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  1. I didn't take the boy to raise but I'm pretty sure he is going to be there. I dont think he can afford to not show up. I know I can't. I figure I will probably need 2 cases of shotgun shells but that's still cheaper than Whiskey and Joe's liquor tab for the weekend.
  2. I'm going. This is the one match that you don't want to miss.
  3. There's some good advice in this thread and some bad advice IMO. Drawing to a target with your eyes closed is great advice, it will really show you how your stance affects your pistol shooting. Since you didnt say anything about having a problem drawing the gun just getting the sights on the first target, I would suggest that when you're working on this start with your hands on the pistols. When you're working on trying to improve something you really need to focus on that one thing. Starting with your hands off the pistol just adds another layer of complexity that you don't need right now. Once you get your draw down and you can literally do it with your eyes closed and get the hits then you can add other things to it.
  4. What exactly was this lazy safety handling you are talking about? I watched the video and he kept the rifle pointed down range the whole time
  5. Has anyone else noticed how the safety on the model 8 is very similar to the safety on an ak-47
  6. I seriously doubt the pony Express issues those to riders. Way to much weight to be carrying on horseback.
  7. It has nothing to do with religion. Google would be a big help to you. Its definitely not appropriate for this forum.
  8. Hey its guaranteed to do away with pre shoot jitters
  9. That's true but that day is rapidly approaching. I'm definitely not 25 anymore
  10. Not really but everyone is different so do what works for you.
  11. Well first off dont get out of your normal routine. Try to get up at the same time eat the same things you normally do. Basically get you a routine and stick with it every day. As I'm driving to the match I like to mentally rehearse some stages. Once I'm on a stage I will go thru the stage 10 to 15 times so that I can let my subconscious mind take over while I'm actually shooting. And lastly as I'm walking up to stage my guns the only thing I'm thinking about is being smooth seeing the front sight and the bead on the shotgun.
  12. Ringer are you asking about the morning of the match or before each stage?
  13. Hey Ima Darlin I always look forward to seeing you and your dad.

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