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  1. Ohio did the same thing! https://blog.tenthamendmentcenter.com/2024/02/ohio-senate-passes-bill-that-would-prohibit-credit-card-codes-to-track-firearms-purchases/
  2. It’s seldom used to convict someone according to this : https://www.ncja.org/crimeandjusticenews/few-prosecutions-for-lying-on-atf-gun-purchase-form Makes you wonder why the question is even on there!
  3. Hey they might be relatives of mine!
  4. One of the reasons I quit black powder for CAS, that and the added expense of more powder and lubed bullets. I do have to admit though it was the most fun I had shooting CAS.
  5. I’ve been to 3 and never heard that!
  6. Do all Irish people look alike? Do all Germans look alike? Polish? Mexicans?
  7. Growing up we had round steak every Saturday night. It was cheaper than other steaks and while we weren’t poor we weren’t rich either. Yea it was kinda tough but it was good tasting. We had it with mashed potatoes and peas.
  8. This Black & Decker does not have an easy on and off switch . It’s not clearly marked!
  9. Im sure he is! Remember the strange little bag of cocaine in the White House?? My Lord! He even wrote a book about his addiction and I believe the timeframe of his addiction coincides with the date of the 4473 LIE! I guess we'll see..............
  10. The prosecution has to prove he was addicted at the time which is no easy task. This should be an interesting trial. Too bad it’s not on live tv.
  11. This is interesting…… https://www.ncja.org/crimeandjusticenews/few-prosecutions-for-lying-on-atf-gun-purchase-form
  12. Lying on the 4473 is a felony I believe. I hope he gets slammed with one! Hunter was dating his brother’s widow Hallie who took the gun and threw it away in a dumpster!!!! Should she be charged with something? A school is apparently close by maybe across the street. BTW they got the gun.
  13. You know who…… apparently lied on a 4473 about being addicted to drugs. Hmmm should be an interesting trial. The prosecution has to prove it! (If this is too political I apologize!)
  14. Weird! Surveys that I’ve taken ask about cleanliness of the store, prices, was staff friendly etc. never anything about diversity!
  15. Well, maybe he hasn’t told you but he’s shot smokeless before. He shot smokeless at the Firelands shoot in April. I think he did another Tusco shoot this year with smokeless too! Don’t tell him I told you!! Yuk Yuk
  16. Thunder Creek Kid shot smokeless yesterday and also shot two handed. Prairie Dawg shot smokeless too and Swiss went two handed as well! What's happenining to my BLACK POWDER DUELIST heroes?? Glad I wasn't there to witness this debacle!
  17. I love when in countless westerns where they say “I’m gonna blow your head off”!!!
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