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  1. In Ohio we have Constitutional carry (no permit) and also open carry. I think you’d be okay carrying in a parade depending on who’s running the parade. For instance, there’s No Gun signs on some private businesses so maybe the parade could do the same.
  2. If you drop out your SASS number stays the same but someone can take your alias. It happened to a pard of mine.
  3. Think about it as a donation to help the SASS scholarship. While I still shoot I won’t be traveling to any state or regional shoots including my own state of Ohio shoot. I just do local clubs. I thought about not renewing but I look at it as another pro gun group that I will continue to support.
  4. Hmm, I don't have Norton. I use an IMac computer and IPhone maybe that's why I didn't get a warning?
  5. Never saw that one. Was it the old Superman series?
  6. One of the best bass players ever. I don’t know why his name popped in my mind in a dream. Tragic life and death. Alcohol ruined him. https://www.grunge.com/961250/the-tragic-1987-death-of-jaco-pastorius/
  7. I always wondered why they didn’t shoot him in the face!
  8. Unbelievable!! Disney keeps getting more woke!
  9. I wish these people would leave these stories alone already! They should make up their own stories but they have no creativity at all so they alter the old stories !
  10. I might’ve put this on before but oh well…….great song!
  11. I always buy the magazines that's for the gun.
  12. They were also fighting among themselves long before the white man came here.
  13. The tribes here were fighting among themselves long before the white man came. They were not all peaceful loving tribes. That and the fact that you had a Stone Age culture clashing with modern civilization, it's no wonder it turned out the way it did. The natives were doing some brutal tortures to the white man as well as to other tribes that they were fighting. It was certainly a messy brutal time to say the least!
  14. Yea lots of people I’ve been talking to have this for 3-4 weeks !! I’m not really sick just stuffed up and coughing. I feel okay I’m not in bed sick! I don’t want to spread this this to anyone and being inside not crazy about the air!
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