't near as much fun as they told me it would be. I want to go back. Ain't nobody here 'cept a few grumpy ol farts.
  6. Haven't kept up for a while.  Saw the post in Ky St Match about cast on the bad foot. What did they do to you this time ?

    I was supposed to get new knee til kovid raised it's ugly head.

    1. Blackwater 53393

      Blackwater 53393

      Had another infection that required surgery back in June.  They decided to leave the incision open and pack it. Took ‘til the first of December to get it closed up and they had me in a soft cast for six weeks while doing stem cell grafts.  Every week, they would cut the old cast off , do another implant, and put on a new cast.  I got out of the last cast early in December.


      Blasted things put my back and hips out of kilter and favoring the boot they had me wearing to protect the cast caused me to rub a sore spot on my good foot!!


      ’Bout healed up all around for the moment, but I’m betting that sometime soon they’ll want to remove the second toe on my right foot. I broke it about 50 years ago. One joint fused and over the years it has begun to turn up.  It has gotten to the point where it chafes against the top of my shoes.


       I gonna be jus’ fine!!


      How are the two of you doing???

  7. Good luck with the cutter!  I have a better report on the I-overa procedure.

    Pretty intense for the procedure, big help later. Good stuff.  Pretty anxious to get in there and get it done.  Talk to you when the instinct to fight from the joy juice wears off.

  8. Friday the 13th here and it looks dark.
  9. Pardon Me, but I just cain't feel that opportunistic given the circumstances.
  10. I like the right eagle. "Here I am. I'm not looking for trouble but if you want some, here I am."
  11. You're talkiing about breaking things and I want In.
  12. 0.010


    Bottles! OPEN THE BAR!!!!!!



  13. You know you are raising your kids correctly when the youngest asks,"Daddy why is that bull going to do that to that man?."
  14. Yeah, but it would only run in reverse. Make stuff come out rather than go in.
  16. I should have the right to comb my hair before you take my morning picture!
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