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  1. I don't know either of these folks but anyone who wins the CC Shootist award has to, by definition, be a cut above the pack. Congratulations!
  2. If you think USPS is slow, try UPS Mail Innovations. Not only do you get the snail-like speed of UPS, but then whatever you're waiting on gets into the clutches of the US Postal Service and it goes on from there...
  3. My traveling partner's wife is 5' 4" and weighs about 110 pounds soaking wet. She just started in CAS this past year. Her CAS shotgun is a 12 gauge single trigger Stoeger using light loads and she gets along fine with it. One thing that I have noticed with new shooters is that the 12 is a lot easier for them to load on the clock because of the larger chamber mouths...
  4. Custom finish by Krylon... All of my hunting rifles except for my wife's Grandad's Model 70, my old Savage model 99 and my dad's Krag have "Custom by Krylon" finishes. With those it doesn't matter whether the scope matches any part of the gun. Once it's finished it does...
  5. And that, my friend, is the statement of the century!
  6. I realize that the OP has already made his decision but there is something else to ponder regarding the debate between 12 and 20 gauge and that is the size of the chamber mouth when loading/reloading a double. A young lady in our club started out with a 20 gauge and was having issues with loading at the line. I talked her into trying another shooter's 12 gauge and her loading issues mostly went away. I know that this is a sample size of one but it's something to think about.
  7. I wear whatever hat I have on at the time into the room and to my seat, then it comes off. I've gotten in the habit of hanging it on my knee under the table. Works for ball caps or cowboy hats either one...
  8. There was a "modification" approved recently that allowed a leather wrap around the barrel/magazine that, couple with a spacer stick, eliminated the "Henry Hop"...
  9. To all: I was cleaning up part of my reloading room today and ran across a quantity of 6.5x55 brass and a set of CH dies. There is 176 pieces (yep, I counted 'em) of brass. All but 6 are CA headstamped. The other 6 are Norma. All have been tumbled; about 50 have been deprimed. The dies are in the original box. I don't own and have no plans to own a firearm in that caliber so here's your chance! I would like to get $75 for the package. Shipping via USPS flat rate box will be $15.50 for a total of $90.50. PayPal preferred but I will take a postal (only) money order. Personal checks w
  10. This!!! The Hodgdon site gives you 18 different loads depending on bullet weight! Don't try to finesse the .45 Colt data! Schofield load data.pdf
  11. Actually I did, but I kind of spaced out on adding some of my own! Sorry...
  12. Depends on the gun you're shooting it out of. I have one that recoils more with 115 grain Winchester HP's than my wife's M&P does with the same ammo!
  13. MS Word is what I use too. It's not that difficult to add targets and etc., then once you have a target array laid out you can use it for follow-up docs just by rearranging stuff.
  14. If those came in checkered Bisley gunfighter style I'd be all over 'em!. Those are cool!
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