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  1. Saw a meme on Faceplant recently to the effect of “How many vampires have been run over and killed by people backing up using their mirrors?”
  2. Eeeewwww!!!! That having been said, my carry guns are all 1911’s, set up identically except that the newest one doesn’t have an ambi safety. Yet. But it will. In my defense, I’ve only had it a week. So anyway, if one goes belly up for whatever reason I can dig the next one out of the safe and go on. Then take the broken one to the shop, tear it down and diagnose the problem then either dig out or order the parts to fix it...
  3. My great grandad, and several old cowboys I’ve known, called lunch either “noon dinner” or just “dinner”. The evening meal was called supper.
  4. My wife decided quite a while ago that we were going to boycott Amazon. Consequently, I’ve been shopping at Walmart.com for about a year and a half and I’ve discovered that it’s usually cheaper and easier than Amazon...
  5. Sorry, I don’t. Somebody hereabouts may , though. Also, he’s a busy guy. Might take him a few days to get back to you.
  6. Of the two, I believe that I prefer the Bulleit. Easier to get in this part of the world too...
  7. I saw a meme on FacePlant recently that said something along the lines of "Pop music sung with a southern accent ain't country". That seems to be what a lot of what radio stations are calling "country" is nowadays...
  8. You might get in contact with Augustus Goodnight. He's using N320 and I think maybe Cowboy 45 Special cases.
  9. I’ll throw in a vote for Bulleit as well. My usual is Evan Williams black label but they’ve recently come out with a white label “Bottled in Bond” version that’s pretty dang tasty. .
  10. I've got 100 once fired I would sell for $55 shipped via USPS flat rate box. PM me if you're interested. Please be patient. I don't get here much this time of year. Too much going on...
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