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  1. I took Printing in 10th grade and I loved it. I remember the letters were in a "job case" The thing you held in your hand (I forgot what it was called) you put everything in backwards I believe. We also learned photo developing in the dark room. Fascinating stuff, I would have went into printing but the music bug hit me and I started playing drums and had a band etc. Pics of old job cases here..... https://www.briarpress.org/42382
  2. What’s funny is they never said “The black national anthem “ they just announced the song title. I’m thinking the media is pushing this black national anthem thing. They also played America the Beautiful and they announced Our National Anthem.
  3. No not all! As was said by someone above, a double duelist if they're right handed slows down a bit and isn't as accurate with his left hand. A regular duelist is shooting strong hand, yea theres maybe a second difference when reholstering but that can be made up with accuracy from a single duelist. I use a cross draw and I grab the gun I just shot with my weak hand and holster it while I'm drawing my strong side. I don't see much difference at all. Certainly not enough for another category! Puhleeeaase we're at the awards long enough as it is!
  4. Good game, I fell asleep at 19-19 woke up as everyone was running around the field. I saw highlights , wish I could’ve stayed awake! Reba did a great job on the National Anthem
  5. Usher is a good entertainer, my son has a song he co-wrote on his last album. He’s worked in the studio b with him. He’s a good piano player and a down to earth guy according to my son. The last part if his show got into a little too much rap for me. I guess he has to keep up with the times but he’s not a rapper. He was also an deputy in the TV movie The Texas Rangers.
  6. Yes it was!! Congratulations to the Chiefs!!
  7. I also view SASS as another pro gun group and for that reason I’ll continue to support them.
  8. I just sent them a few bucks after hearing LaPierre was stepping down. I told them that was why I was sending it.
  9. In Ohio I can go into a bar or restaurant as long as I'm not drinking and they don't have a NO Gun sign.
  10. That's happened especially with lady shooters. Just put your hands on your head DUH!!
  11. Don't let her fool you! https://thegunzone.com/where-does-tulsi-gabbard-stand-on-gun-control/
  12. Good question ! I would think parade sponsors could forbid carrying but not watching it since you would be on a public street which is allowed, in Ohio anyway.
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